Google Maps Captures an embarrassing moment for a Girl!

Source: Google Maps

Google Maps Street View is a source of fascinating photographs that pique the attention of audiences. Some scenes, on the other hand, record incidents that the participants of the shot would like to remain hidden.

People are often seen in Google Maps Street View as they go through their everyday lives. While the majority of the scenes are fairly mundane, a few of them stun, entertain, or horrify viewers. One very disturbing shot is likely to have made internet users squirm.

Google has captured a girl in the midst of an extremely humiliating crash. The girl is seen taking a dramatic tumble in a picture captured by the online mapping service. The Google camera has timed the snap well, which is impressive. When she approaches the tarmac, she appears to be stuck in time.

Source: Google Maps

A skateboard is visible behind her, causing the viewer to believe that the toy is to blame for her drop. Since the girl is only wearing a T-shirt and shorts, the tumble seems to be especially bad. Her bare knee is on the verge of colliding with the ground. Her left arm is still extended to shield herself, and her left foot is thrown to one side.

Her right-foot flip-flop seems to be slipping off; maybe they weren’t the perfect choice of skateboarding boots. Might they be to blame for the tumult? It’s unclear if the girl sustained any injuries as a result of the fall. The audience is actually left to consider the consequences.

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