1954 Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet A

The debut of the Mercedes-Benz 220 Sedan took place at the Frankfurt Auto Show in April 1951, succeeding the 170 S with several notable updates. The foremost among these changes was the redesigned headlight fitment, now seamlessly integrated into the fenders with chrome trim on top. However, the most significant transformation occurred under the hood, where a new 2.2-liter six-cylinder engine replaced the previous four-cylinder engine featured in the 170 S.

According to The Motor magazine, the revamped Mercedes-Benz offered a distinctive driving experience, seamlessly combining smooth and comfortable suspension on uneven roads with light and precise steering. It exhibited behavior without roll and demonstrated an ability to follow a trajectory befitting a race car.

While over 16,000 Mercedes-Benz 220 sedans were manufactured, more discerning buyers had the option to choose from a two-three seat Cabriolet A or a full four-seat Cabriolet B. The “A” version, chosen by just 1,278 individuals, commanded a 70 percent premium over saloon models, leading to relatively limited production numbers.

Distinguished by a rear jump seat and a single side window, the Cabriolet A was a two-passenger convertible. Additionally, Cabriolet As featured a leather-covered dash top in veneered wood and Wilton carpet covering a significant portion of the lower interior.

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