An EV that is not just Environmental friendly but it also Sucks Up Pollutants from other cars

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If you imagined future cars as sleek, glass-covered EVs with the potential to clean pollutants, you’d be thinking about Airo, Heatherwick Studio’s concept car developed for IM Motors.

Airo, which appeared at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, is an electric car with both autonomous and driver-controlled modes. More excitingly, its creators guarantee that it will emit no pollutants from fossil fuels, and to take it a step further, the car will hoover up polluted air as it travels.

Source: Heatherwick Studio

We were eager about flying vehicles in the future, but sign us up if there are pollution-cleaning vehicles!

Airo cleans the air with its HEPA filtration technology, which actively sucks up pollutants from other automobiles in the area, leaving the air cleaner than before.

“Airo isn’t just another electric automobile that doesn’t harm the environment. Instead, it goes a step further by sucking up pollutants from other cars as it drives along, thanks to the newest HEPA filter technology, “Heatherwick Studio’s founder, Thomas Heatherwick, states.

Source: Heatherwick Studio

Airo will not only clean the air, but it will do so with elegance.

The automobile’s interior may be altered and arranged in various designs and for a variety of functional spaces, ranging from a standard car to dining room to bedroom. The seats rotate from the normal driving position to completely face each other, allowing four people to sit facing each other for a talk or to eat a meal at the folding four-leaf table in the center.

Source: Heatherwick Studio

A foldaway screen immediately transforms the room into a four-wheeled theater or gaming environment, and the fully-glazed ceiling may be tinted to ensure privacy or eliminate sunlight. When it’s time to get some sleep, the chairs may fully recline to make room for a double bed. In Airo, you can practically view the stars from your bed.

Source: Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick explained how the EV worked “Airo is a multi-functional room with extra space for dining, working, gaming, or even sleeping, designed to address the global space problem at the same time. Airo is an automobile designed to carry us to a cleaner and better future. It is a new space for our life with a changing perspective.”

Source: Heatherwick Studio

The EV is charged by one of the company’s charging stations, which have been meant to mix in with cityscapes for decades to come due to its weathered steel appearance.

Source: Heatherwick Studio

Indeed, it appears that anyone who spends time in the Airo would be unwilling to leave such a cozy, clean environment. It seems to be an excellent choice for a guilt-free, fashionable road vacation.

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