Melt the Snow Remotely with Tesla’s App (Video)

Tesla’s all-electric vehicles have a range of climate-friendly technologies that even other manufacturers have yet to introduce. Dog Mode, Camp Mode, and remotely preconditioning the car (more on this below) using the automaker’s smartphone app are only a few examples.

Do you need any proof? It turns out that a Model 3 owner filmed a video of his car covered in snow as his Tesla used the pre-heating feature to melt the ice on the windshield, glass roof, and windows. This video was posted on Tesla’s official Twitter account and quickly got viral. A Tesla can be cooled or heated without leaving home or office, and these temperature features can be switched ON or OFF remotely by the phone app (iOS or Android).

If you’re curious how long it took to melt the ice and snow off the vehicle, it just took a couple of minutes. In reality, there’s another video of a Canadian Tesla owner who had his Model 3 ready to drive in just 5 minutes after melting the snow off of it. The outside temperature was -34°C (-29.2°F), and the inside temperature was -24°C (-11.2°F).

Despite being electric vehicles, Teslas are ideal for the winter season. And now that a new Tesla is equipped with a heat pump, they’re much more effective in the snow and cold.

Tesla, as a Silicon Valley-based automaker, is using cutting-edge digital technology to its maximum potential. Tesla can enhance the features and overall behavior of its entire global fleet through over-the-air (OTA) software updates. Many legacy automakers, on the other hand, have yet to show such software prowess (yet).

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