Rack and Pinion Replacement: Everything You Need To Know

There are two types of steering systems: rack-and-pinion steering and direct steering. As the rack and pinion assembly wear out, the feel and quality of the steering are reduced. The only method to avoid this is to replace a worn-out rack-and-pinion steering gear immediately.

When it’s time to replace the rack and pinion steering gear in your car, you should be aware of the steps to take to ensure you get the correct one. In this article, we will discuss the rack-and-pinion steering gear, including its function, when it needs to be replaced, and how much it can cost.

What is a Rack and Pinion?

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This steering gear is called “rack and pinion” because of its basic design. Compared to a traditional steering gear, a rack-and-pinion steering gear is more recent, lightweight, and compact.

There are three different ways in which the rack and pinion can be assisted: hydraulically, electrically, or without any assistance. By turning the steering wheel, the steering gear moves the wheels in the direction the driver wants.

The vehicle’s rack and pinion steering system has a pinion gear at the top of the steering column that rotates against the rack. When you turn the steering wheel, the column turns along with it. This makes the pinion turn as well. The pinion gear connects to the rack and moves the rack in the right direction.

Working of Rack-and-Pinion Steering Gear

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The rack is attached directly to the tie rod of the steering linkage, allowing for linear back-and-forth movement of the linkage. A spline connects the input shaft of the steering gear to the U-joint of the steering shaft. The steering gear input shaft extends into the rack housing, and the pinion gear is at the end of this shaft. Two ball bearings lessen friction between the shaft and the steering gear housing.

Most rack-and-pinion units use a thin metal tube that runs down the housing’s exterior to connect the two boots and transport air from one to the other. If there is no way for air to move between the boots, they could collapse when they expand or blow up when they contract.

Each end of the rack has internal threads that hold the externally threaded tie rods in place. The end of the rack and the inner tie rod end are covered by a rubber boot on each side of the steering gear housing, which keeps dirt, water, and other impurities out of the assembly. The ends of the boots are secured to the housing and tie rods with band clamps.

The rack moves back and forth, and the tie rods move along. They also use the steering linkage to attach it to the wheels. The housing usually bolts to the subframe, engine cradle, or a flange on the firewall. Rubber cushions are positioned at the mounting points to protect the steering gear from vibration and shock.

Symptoms of a Bad Rack and Pinion System

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The steering rack is durable, and it’s uncommon to replace it more than once or twice throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. When it’s failing, symptoms you might notice can include:

  • Increased steering effort: Steering may become more difficult or heavy, especially at lower speeds or during sharp turns.
  • Loose or unresponsive steering: A steering wheel with too much wiggle room is difficult to control.
  • Uneven tire wear: If the rack and pinion system breaks, the wheels may not be aligned properly, which can cause uneven tire wear.
  • Leaking power steering fluid: If the seals inside the rack and pinion unit get damaged, the power steering fluid could leak out. This could cause the hydraulic pressure to drop, making steering less helpful.
  • Noises while turning: When the steering wheel makes grinding, clicking, or whining noises, it may be a sign of worn or broken parts.
  • Steering wheel vibration: The steering wheel may vibrate or have a droning sensation if the rack and pinion system malfunctions.
  • Vehicle wandering: As you drive, the car can have a tendency to stray or pull to one side, needing frequent steering adjustments.

Rack and Pinion Replacement: What to Consider

With so many options, shopping for a new rack-and-pinion steering gear can become difficult.

When shopping for a rack and pinion replacement, keep the following points in mind to help you select the best one for your car:


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Always double-check your vehicle’s specifications before purchasing a new rack-and-pinion steering gear to ensure compatibility. Invest in a replacement that is made especially for your car to ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.


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The rack-and-pinion steering gear of your car steers the wheels in the desired direction. Thus, make sure the replacement rack-and-pinion steering gear is durable and composed of high-quality parts. Order your replacement rack and pinion from a reputable provider to guarantee quality.

Following the above recommendations and reading honest product reviews should help you find the right vehicle rack and pinion. Also, confirm your vehicle’s specifications or ask your trusted mechanic to check your new rack-and-pinion steering gear’s requirements.

Cost of Rack and Pinion Replacement

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It usually costs between $100 and $500 just for parts when replacing an aftermarket rack and pinion. A new rack-and-pinion steering gear’s cost is determined by a number of factors, including the brand, quantity, performance, condition, and specifications of your car.

The cost to repair a rack and pinion leak is the same as that of an internal fluid leak, which usually involves replacing the complete steering system. Rebuilding the rack is possible, but it requires extremely specific equipment and expertise. A normal person cannot rebuild a steering system.

For a professional replacement of your damaged rack-and-pinion steering gear, you should budget an additional $300 to $1000. Note that this is just a rough estimate; actual prices may be higher or lower based on where you live.

Tips for saving money on rack and pinion replacement

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As far as saving money on auto repairs goes, there are actually not many choices. If you have the technical know-how or the will to acquire new skills, you should first think about doing the task yourself. It can save you hundreds of dollars, but it will require a lot of tools and take longer to finish.

Second, consider a reman rack and pinion. In comparison to the new, their prices are comparable, and most of the alternatives still come with a sizable warranty. Thirdly, think about packaging repairs. Doing other handling or suspension work simultaneously can save you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do rack-and-pinion systems typically last?

In general, a rack and pinion should last five to 10 years.

Is it safe to drive with a damaged rack and pinion?

It is possible to drive with a faulty rack and pinion, but it is not recommended since it may compromise your ability to handle it safely.

What causes the failure of a rack and pinion?

Collisions, improper maintenance of the power steering fluid, and regular wear and use typically bring on failures.

How frequently should a rack and pinion be changed?

Steering gears only need to be changed when they malfunction. It usually takes at least five years of use before it needs to be replaced, and some cars may never require one.

Is it possible to change the rack only—not the pinion?

The term “rack and pinion” is more precisely called a power steering mechanism. It is a whole assembly, and the parts are not replaced separately.


The rack-and-pinion steering gear is a form of steering gear that is smaller and lighter than traditional steering gear. A faulty rack-and-pinion causes a loose steering wheel, power steering fluid leaks, low-speed steering difficulties, unusual steering wheel noises, and wandering steering.

If your vehicle’s rack and pinion aren’t working properly, the steering will be harder to control, and other components may wear out faster than normal. Therefore, replacing the faulty rack and pinion system is necessary to keep your vehicle safe from further damage.

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