How To Fix Car Lights That Won’t Turn Off | Internal & External

Even though car technology has come a long way, the fundamental way, your car’s lighting setup, has mostly stayed the same. Your car has more than one switch that you can use to control the dome lights. So, if the light doesn’t turn off, one or more switches have turned the lights on. But there could be other reasons, depending on what kind of car it is.

There are different kinds of lights inside the car, like dome lights, dashboard lights, map lights, etc. These lights could go out at the same time or at different times. Modern cars have automatic interior lights that are smarter than those in older cars but are also more likely to break down in different ways. So, are your car’s lights giving you trouble? This can happen to anyone, and older cars are especially prone to it. This problem can be caused by more than one thing, so it can take time to figure out which one.

Interior Car Lights Won’t Turn Off


When the lights inside your car don’t go out, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. If something like a door switch breaks, you might be unable to turn off your car lights. But sometimes, the problem is easier to figure out, like if the interior light switch is on. Most of the time, the lights inside your car won’t turn off because the door is cracked open. The way the switch is wired could also be a problem. Let’s talk about why the lights inside your car won’t go out.

A broken door switch

This could be why the lights inside your car stay on. To find out if this is true, open each door and look for the door switch. You need to find a switch that is set to “open.” All of the lights inside the car are linked to the doors. Some models have the lights connected to the trunk as well. When you open the doors or trunk, the lights will come on. When everything is shut, it should turn off the lights too.

You can turn off the lights by pressing each switch. You should also hear a clicking sound when you push them. If the door switch doesn’t make a sound, it might be broken. If a door switch is broken, your car will always think the doors are open, so the lights will never go out. This could be a problem, so a mechanic should check it out.

Activated control knob

One of the most common reasons the lights inside your car turn off is that the control knob has been turned on. This is most likely why your dome light is on. If you can’t turn off the dome light, one of the switches in your car is stuck in the “on” position. You can try moving the switch for the dome light to see if you can make it less bright or even turn it off completely. Your car’s dome light has a switch you can use to turn it on and off. When set to automatic, it will turn off when the doors are closed and stay on when they are open.

But there’s also a way to do things manually. If you turn off the dome light, it won’t come on no matter what you do with the doors. On the other hand, the dome light can be turned on, which will keep the lights on no matter what. There are three different places where you can turn it off by hand: the top, the door, and the dashboard.

If any of these switches are turned on, the lights inside the car will stay on. In this case, the problem can be fixed by ensuring all the switches are off. Just look around your car and make sure that every switch is off. If they are and the lights inside the car are still on, something is likely wrong with your car. If your interior lights don’t turn off, check all the switches in your car to ensure they are all off. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you can check to see if all the switches are working right.

Wrong switch setting

Some car models also have a way to control the lights from the switch for the headlights. Most cars have a switch on the left side of the steering wheel that lets you turn on the interior lights by hand. If the setting has been changed, the interior lights could be on when you don’t want them to be. Again, this is easy to solve. You have to put the setting back where it should be.

How to fix it?

Move this switch to its lowest setting to turn off the dome light. But the switch is broken if the adjustment changes the dashboard light. You can also open the doors and check the switches on them. If a switch is open, press it by hand to see if the dome light will turn off. But the switches are broken if they don’t click at all or do nothing at all. Start your car and run the engine for seven minutes. Take the key out of the ignition and shut the doors simultaneously. After you close all the doors, the dome lights should turn off.

If you need help figuring out the wiring or feel uncomfortable with the service manual, you should get help from a professional mechanic. They have more experience fixing electrical problems, so you can be sure that it will be fixed right.

Exterior Car Lights Won’t Turn Off


Several things could be wrong if your car’s outside lights turn on. But almost always, it comes down to a broken part. It can be challenging for experts to determine which part it is.

Broken engine timer

Some cars have headlights that stay on for a specific time after the engine is turned off. If your headlights are still on and you know that your car has this system, then the engine timer could be the problem. You should try shutting off the headlights before turning off the engine. If that works, this was likely the problem.

Broken automatic lights

Some cars have headlights that turn on and off automatically based on how bright it is outside. If that system broke down, your headlights might always stay on. You can try to turn them off by using the parking brake. This is because the parking brake stops the lights from coming on automatically. If that seems to be the problem, you can replace the system that automatically makes the lights turn off. 

Broken headlight relay

Another reason your lights may be stuck on is because of this. When this happens, the system sends incorrect information to the relay, so the headlights can’t be turned off. This system is under the hood of your car. It sends a signal to the headlights that tell them when to turn off. You’ll know if this is the problem by giving the relay a light tap. If the lights flicker or go out, this is definitely what is wrong. Switching out the headlight relays is a simple project that will solve the problem.

A single Headlight is on

You may have noticed that one headlight remains on when you turn off your automobile. This happens to a lot of people, especially those with newer cars. This is because broken automatic lights can also lead to this problem.

Sometimes the lights need to be fixed, and only one will be on after the timer goes off. You can test this idea by using the parking brake again. If the lights go out when you use the parking brake, this is the problem. But something as simple as one of your headlights going out could also be the cause. Before taking your car to a mechanic, check to see if the bulb needs to be changed.

The parking light switch remains on

This common problem can be fixed easily. If your parking lights stay on when you turn off your car, you may need to flip the switch for the parking lights. Most of the time, this switch is on or near your steering column. Even when the key is not in the engine, this switch controls whether or not the lights are on. To fix this problem, all you have to do is flip the switch. Your parking lights will immediately turn off. If you can’t find this switch, you should look in the owner’s manual. Depending on the make and model of the car, it may be in a different place.

The crossed circuits

This is a less common reason your parking lights might not turn off when you want them to. Crossed circuits can cause all kinds of problems with your car’s lights. You can tell this is the problem if other lights go out before or at the same time as the parking lights get stuck. For example, you might notice that the lights on your dashboard flash randomly or that the headlights need to be fixed. Before deciding this is the problem, make sure the parking light switch is turned off. If it is and the brake lights still won’t turn off, the problem could be crossed circuits.

The auto-off function doesn’t work.

This could happen to both headlights and parking lights of your car. Sometimes, something outside of the auto-off relay blocks the sensors. This makes the car think it is always dark outside, so it will always leave the lights on. The relay timer could also be a problem that needs to be fixed. This way, the lights will turn on when the engine is turned off because they won’t get the signal. If you need to know where the relay system is in your car, the best thing to do would be to talk to a mechanic.

How to fix it?

If your headlights are on and won’t turn off, it’s clear that the battery, fuse, and bulbs are all working well. Then, the problem is isolating the switch or the wiring. If your car has daytime running lights, you can turn off the module that controls the system by putting on the parking brake. If the lights stay on even when the parking brake is on, you can try to fix the problem by replacing that module. You can also eliminate the module, which will turn off the feature for good.

The relay is linked to the switch for the headlights. The relay is a magnetic switch that can get too hot and break. Since different parts of the electrical circuit using the same relays, you can test the headlights using a relay similar to the one for the headlights. You can fix the problem by buying a replacement relay if the headlights go out.

If you know how to read a wiring diagram and have a test light and multimeter, you can check if the different circuits and parts are still working. But if you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer or auto electrician, it’s best to let a pro figure out which part is broken.


What can I do if my car’s headlights won’t turn off during the day?

You should make sure that your sensor for light is working. When working on a car’s windshield or windshield wipers, the sunlight sensor is often not reconnected. If the headlight switch is set to “auto,” you can also choose “off” to turn the lights off.

Can the lights inside the car drain the battery?

Yes, if the car is parked for a long time with the lights on, the battery can be drained.

Why won’t the lights inside my car turn off?

When your car’s interior lights turn off, it’s usually because one of your switches is stuck in one position or because the knob that controls them has been turned. This can sometimes be caused by headlights that stay on for a long time, which can be a problem.


The lights stay on when a car is turned off for several reasons. But, like most electrical problems, it can be hard to figure out how to fix them. If your car lights don’t turn off, we hope you found the advice and tips in this article helpful. Always check the interior lights and other parts of your car to ensure they are all in good shape. Check that your car’s interior lights are off before you leave it parked so that you don’t have to deal with problems caused by the battery dying. When your car’s battery has been dead for a long time, it won’t hold a charge.

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