1930 Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet By Carlton Carriage Co.

The Lancia Dilambda, unveiled at the 1929 Paris Motor Show, represented a significant evolution for the brand, serving as the successor to the iconic Lambda model. Unlike its predecessor, which featured a groundbreaking unibody construction, the Dilambda reverted to a traditional body-on-frame design. This change allowed for greater flexibility in body styles and customization options.

Manufactured in three series, the first two variants of the Dilambda were designated as the Model 227 and the Model 229, distinguished primarily by their wheelbase lengths. The Model 227 boasted a longer wheelbase of 3,475mm, while the Model 229 featured a slightly shorter wheelbase of 3,290mm.

This specific 1930 Lancia Dilambda is a first-series Model 227 with a unique history and bespoke coachwork. Ordered by Sir Douglas Montgomery Bernard Hall, a second baronet from England, the car was commissioned after his return from a trip to Italy in the 1920s. The chassis was sourced from Carlton Carriage Co. of London, which then outfitted it with distinctive two-door cabriolet coachwork, crafted according to the baronet’s specifications. Fondly named “Blue Shadow” by Sir Hall, the car remained in his possession for five years.

Under the hood, the Dilambda boasts a robust 3,958cc narrow-angle overhead valve V8 engine, paired with a Zenith carburetor and four-speed manual transmission. It features sliding-pillar independent front suspension, mechanically actuated four-wheel drum brakes, and stylish blue-painted Rudge-Whitworth wire wheels, with a matching blue convertible top and burl wood interior accents.

The Dilambda’s powerful engine delivers smooth performance, effortlessly propelling the car down the road with grace and refinement. Its meticulously engineered suspension and braking systems ensure a comfortable and controlled driving experience, further enhancing its reputation for sophistication and luxury.

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Despite its vintage pedigree, this Dilambda continues to impress on the modern concours circuit. In 2021, it earned the prestigious Coppa d’Oro trophy at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Subsequently, the owner embarked on a memorable coast-to-coast journey across the United States. Its impeccable condition and historical significance were further recognized with a third-place finish in its class at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and an appearance at the Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance.

The enduring appeal of the Lancia Dilambda, with its rich provenance and accolades, underscores its status as a timeless classic. Its elegant design, innovative engineering, and exceptional performance continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring its place in automotive history as a symbol of enduring excellence, prestige, and sophistication.

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