1952 Jaguar XK120C Competition Roadster

Debuting in 1948, the Jaguar XK120 Roadster wowed at the Earls Court Motor Show, unexpectedly creating a surge in demand. Originally planning to produce only 200 units in the first year, Jaguar, under the leadership of William Lyons, changed course and opted for an all-steel body in collaboration with Pressed Steel Fisher to meet the growing demand. The car was powered by a robust 3.4-liter XK engine that produced 160 bhp, and it showcased its impressive speed capabilities by reaching 132mph on the Jabbeke to Aeltre autoroute in 1949. This success led Jaguar to revise its production strategy, exceeding initial projections and highlighting the XK120’s widespread popularity in the market.

The XK120, equipped with a 3.4-liter “six” XK engine producing 160 bhp, showcased its speed on the Jabbeke to Aeltre autoroute in 1949, hitting an impressive 132mph with the roof and windscreen taken off. This accomplishment became a pivotal moment for Jaguar, leading to a change in their production strategy. The XK120’s unexpected success challenged its initial predictions, demonstrating its appeal beyond the initially anticipated limited market.

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