Audi A3 vs A4 | Which Is Better?

Are you looking forward to purchasing an Audi A series? Although the A3 and A4 are both appealing models, it may be difficult for you to decide which one to buy. There is always a huge demand whenever a new generation of Audi vehicles is introduced. Simply said, they create amazing automobiles that stand out from the competition. With the small A1 all the way up to the enormous Q8, there is a car for everyone.

What Is The Difference Between These Two Audis?

The A3 and the A4 are the models that most consumers struggle to decide between. They have a similar appearance and are about the same size. Which one should you get, then? The A3 and A4 are both excellent options because they are efficient, packed with standard features, and have Quattro all-wheel drive, which has a proven track record.

But what distinguishes them from one another? The solution necessitates some explanation, so we’ve put up a practical guide to assist you in deciding which of these cars is best for you.

A Quick Comparison: Audi A3 vs A4

Audi A3VSAudi A4
Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinderEngineTurbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder (12-volt hybrid system)
201 hp/ 221 lb-ftHorsepower/Toque201 hp/236 lb-ft
6.3 secAcceleration (0-60mph)6.3 sec
27/35/30Fuel Economy (mpg)(city/highway/combined)24/33/28
Optional Quattro All-Wheel driveStandard
41.2 inches / 35.2 inchesLeg room (front/rear)41.3 inches / 35.7 inches
10.9 cubic feetTrunk Volume12 cubic feet
Power panoramicSunroofPower
ConcealedExhaustDual, with chrome exits
Upto 1600kgTowing capacityUpto 1900kg

Comparing Style: Audi A3 vs A4

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the Audi A4 if you enjoy the way the Audi A3 looks. They are both four-door saloons that are subtly fashionable without being flashy.

The A3 and the more recent A4 are similar in that they both have a sharp side profile, a sloping saloon roof, and a blanked-off boot. Although the A4 is also offered as a convertible, the back of the vehicle is nearly identical.

The biggest distinction between the A3 and A4 is size; the A4 is larger and longer than the A3, giving it a somewhat different appearance from the side. The A4 is slightly less thick than the A3 if you like a more contemporary and streamlined appearance.

Comparing Interior And Technology: Audi A3 vs A4

The interiors of both vehicles exude a delicate elegance. However, one area where the Audi A3 and A4 diverge is in interior design. They both offer the same infotainment layout and amenities, including Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto on a seven-inch screen as standard.

You can even choose 12.3-inch digital dials if you’re in the driver’s seat. The two interiors differ greatly from one another except for that. The interior of the Audi A3 has always been stylish and functional, with soft-touch materials that are often of higher quality than those found in many rival saloon cars.

The two air vents and the infotainment screen serve as the dash’s primary focal points. For a driver who prefers a little more flare, the A4 is a better option.

Inside, the A4 is sportier with a driver-facing dash that borrows design influences from the Audi TT and is sleek and angular. Additionally, it is larger than the A3, giving passengers more room. The A4 is probably the best vehicle for transporting colleagues in a vehicle that feels like an opulent office on wheels. The A3 can be the best option for shared family and commuting driving.

Some features the 2023 Audi A3 and 2023 Audi A4 have in common include:

  • Keyless engine start/stop
  • Power sunroof (panoramic on A3)
  • Three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with shift paddles
  • Audi virtual cockpit plus with 12.3-in. high-definition display
  • Head-up display
  • Auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror
  • Three-zone automatic climate control system
  • Audi sound system
  • Eight-way power front seats with driver’s seat memory and power lumbar support
  • 40/20/40 split-folding rear seatbacks
  • Leatherette-covered door armrests
  • Audi smartphone interface
  • Bluetooth® preparation

Comparing Performance: Audi A3 vs A4

Although the A3 and A4 are identical in size and appearance, they drive differently. The A4 has a newer engine and is lighter than the A3, but both vehicles are front-wheel drive and exceedingly smooth.

The A3 is a comfortable, quiet, and simple car to drive for regular family transportation and brief work journeys. The A4 is a motorway cruiser for lengthy work journeys, too, as it is more akin to the A8 luxury sedan and has some creative noise-canceling technologies.

Both the A3 and A4 are available with petrol and diesel engines; however, the A4 offers more engine choices because it is a larger vehicle. The A4 includes an Ultra diesel engine that achieves 76.4 mpg, compared to the A3’s 68.9 mpg, although mpg statistics vary depending on engine size.

The A4 is also a more obvious choice if you need to get the most miles per dollar on the highway, thanks to its fuel-saving features.

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Comparing Size and Interior Space: Audi A3 vs A4

Source: drivingelectric

It truly depends on your intended use for the car if you’re deciding between the Audi A3 and Audi A4 based on cargo space and usability. Due to the A3’s reduced size compared to the A4, there is typically less room for both people and freight.

The A3 is ideal for two people up front and kids, teenagers, or two smaller adults in the back. You receive a boot that is 425 liters larger than the A3 Sportback hatchback. Want to leave for a week? The luggage space will be sufficient.

The A4 offers a roomier interior with extra large up front and room for two adults, even tall ones, in the back. The A4 has a somewhat larger boot with 460 liters available for storage. Practically speaking, the A4 is most suited for group travel and business excursions.

Both vehicles are roomy for their sizes, but the A4 triumphs if you require every available inch of space.

Comparing Safety and Reliability: Audi A3 vs A4

These two Audi vehicles will provide you the peace of mind to drive family, friends, and coworkers. In its most current Euro NCAP crash tests, the A3 and A4 both received a perfect score of five stars. 

No matter how young your children are, you should feel comfortable transporting them around because both the A3 and A4 are loaded with safety aid systems and score well for child occupancy. A three-year warranty or 60,000 miles is offered on more recent vehicles.

Comparing Dimensions: Audi A3 vs A4

Audi A3VSAudi A4
4495 mmLength4762 mm
1816 mmWidth1847 mm
1425 mmHeight1428 mm
425 litersBoot Space460 liters

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Comparing Prices: Audi A3 vs A4

The base Titanium model with the 188-hp 2.0-liter engine costs $34,295 for the Audi A3. The Premium trim, which starts at $36,595, is the least expensive vehicle with AWD and the more potent 45 engine. Starting prices for the top-of-the-line Prestige model with the 40 and 45 powertrains are $42,695 and $45,795, respectively.

The starting price of the A4 is $40,095 for the base Premium model with the 40 Quattro powertrain, while the base trim costs $41,895 with the 45 Quattro powertrain. Starting prices for the top-of-the-line Prestige trim for the 40 and 45 engines are $50,395 and $50,795, respectively.

Which One Should You Buy?

Which model of Audi should you buy, the A3 or the A4? It all boils down to pricing. Are you willing to pay a little bit more for a more opulent and spacious car? Yes, there is a slight increase in fuel efficiency, which is usually quite beneficial. The A4 may offer more comfort if you need a roomy vehicle for a family of four or five.

The A3 can be the ideal vehicle for you if you want a somewhat less expensive vehicle that nevertheless has magnificent styling, cutting-edge amenities, and superior performance.


Is Audi A3 or A4 better?

In terms of size, price, and features, the A4 is the next level up in the Audi series. It is a much more practical sedan because of the spacious back seat. Additionally, you receive a few more optional luxury and technological amenities. But since an A4 is thousands of dollars more expensive than an A3, you will have to pay more for it.

Is A3 faster than A4?

The A4 is equipped as standard with a 7-speed S-Tronic automatic that was adapted from the A3. Additionally, all versions feature an all-wheel drive technology called Quattro. The A4 is rated to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds because of the added torque.

Is A3 the smallest Audi?

The A3, the smallest of Audi’s luxury sedans, is one of the greatest options available for a premium look and feel at an entry-level price, in our opinion.

Which Audi is the most popular?

The Q5 was Audi’s best-selling model, and the A5 was the best-selling passenger car in 2021 when sales of automobiles in the USA climbed by 5% to 196,038 units.

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