F-22 Raptor Vs. Su-57 Felon! 5th Generation Aircraft Battle!

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F-22A Raptor

  • History:

The Lockheed Martin F-22A is an American single-seat, twin-engine advanced tactical aircraft developed for the US Airforce and entered service in December 2005, replacing the F-15, But its first flight was on September 7th, 1997.

Source: DVIDS / Alex R. Lloyd

The F-22A was developed at the Aeronautical System Center in Ohio.
The Raptor Won the Robert J. Collier trophy in 2006 from the Americas National Aeronautical Association (NAA).

  • Production:

The F-22 entered service in December 2005, replacing the F-15, but its first flight was on September 7th, 1997. The last F-22A Raptor was delivered in 2012 what makes the number of F-22 in service 183 with the United States Airforce.

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  • Engine:

The F-22 is a supersonic stealth fighter having twin turbofan engines Pratt and Whitney F119-PW-100 Producing 35,000 Pound-Force. The twin-engine makes the F-22 fly at a top speed of 2,414 Km/hour.

Source: defenseworld

The travel range of the Raptor is 1,600 nautical miles. The Raptors can climb 68,900 feet/minute around 350 meters/second with a service ceiling of 65,000 feet. Due to the heavy, powerful engines, the Raptor needs 1 fuel Gallon each 1.1 nautical mile.

  • Design and features:

Source: af.mil

The Raptor has a length of 18.9 meters, height of 5.1 meters, a wingspan of 13.6 meters, a horizontal tail span of 8.84 meters, and a wing area of 840 Squared Feet. The F-22 Raptor is a Heavy fighter that weighs 19,700 kg.

The Raptor construction is 39%Titanium, 24% Composite, 16% Aluminum, 1% thermoplastic by weight. Titanium is used for high strength to weight ratio in high-stress areas also for its heat resistance specification in the hot regions of the aircraft.

Source: John Dibbs / Code One

The F-22 takeoff distance is 480 meters, and the landing distance is 200 meters.

  • Price:

The F-22A Raptor cost 150,000,000$, while the cost of the F-22 project, including research and development, is 334,000,000$.

Sukhoi Su-57 Felon

  • History:

The Sukhoi Su-57 Felon was manufactured by Komsomolsk on Amur Aircraft Plant and designed by Alexander Davidenko (Sukhoi Group). It’s a stealth multi-function tactical fighter jet powered by twin turbofan engines.

It’s developed for the Russian Airforce. Su-57 Development started in 2002 as an air superiority and attack fighter.

  • Production:

Source: John Dibbs / Code One

The Su-57 Production started in 2009
Its first takeoff was on January 29th, 2010, and there is 12 Su-57 built till 2020, 10 of them for testing and 2 serials

  • Engine:

Su-57 is powered by twin Saturn AL-41F1 engines producing 35,000 Pound-Force. The su-57 can cruise at a speed of Mach 2 without any usage of afterburners.

The top speed of Su-57 is 2440 Km/Hour. The Su-57 can climb 64,000 feet/minute around 330 meters/second with a service ceiling of 66,000 feet.

The travel range of the Su-57 is 3500km or 1890 nautical miles, which is 300 nautical miles more than that of the F-22 Raptor.

  • Design and Features:

Su-57 was developed and designed by the design bureau and Russian Aircraft Corporation. Su-57 is used for both Anti-Air and Air to Ground operations.

The Su-57 came to life to replace the MiG-29 and Su-27 fourth-generation Aircrafts. The Su-57 is equipped with multi-mission capability and Artificial Intelligence technologies to increase the aircraft’s abilities, benefiting the Russian Forces and Navy.

Source: kenhtinviet

The Su-57 is incorporated with 3D thrust vectoring controls that give the aircraft better agility and maneuverability at high speed and altitudes. The Su-57 3D thrust vectoring control capability is deemed to be better than that of the F-22 Raptor.

The High maneuverability and Supersonic cruise capability give the aircraft a high advantage to win close-range dogfight scenarios. The Su-57 has a length of 20.1 meters, a height of 5.45 meters, a wingspan of 14.8 meters, and a wing area of 78.8 Squared meters.

The Su-57 is a lighter fighter than F-22, which weighs 18,000 kg. The Su-57 takeoff distance is 300 meters, and the landing distance is 330 meters.

  • Price:

The Su-57 cost around 100,000,000$.

  • Future Development:

Source : navalpost

Russia is aiming to develop S-70 Okhotnik (Hunter B) stealth strike drone alongside the Su-57 being the “loyal wingman” of the Su-57 fighter. Regardless that I’m a Sukhoi fan, I can’t say that Su-57 is a better jet fighter than the F-22 Raptor.

I personally think that the F-22 is a superior Fighter to the Su-57 and not Only the Su-57. I guess it’s the best fighter so far due to the maneuverability of the fighter and the technologies and tactical abilities, even though it was built like 15 years before the Su-57.

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