15 Best Center Console Boats | 2023 Edition

Center console fishing boats are no longer limited to fishermen; they have also become popular among thrill seekers and those who enjoy fast boats. Although these boats were initially intended for use in saltwater fishing, their large decks, athletic performance, and sturdy build make them ideal for a variety of uses.

The best boats on the market now come in a variety of lengths and styles, yet they all have the same central console layout. Popular features include rod holders, outriggers, bait wells, premium electronics, hardtops, sunshade structures, and powerful outboard motors.

Below are our selections for the top 2023 center console fishing boats. These 15 best center console boats have caught our eye in the past year. Whether you’re a fisherman, an explorer, or simply looking for a unique boating experience, each of these models has something unique to offer.

Top 15 Center Console Boats In 2023

1. Everglades 285CC

Source: evergladesboats

With a length of 28 feet and 4 inches (8.6 meters) and a beam of 8 feet and 6 inches (2.5 meters), the 285cc is suitable for both family use and serious fishing. It has a built-in windshield and fiberglass hardtop for weather protection and a digital switching system by Garmin for simple electrical control.

You can improve stability with an optional Seakeeper 1. The fishing-centric design of the 285cc is sure to be appreciated by anglers. It features a huge 60-gallon (227 liters) in-deck fish box, a live well with clear acrylic lids, and a 35-gallon fish box in the transom. This model has a moving helm/mezzanine seat that is unique to it.

The bow is very roomy and can be changed into a casting deck or a sun pad. The 285cc is propelled by two 300 hp Yamaha F300 outboards, which allow it to cruise at a comfortable 30 mph (48 kph) with a top speed of 55.4 mph (89 kph).

2. 2023 Valhalla V-55

Source: sportfishtrader

The latest flagship from Valhalla, the V-55, combines the impressive engineering, spacious interiors, and first-rate amenities of a Viking convertible with the agile handling and convenient on-deck access of an outboard-powered center console. However, what distinguishes the V-55 from the rest? Besides being very big, it’s also very wide, with a beam 15 feet and 6 inches (4.7 meters) across.

With that additional breadth come many advantages, such as a roomier cockpit, more seating on the deck, and interior areas that outstrip competing center consoles. Crafted with precision to maximize Mercury’s groundbreaking V-12 600 hp outboards, which are available in four or five-engine configurations, the V-55 is an adaptable powerhouse prepared to take on any aquatic adventure.

3. Contender 44ST

Source: yachtworld

When it comes to serious sportfishing, nothing beats the Contender 44 ST CC. It maintains the legendary Contender riding experience while skillfully fusing excellent performance and fuel efficiency. Offering the choice of three or four engine configurations, this beast ensures the thrilling speed required to get to the best offshore fishing locations ahead of the competition.

The carefully constructed deck area provides a clear, wide space that makes fishing easier. With its generous size and clever design, the forward seating arrangement is ideal for a group of fishermen working together.

A large 340-gallon (1287 liters) storage container holds lots of gear, and other carefully organized storage alternatives are easily accessible. Due to its excellent visibility and simple-to-use console arrangement, this boat becomes your energetic and versatile companion for all your boating adventures.

4. 2023 Grady-White Canyon 456

Source: Grady-White Boats/Youtube

Grady-White has a well-deserved reputation for quality and resale value. This position is cemented by the recently released Canyon 456—their biggest work yet. This center console boat is more than that; it’s a family-friendly center console yacht.

It has an enclosed head with a shower, a large cabin with a queen bed, a galley, and a Seakeeper gyro-stabilization system to reduce rocking. Whether you go for the upcoming 450s or four huge Yamaha F425 outboards, this boat provides exceptional power for a once-in-a-lifetime boating adventure.

5. 2023 Boston Whaler 280 Dauntless

Source: powerandmotoryacht

With its glass-foam-glass sandwich construction, the 280 Dauntless is typical of the Boston Whaler boats that are known for their unsinkable design more than their glitzy appearance. It is the largest center console made by Whaler, which is what makes it unique. Its enormous 160-gallon (605 liters) fuel tank and ability to run on twin engines make it one of the few boats in its class suitable for both inshore and offshore adventures.

In addition to being outfitted with a 19-gallon (71 liters) livewell and multiple rod holders, this fishing vessel features state-of-the-art technology, including digital switching controls, an excellent music system, and visually striking RGB lighting.

6. 2023 Invincible 33 Catamaran

Source: fishingboating

Combining the greatest features of center console boats with multihulls, the Invincible 33 Catamaran is unbeatable. It is propelled to 70 mph (112 kph) by two Mercury outboards with 450 hp each. The twin-stepped hull design and vacuum-infusion technique used in its construction guarantee excellent performance.

It features a large livewell in the stern, a coffin box fishbox, and more than 20 rod holders, making it ideal for serious fishermen. A clever hybrid hull design is another feature of the Invincible that gives its performance a thrilling twist.

The reliable sponsors keep their cool even in the face of challenging quartering seas. The hybrid hull’s primary purpose is not merely to provide stability but also to demonstrate its capabilities. When the sea becomes choppy, it handles the situation brilliantly.

7. 2023 Formula 387 Center Console Sport

Source: boattest

Formula has unveiled two new center console models, one of which, the Sport, is on our list for 2023. Designed for entertainment rather than fishing, it maintains Formula’s performance at speeds beyond 60 mph (96 kph).

The 387 CCF has several noteworthy features, such as twin in-floor 90-gallon (340 liters) fish bins (with optional cold plates), standard 18-foot (5.4 meters) outriggers, and the ability to add four 12-volt DC outlets for electric deep-drop and kite reels. Seated in the middle of three seats, with a tall, curved windshield providing an exceptional view, you will be the pilot when you take the wheel.

Additionally, this windshield can be electronically opened to provide additional airflow for improved comfort and vision. With an impressive 6 feet 4 inches (1.9 meters) of headroom, and enough capacity to sleep two, the cabin of the 387 CCF is what really makes it stand out. On top of that, unlike other center consoles, this one has a plush head and shower section reminiscent of a boat.

8. 2023 X Shore Eelex 8000

Source: cnet

The X Shore Eelex 8000 is the first electric boat on our list, which is a revolutionary move. It might not be as fast or as far-reaching as its gasoline-powered competitors, but it still marks a major advancement in electric boat technology.

Due to its 126 kWh Kreisel lithium batteries and one direct-drive inboard motor, it can cruise at lower speeds for up to two hours, increasing its range to approximately 115 miles (185 km) and achieving speeds of roughly 30 knots (55.56 kph). The eco-conscious boater can choose from a variety of X Shore layouts, each with its own set of amenities, including fishing and entertainment.

9. 2023 Caymas 401 CC

Source: marlinmag

Even though Caymas Boats is relatively new, it continues to push the boundaries every year. Their most popular model, the 401 CC, is still going strong in 2023. This fishing monster has an amazing 11-foot and 6-inch (3.5 meters) beam, 1,800 hp capability, large 45-gallon (170 liters) livewells, three dozen rod holders, and a whopping 460 gallons (1741 liters) of the fish box room.

A livewell can run smoothly with the help of the cutting-edge Hooker sea chest system. This boat has incredible speed and acceleration due to its Michael Peters SVVT twin-stepped hull construction.

10. Cobia 350 CC

Source: boat

The latest center console boat from Cobia, the 250CC, combines outstanding performance, angler-friendly features, and opulence. This boat has an efficient pump-out system for its in-floor fish boxes, a tackle center, a safe below-deck rod holder, and a full bait prep station on board.

Not to mention the striking twin bait tanks with 42 gallons (158 liters) each. This boat converts into a smooth-riding leisure yacht when you’re not pursuing the big ones. With room for up to 11 people to sit and a chaise lounge built in for two, it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends on the water.

In addition, there’s a beautifully concealed bow table that electronically raises from the floor when needed for a picnic or party setting. In addition to the three Yamaha F300NSB engines that come standard, you can travel at up to 65 mph (104 kph) with the optional pair of Yamaha 425 XTO engines, depending on your load. Easy-to-use console layout means you won’t waste time finding what you need.

11. Avalon GS 23 Center Console Fish

Source: grmarine

In case you’re seeking luxury, the Avalon GS 23 Center Console Fish is a center console pontoon boat that you probably didn’t expect to find front and center on this list. In addition to the helm chair and four pedestal-mount fishing chairs, there are two couches facing center right below the ship’s bow.

There is a cupholder at every seat, a Fusion radio system is located at the front, and Riptide vinyl flooring covers the deck. One of the most crucial benefits of pontoon boats is the exceptional stability they provide, which allows you to relax and enjoy your time on the lake without as much rocking and rolling.

12. Chris-Craft Catalina 30

Source: yachtingnews

From the moment you get onboard a Catalina 30, you will be astonished by the complete elegance of today’s Chris-Craft boats. One notable feature is the forward console lounger, which has diamond-stitched upholstery, curved cushions, flip-down armrests, and bolstering that extends up to the windshield.

This boat also features a comfortable berth within the console cabin and a side entry entrance with a flip-down telescopic boarding ladder. Plus, the air conditioning system in this center console will keep you comfortable even when the temperature outside soars; the helm vents provide a refreshing wind both inside and out.

13. Finseeker 200 CC

Source: jdsboatshed

Is it possible for a boat that is only twenty feet long to provide luxury? Any center console this small can get uncomfortable in bad weather, but if you take the Finseeker 200 CC out on the water when the weather is nice, you’ll see that the answer is yes.

The bow is ringed with U-shaped seats with detachable backrests and side bolsters, and the helm has a swing-down bolster leaning post. Also, this is one of the smallest middle consoles with a head compartment built right in. You can get to it through a wide door that swings open forward.

14. Freeman 42LR

Source: freemanboatworks

Although the ride is great on speed catamarans, the Freeman 42 is one of the best boats to choose if you don’t like being tossed around as you cross the ocean. It is surprisingly relaxed in large ocean waves and as smooth as in chop.

People who want to relax in the sun will love the forward cabin lounger. Anglers will love the huge cockpit and the ability to fish from any angle. And everyone will love the boat’s lightning-fast cruising speeds, which are often more than 45 knots. With its two 50-gallon (189 liters) pressurized livewells, this boat is perfect for fishing and bait casting.

15. Phenom 37

Source: boattrader

Phenom is a very new company, just launched to the boating public a year ago. But its creators have decades of expertise making boats, and they specifically designed this new model to be the height of luxury in a center console.

The bow cocktail table rises electrically from the deck at the push of a button, the double-wide forward chaise lounge features diamond-stitched upholstery, armrests, and contouring, and the air-conditioned console includes a six-foot sleeper that converts into a sofa. A Seakeeper 3 gyroscopic stabilization device is also included as standard equipment with the boat.

The livewell is equipped with a pressure sensor and a specially designed algorithm that maintains the pressure at 0.1 PSI (Pounds per square inch) all the time to keep your baits comfortable—possibly the most unusual feature of all. However, water never sloshes out of the top.


Of all the fishing boats available today, center console boats are the most popular option for the majority of anglers. The manufacturers of several speed boats and even day cruisers have switched to center console layouts due to the unexpectedly high demand for these boats.

With such a wide variety of center consoles, it becomes difficult to pick one. But don’t worry; we have narrowed down this list of the top 15 center console boats in 2023 to make your search easy. We hope this guide will help you choose the best center console boat for your dream ocean journey.

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