Top 20 Military Tanks That Civilians Can Buy Now

Source: Photo by Vasily Maximov

Yes, you read that right—citizens can also buy tanks for their own use. Even though it is doubtful that you will ever come across one while stuck in rush-hour traffic on the motorway, this does not mean that civilians cannot buy and operate these military machines. You will be astonished by the alternatives available if you conduct a quick online search; your only restrictions will be the size of your pocketbook and your level of indulgence.

These tanks are sometimes still being used by governments for a variety of military operations. However, the tanks you will typically see for sale are older versions that have already been retired. All of the tanks’ weaponry, including their main gun, have been decommissioned, making them about as effective as a water squirt gun.

However, the market for this massive equipment has not been affected by this. Have you ever considered what it could be like to possess a genuine tank? Continue reading for a list of the top 20 tanks, ranked from least expensive to most expensive.

The Comet Tank – Price upon request

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The Comet Tank is incredibly rare since only 1,186 of them were ever produced. However, in all honesty, I believe any tank parked on your driveway would be rather amazing. The comet tanks were created with a specific need in mind.

They were equipped with a Rolls-Royce Meteor Mark III V12 petrol engine with 600 horsepower, which ensured a top speed of over 32 miles per hour, in order to outperform their German competitors in terms of speed. They even mounted a new 77 mm High-Velocity cannon, making them more powerful than their forerunners. You can get your hands on it and start driving. Simply submitting an offer is all that’s required. Obviously, you should also have adequate money in your pockets.

TypeCruiser tank
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass78,400 lb (35 tons)
Length21 ft (6.4 m)
Width9 ft 10 in (3 m)

FV101 Scorpion Tank – $12,000 to $24,000


The British Army published requirements for a new Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance, or CVR, in the late 1960s. Alvis Vehicles was awarded the contract for its FV101 light tank in 1967. Production of the FV101 Scorpion started in 1972, and it saw service in 1973. For the British Army, Royal Air Force Regiment, and the export market, Alvis produced more than 3,000 tanks. The vehicle itself has to be transportable by air. Because of this, it only weighs 17,800 lb (8.074 tons) and has a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). This tank is available for between $12,000 and $24,000.

TypeReconnaissance vehicle, light tank
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass17,800 lb (8.074 tons)
Length5.288 m (17 ft 4.2 in)
Width7 ft (2.134 m)

Centurion AVRE – $45,000


The Centurion AVRE is equipped with a 0.30 in No.7 MK 1 Browning machine gun, smoke dischargers, and an Ordnance BL 165mm L9A1 demolition gun that can fire a 64 lb (29 kg) charge projectile up to 6000 ft (1,828m). The Rolls Royce Mk Meteor 4BH ‘V’12 cylinder 27-liter water-cooled petrol engine gives the Centurion a top speed of 21 miles per hour, delivering 650 horsepower at 2500 rpm.

Since this tank was deployed by Britain in the years following World War II, 21 miles per hour was a respectable speed at the time. It holds a five-person crew and 52 tonnes of cargo. This is available for $45,000.

TypeMain battle tank
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass1,12,000 lb (50 tons)
Length32 ft 3 in (9.83 m)
Width11 ft 1 in (3.38 m)

FV107 Scimitar – $48000


The FV107 Scimitar is a light tank-style reconnaissance vehicle. The FV1010 Scorpion Tank and this tank’s design are remarkably similar. The main distinction is that a 30mm Rarden cannon is used instead of a 76mm gun.

Additionally, the FV107’s life expectancy was increased. Despite the British Army withdrawing the FV 101 in 1994, it is still on active duty as of 2022 in the UK. For private owners, a fake barrel was used in place of the cannon. A Scimitar will cost you approximately $48000.

TypeReconnaissance vehicle
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass17,196 lb (7.8 tons)
Length16 ft (4.9 m)
Width7.2 ft (2.2 m)

M22 Locust Light Tank – $55,000


The M22 was a light tank made in America that could be air-dropped right into a battle zone. The tanks had a Browning machine gun and the main gun that measured 37 mm, or about 1.5 inches. The M22 tank had a three-man crew and was only about 8 tonnes when fully laden. One of these devices was put up for sale in 2016 for a fair $55,000.

TypeAirborne light tank
Place of originUnited States
Mass16,400 lb (7.4 tons)
Length12 ft 11 in (3.94 m)
Width7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)

AMX-13 Light Tank – $70,000


The oscillating turret, which nowadays seems to be a given on any tank engaged in action, was originally little more than a fantasy. Up until the AMX-13 Light Tank first had success with the oscillating turret. Between 1952 and 1964, around 7,500 units in 24 different versions were produced.

Numerous high-quality AMX-13s are surviving in condition thanks to their post-WWII manufacturing and brief combat history. A modern AMX-13 tank costs about $70,000, which isn’t much more than the price of a typical late-model SUV.

TypeLight tank
Place of originFrance
Mass30,000 lb (13.7 tons)
Length20 ft 10 in (6.36 m)
Width8 ft 3 in (2.51 m)

Mk10 Chieftain Tank – $75,000


During the NATO Cold War, the MK10 Chieftain was regarded as the most potent tank in service. It was initially introduced in 1966 and used in combat until 1995 when the Challenger II Tank took its place. In some nations, several of these tanks are still in use today with armor and armament that have been updated to match modern standards. But you can purchase one that has been decommissioned for private usage. This military tank is currently for sale and would cost roughly $75,000.

TypeMain battle tank
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass1,21,254 lb (55 tons)
Length35 ft 4 in (10.77 m)
Width12 ft (3.66 m)

T54 Main Battle Tank – $113,000


Shortly after WWII, the Soviet Union began production on a brand new tank. After previous attempts to install a 100 mm cannon on obsolete models failed, the county decided to develop new variants. This problem was solved with the T-54. The D-10T 100 mm rifled cannon is the primary weapon, with the 7.62 mm SGMT coaxial machine gun serving as a secondary.

Compared to their western equivalents, the tanks are small and claustrophobic, yet they are incredibly easy to use and require very little training. Between 1946 and 1982, the Soviet Union produced goods. With 86,000 to 100,000 units produced, the T-54 became both the primary battle tank for the Soviet Union and the most produced tank in history. The cost of purchasing this symbol of the Cold War is approximately $113,000.

TypeMedium tank, Main battle tank
Place of originSoviet Union
Mass78,043 lb (35.4 tons)
Length29 ft 6 in (9 m)
Width11 ft 1 in (3.37 m)

M5A1 Stuart Tank – $125,000


Around 1940, new tactical ideas regarding how to deal with the American armed forces started to emerge. The American Army determined that it required an upgrade from the M2 light tank. The M3 Stuart moves in steps. The M3 was quick and could carry a 37 mm Gun M6. It gave performances in practically all of the war’s theatres.

The M3 showed outstanding qualities in Japan, but its armor and armament caused problems in Europe. The M5 Stuart, a more modern version of the M3, was created by the US Army Ordnance Department. The requirement for radial engines was the main driver behind the M5. The M5 shared many attributes with the M3, but it also included two Cadillac V8 car engines that were more dependable and less prone to catch fire than the M3’s Continental aviation engines.

A modified hull with a raised deck over the engine compartment is another feature of the M5. On the other side, the M5A1 is a variation of the M3A3’s turret-supporting design. The price of this tank is about $125,000.

TypeLight tank
Place of originUnited States
Mass33,500 lb (15.20 tons)
Length15 ft 10.5 in (4.84 m)
Width7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)

M3 General Lee Tank – $150,000


The M3 General Lee Battle Tank was an effective but underproduced tank that met a temporary requirement in a short amount of time. It was superior to the M2, which was overshadowed by the M4. These tanks were created in the final years of the 1930s, just before the M4 made its debut. Currently, an M3 tank costs roughly $150,000 to buy from a civilian.

TypeMedium tank
Place of originUnited States
Mass59,524 lb (27 tons)
Length18 ft 6 in (5.64 m)
Width8 ft 11 in (2.72 m)

FV 214 Conqueror – $150,000 to $200,000


In 1944, Britain started working on the conqueror as a means of fending off Soviet heavy tanks. It was put into use in West Germany between 1955 and 1966. It was outfitted with two 7.62 mm machine guns in addition to an L1 120 mm rifled cannon. The commander’s use of the turret to target independently of the gunner was one of the tank’s features.

“Hunter-Killer” was the name of the system. In spite of possessing good terrain handling abilities, the tank’s hefty armor and turret gave it limited top speeds, making it mechanically frail. Conqueror increases from $150,000 to $200,000 in value.

TypeHeavy tank
Place of originUnited Kingdom
Mass141,096 lb (64 tons)
Length38 ft (12 m)
Width13 ft 1 in (3.99 m)

T-72 – $200,000


Another tank you can readily purchase is the T-72 if you have a large budget. The T-72, created by Leonid Kartsev and Valery Venedikov in 1967, served as the backbone of the Soviet Union’s armed forces throughout the Cold War.

Thousands of those are still in use today. One of the fastest tanks on this list, it has an amazing gasoline capacity of 317 gallons and a top speed of 37 mph. Another tank that traveled quite a bit is the T-72, which has been to over 40 nations and has fought in numerous conflicts, including the Syrian Civil War and the Iran-Iraq War. You would have to pay about $200,000.

TypeMain battle tank
Place of originSoviet Union
Mass91,491 lb (41.5 tons)
Length31 ft 3 in (9.53 m)
Width11 ft 9 in (3.59 m)

Ripsaw – $200,000


Even the Fast and Furious 8 used this tank. The Ripsaw, designed for serious off-road fans, has the capability to get you where you want to go. The vehicle can easily traverse rocky terrain and steep slopes thanks to its powerful rubber tracks. The Ripsaw can accommodate 4 passengers, so you can share the thrill.

Put your seatbelts on and enter through the gullwing doors for the thrill of your life! It is undoubtedly the most well-known tank on the market right now and was introduced in 2001 as a prototype unmanned combat vehicle. Five years later, in 2006, the Ripsaw company and the American government agreed to a contract for the production of unique Ripsaw prototypes for military use.

This 60 miles per hour tank has a 16-inch suspension and a 24-inch ground clearance, making it the Usain Bolt of tanks. Given that it only weighs slightly more than 9,000 lbs (4.08 tons), that is extremely astounding. Furthermore, despite being the most advanced tank on our list, it is surprisingly not the most expensive. Ripsaw is available for $200,000!

TypeUnmanned ground vehicle
Place of originUnited States
Mass9,000 lb (4.08 tons)
Height18 ft 6 in (5.64 m)
CrewUp to 2 in manned variants

Leopard I A5 BE Main Battle Tank – $225,000


The Leopard I combat tank, hailed as “NATO’s Main Battle Tank,” went into production in Western Germany in the middle of the 1950s. Recent post-WWII sanctions made it necessary for them to do so with NATO’s approval, but the threat presented by Russia was significant enough to permit the tank’s production. Before being replaced by the Leopard II main battle tank, more than 4,500 were produced. It is powerful but costly. A Leopard military tank is currently available for purchase for around $225,000.

TypeMain battle tank
Place of originWest Germany
Mass93,035 lb (42.2 tons)
Length31 ft 3 in (9.54 m)
Width11 ft (3.37 m)

M4 Sherman Tank – $250,000


The M4 Sherman battle tank comes to mind when most people think of tanks. There were many of them, and they worked, which is why. Almost 50,000 M4 tanks were created both before and during World War One. The Soviet T-34 was the only tank that was ever produced at a faster rate than the M4. An M4 tank on sale today will run you over $250,000.

TypeMedium tank
Place of originUnited States
Mass66,800–84,000 lb (30.3–38.1 tons)
Length19 ft 2 in–20 ft 7 in (5.84–6.27 m)
Width8 ft 7 in (2.62 m) to 9 ft 10 in (3.00 m)

M-50 Israeli Sherman – $300,000 to $350,000


Super Sherman is a common nickname for the M-50. The tank, a modified version of the American M4 Sherman tank, was employed by the Israel Defense Forces from the 1950s through the 1970s. One of the largest modifications was upgrading the M-50 such that it came with a 75mm tank gun.

The M50 took part in the 1967 Six-Day War and was positioned as a reserve unit for the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Israel retired some of the tanks and donated some of them to its partner, the South Lebanese Army. The price range for the tank is $300,000 to $350,000.

TypeMedium tank
Place of originIsrael
Mass74,957 lb (34 tons)
Length20.2 ft (6.15 m)
Width7.9 ft (2.42 m)

M36 Jackson tank Destroyer – $340,000


What a catchy name for this tank, the M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer, don’t you think? What or who could possibly oppose it? As its name implies, during World War 2, the Korean War, and the Yugoslav Wars, this tank was intended to utterly destroy the enemy tanks. The M36 combined the M10 tank destroyer’s hull, which utilized the sturdy chassis and motor of the M4 Sherman along with sloped armor, with a new turret housing the M3’s 90 mm gun.

The M36 tank destroyer, which was developed in 1943, had its combat debut in Europe in October 1944, where it partially replaced the M10 tank destroyer. Some of them were given to South Korea as a part of the military assistance program, and they served there for many years.

This tank, which weighed about 63,000 lb (28.57 tons) and had room for five crew members, had a top speed of 26 miles per hour and a 450 horsepower engine. If you want to get one of them, you will need to dig a little deeper into your wallet because it costs $340,000.

TypeTank destroyer
Place of originUnited States
Mass63,000 lb (28.57 tons)
Length24 ft 6 in (7.47 m)
Width10 ft (3.05 m)

Chaffee M24 – $350,000


One of the most effective and successful tanks ever created, the M24 Light Tank is now available for purchase by civilians from the military. The powerful lightweight 2.95 in (7.5 cm) main gun on the M24 was created to pack a punch never before seen in a light tank because the M3 and M5 Stuart light tanks, which preceded the M24, were infamously under-equipped. An M24 tank for sale nowadays can bring in much to $350,000.

TypeLight tank
Place of originUnited States
Mass40,500 lb (18.37 tons)
Length18 ft 3 in (5.56 m)
Width9 ft 10 in (3 m)

M39 Armored Utility Vehicle – $445,000


The Continental R975-C4 9-cylinder, radial gasoline engine powers the M39 Armored Utility Vehicle, which weighs 33,450 lb (15.17 tons) and can carry up to 8 passengers. Only roughly 650 of the AUV/tank were ever made. An M39 for sale will cost you more than $445,000 due to the rarity of the production cycle and the fact that there aren’t many of them still in use today.

TypeArtillery tractor
Place of originUnited States
Mass33,450 lb (15.17 tons)
Length17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
Width9 ft 5 in (2.87 m)

Panzer IV – $2.4 million to $2.6 million


The most popular German tank in use during World War II was the Panzerkampfwagen IV, also known as Panzer IV. Beginning in the 1930s, production continued throughout the war. It was produced in about 8,5000 units, and it was the tank that Germany exported the most.

All battle theatres saw the use of the Panzer IV, which received upgrades as required. To face the Soviet T-34, they were eventually partially replaced by the Panther medium tank. Pre-auction estimates for a Panzer IV at Auctions America in 2014 ranged from $2.4 million to $2.6 million.

TypeMedium tank
Place of originNazi Germany
Mass55,115 lb (25.0 tons)
Length23 ft (7.02 m)
Width9 ft 5 in (2.88 m)
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