This New Ultralight Jet Could Be the World’s Fastest Single-Engine Business Jet

Source: Courtesy Flaris

The Flaris LAR-01 has a number of notable characteristics, including being a ton lighter (literally) than its competitors, as well as having an unusually short-field landing capability and removable wings. But the most astonishing figure is its actual airspeed of 250 knots, which its designers claim makes it the world’s fastest business jet among single-engine, very light jets, and turboprop aircraft.

Recent testing, according to Flaris, “confirmed the assumptions made previously” concerning the performance of several systems, including the Garmin G600 avionics and Flaris Flight Assistance System flight computer, as well as the landing gear and emergency parachute system. However, it also boasts more remarkable figures, like a TSA of 250 knots at 10,000 feet. According to the manufacturer, its 6,000-foot-per-minute climb rate is comparable to combat-trainer aircraft. Oh, and the runway length necessary for takeoff is just 650 feet, which the company claims are five times shorter than the average length required by its competitors.

CEO Rafa adziski stated that the jet’s single rear engine, a Williams FJ33-5A turbofan, had performed “flawlessly” under various situations over the course of more than 100 flying hours. “We already know the LAR-01 fits our requirements,” adziski continued. “It can transport four passengers over a distance of 1,550 miles in about 3.5 hours.”

Source: Courtesy Flaris

The LAR-01 can carry a pilot and four passengers and has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,078 pounds and a service ceiling of 46,000 feet. It is intended to have a range of 1,350 nautical miles. According to Flaris, the $1.5 million price tag, as well as the fuel and operational costs, will be far lower than rivals. The composite structure is a ton lighter than previous VLJ-class aircraft, according to the firm, with an empty weight of 1,543 pounds.

Behind the statistics is a stylish design with a “car-like interior” that provides enough headroom and huge windows, as well as a Garmin G600 avionics system. A parachute is built into the nose of the jet. The semi-elliptical wings, which measure 28’6″ across, are designed for high speeds as well as a 62-knot stall.

Flaris is seeking to go beyond the limitations of a standard light jet, stating that the LAR-01 can take off from grass airstrips and short airfields and that the wings detach, allowing the aircraft to be trailered and kept in a house garage.

Source: Courtesy Flaris

According to the firm, it also just requires a private pilot’s license instead of the instrument rating, commercial license, and type rating that other jet pilots must get. The LAR-01’s “ease of flying” is compared to ultralight aircraft by the company.

Flaris has yet to provide a schedule for certification of its VLJ.

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