Dump Truck Sizes | With Dimensions & Pictures

Want a fast and effective way to transfer tons of stuff? It is the heavy-duty vehicle “Dump Truck” that comes in various sizes to fill that job and fully accommodate your transportation needs and demands. Dump trucks range in size from small pickups to massive mining trucks, each built for a specific job.

A dump truck is ideal for any task, from minor home renovation to the largest mining operation. Go through the various dump truck sizes explained below further to get the one most suited to your needs.

What Is A Dump Truck?

A dump truck is a heavy-duty vehicle transporting loose materials like gravel, sand, dirt, or debris. It has a hydraulic lifting mechanism that allows the truck bed to be tilted and the cargo to be dumped out of the rear end. They are commonly used in construction, mining, and other industries where large materials must be transported efficiently.

Dump trucks have many safety features, like backup cams and alarms, to prevent accidents from happening while they are being used. Also, dump trucks can be rendered with extra features, like going off-road, to meet different traffic needs.

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How Does a Dump Truck Work? 

A standard dump truck has a movable open-box bed at the back and hydraulic rams to lift the front. This lets the material in the bed be “dumped” on the ground behind the truck at the delivery site.

The primary function of a dump truck is to transport materials from one location to another and then unload them by raising the truck bed and allowing the contents to slide out. The driver of the truck’s cab usually controls the hydraulic lifting mechanism, also known as the dump body or bed.

Dump Truck Usage

Dump trucks are often used in construction sites to haul gravel, sand, or dirt for building roads, highways, or foundations. They are also used in mining operations to transport extracted minerals or rocks from the mining site to processing plants or storage areas.

Dump trucks are designed for heavy-duty operations and are built to withstand rough terrains, harsh weather conditions, and heavy loads. They are crucial in many industries for efficiently transporting large quantities of materials quickly and safely.

They may have additional features such as reinforced steel frames, oversized tires, and specialized suspension systems to handle the weight of the payload and operate in challenging environments.

Dump Truck Sizes & Dimensions:

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Dump trucks come in various sizes and configurations to suit different needs and applications. The size of a dump truck is typically determined by its payload capacity, which refers to the maximum weight of materials it can carry.

Dump trucks can range in size from one another in terms of their exterior measurements. The more space a dump truck’s body occupies on the road, the slower it is. The standard dump body for a truck of this type may hold anywhere from 10 to 16 cubic yards of debris.

These dump trucks will have an overall length and breadth of about eight and a half and 24 and a half feet, respectively, and a height of about 19 feet at the front of the dump body.

The table below gives you a quick idea of the range of variation in dump truck capacity. These are just rough projections, and the actual values of a dump truck may vary.

Dump Truck CapacityLengthWidthDump HeightWeight Capacity
5 – 6 yards20 feet8 feet12 feet2 tons
13 yards22 feet8-1/2 feet16 feet4.5 tons
22 – 23 yards23 feet8-1/2 feet19 feet7 – 9.75 tons
25 yards24-1/2 feet8-1/2 feet19 feet10 tons
40 yards29-1/6 feet8-5/6 feet23 feet8 tons

To explain it further and shorten down. Here are some standard dump truck sizes:

Small Dump Truck

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Trucks of this type usually have either a single or tandem axle, and their payload capacities range from one to ten tons. Because they are small and easy to move, they are ideal for construction jobs of a minor scale, landscaping, and transporting supplies through confined areas.

They are typically used for light-duty jobs like landscaping, home-building projects, and minor construction sites. They are usually capable of carrying a load of 2 to 2.5 tons and being small, easily maneuverable, and simple to operate.

Dump Truck Capacity8 yards
Width6 feet
Length12 feet
Dump Height8 feet
Weight Capacity2.5 tons

A small dump truck often has a shorter bed or body than a medium or big dump truck. Depending on the make and model, the length of the bed can be anywhere from 6 to 12 feet.

Medium Dump Truck

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The payload capacity of these trucks typically ranges from 10 to 20 tons and often consists of tandem or tri-axle configurations. Because they are larger and have more power than small dump trucks, they are well-suited for construction jobs of a more moderate scale, the construction of roads, and the transportation of materials over greater distances.

Medium dump trucks often have a longer and broader truck bed or dump body than their smaller counterparts. Depending on the make and type, the length of the bed can be anywhere from 10 to 16 feet, while width and height are typically adjustable.

Dump Truck Capacity15 yards
Width8 feet
Length16 feet
Dump Height10 feet
Weight Capacity10 tons

Most medium-sized dump trucks have diesel engines, but some may have gasoline or alternate fuel options. The engine’s horsepower varies by model, but it’s usually more than you’d find in a compact dump truck.

Large Dump Truck

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These heavy-duty trucks with multiple axles can carry payloads of anything from 20 to more than 100 tons. In large-scale building, mining, or quarrying operations—activities in which enormous quantities of materials need to be moved over long distances or on hazardous terrain—they are typically utilized. These operations need the usage of these vehicles.

When compared to smaller or medium dump trucks, the truck bed of a large dump truck is often significantly more spacious. Depending on the make and type, the length of the bed can be anywhere from 16 feet to 50 feet or more, and the width and height are also customizable.

Dump Truck Capacity25 yards
Width10 feet
Length30 feet
Dump Height12 feet
Weight Capacity30 tons

Large dump trucks may be harder to move around than smaller ones because they are so big and heavy. They are usually used in open spaces or well-prepared job sites with much room to move around. The people who use them need to be skilled.

Off-Road Haul Dump Truck

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These are specialist dump trucks built for off-road areas, such as mines or substantial construction projects. Their primary purpose is to haul heavy loads. They are enormous, with payload capabilities ranging from 100 to over 400 tons, and are fitted with components designed to withstand extreme circumstances, such as big tires, reinforced frames, and robust engines.

Off-road haul dump truck models and manufacturers offer many truck bed or dump body sizes—the bed’s length, width, and height range from 20 to 60 feet.

Dump Truck Capacity40 yards
Width12 feet
Length20 feet
Dump Height22 feet
Weight Capacity100 tons

Off-road hauling dump vehicles are outfitted with large, off-road-specific, heavy-duty tires. These tires are typically much more significant than those used on standard on-road dump vehicles and are designed to withstand harsh terrains and operating conditions.

Note: The specified values in the above tables for each Dump Truck Size can vary widely depending on the specific model and manufacturer. The values in these tables reflect the broad range of sizes and capacities available for these vehicles.


There are many sizes and configurations of dump trucks to accommodate various hauling requirements. Typically, the size of a dump truck is determined by its cargo capacity, which can range from a few cubic yards to hundreds of tons. In addition to load capacity, there are variations in breadth, length, dump height, and weight capacity for dump trucks.

The scale of a dump truck can impact its maneuverability, speed, fuel efficiency, and suitability for various types of terrain and hauling jobs. Choosing the appropriate dump truck size depends on multiple factors, including the type and quantity of the material being transported, the landscape and environment in which the truck will be operated, and the operator’s or business’s budget and requirements.

Overall, the right dump truck size will rely on the needs of the project and the amount of money available. Working with a trustworthy provider and researching can help ensure you get a dump truck that fits your needs and is suitable for the job.

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