How To Scrap My Car For Cash? Step-By-Step Guide

You might want to think about scrapping a junker if selling it would be more work than it’s worth. No matter how bad it is, even a rusted-out, old car still has some scrap value.

Your junk car still has a lot of parts and materials that are valuable in some way. To get rid of your vehicle, you can either call a nearby junkyard or sell it online to a nationwide scrap agency. You might even sell some individual components yourself to increase your profit.

How to Deal With Your Junker Car

You can offer your car to junkyards or online buyers like Peddle for scrap. Prices for trash cars in junkyards can range from $200 to $950 based on a number of variables. If you want to earn additional money, think about selling some auto components on your own. A larger or newer vehicle with fewer miles on it will fetch you a higher price.

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Sell It For Parts or As a Parts Car

Whatever its state, an automobile nearly always has a few parts that could be separated out and sold separately. Someone out there is searching for a specific component for his car but is unable to purchase a new one. It’s up to you to conduct the necessary study to determine whether disassembling the car before scrapping it could actually result in a profit. Although it could require a lot of work, it might also be quite gratifying.

Selling the vehicle as a whole parts automobile is another choice. Always compare cash offers from the wreckers before selling because you might be able to scrape out a little extra money, or you might not.

Keep It As Your Own Parts Car

It’s unlikely, yet a small proportion of people will purchase the exact identical vehicle for their subsequent vehicle. Check the new one for worn-out components and replace them with parts from the old one before you get rid of the old one. Alternatively, get a project car and use the parts for that!

Scrap It For Cash

Your car is still worth at least a few hundred dollars to a scrap yard, even if it is for nothing on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Your car will be purchased in cash at the scrapyard, where it will be disassembled, put in a pick-and-pull, or scrapped for metal.

The measures listed below are the easiest approach to getting rid of your scrap car and selling it for cash:

1. Get Cash for Some Parts

Find out how much you could receive for the parts of your car if you sold them locally or even sent them on eBay before you call the junkyard. Think about offering these things for sale:

  • Jack
  • Battery 
  • Radiator 
  • Alternator
  • Extra tire
  • Catalytic converter
  • Aftermarket tires and wheels
  • Music and navigation system
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We recognize that not everyone enjoys working with their hands, so taking out a catalytic converter could seem like a daunting process to you. Just keep in mind that if you put some effort into selling your own used auto parts, you could be able to earn a higher value for your vehicle.

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2. Compare offers on scrap cars to find the best deal

When it’s time to get rid of your old car, seek free bids from a few junkyards by calling around. Actually, you have a few options for recycling cars that might accept your salvage car:

Local junkyard: Your neighborhood scrapper or junkyard will buy your car and pay you cash upfront. Though not all junkyards do, they frequently provide free towing for car owners.

Online junk car buyers: Companies acting as middlemen buy cars in cash and deliver them to junkyards throughout the United States. You can receive an online offer and remotely accept the terms using this kind of service. Then, a truck will be sent to pick up the junk car from your place.

To choose which junk auto removal service gives the best value, compare a few different immediate quotations. It would also be worthwhile to request quotations from Peddle, a business with a reputation for buying trash cars.

Online scrap and junk auto buyer Peddle purchases vehicles from all around the United States. You can instantly obtain an offer by entering information about your car, its owner, and its condition. In exchange for your car, Peddle will pick it up for free and give you cash or a check. Over 110,000 consumers have given Peddle a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, indicating that many have had great success with them.

3. Get your car ready

Take off all personal items to prepare your car. Search every crevice and crevice for trash, receipts, and the like. Remove all license plates because the vehicle won’t ever travel on a public road again.

The car doesn’t need to be spotless, but it also shouldn’t be covered in rubbish or caked in mud. A junkyard for used cars is not a landfill. If you let the salvage yard clean away your personal belongings and trash, you’ll get less money for your car.

4. Acquire documentation

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Before you send off your scrap vehicle, get the required documents:

  • Insurance information: Find your auto insurance details so you may quickly cancel it once you sell your car.
  • Call your Department of motor vehicles (DMV): to revoke the registration after dismantling the vehicle.
  • Vehicle name: After closing the sale, provide the title to the trash auto buyer. The car’s title is proof that you own it, so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get one from the DMV.
  • A remark indicating the vehicle’s mileage: Even at a junkyard, low-mileage vehicles are more valuable than high-mileage vehicles. If the car has low mileage, recording your mileage in advance can assist you in bargaining with the junkyard.


Stop right away if you owe money on the vehicle you intend to junk. A car that is still subject to an auto loan cannot be disposed of until the debt has been fully repaid.

5. Tow Away the Car

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Once you’ve decided which service would provide you with the best value and your automobile is ready to be scrapped, proceed with the sale. Many businesses offer online or telephone completion of the process. When the tow truck arrives for your junk car, you’ll either receive an electronic payment or a cheque. If you don’t know how to transfer the title, the company should also be able to assist you with that.

6. Cancel Registration and Insurance

After the scrap yard removes your vehicle, revoke your insurance and registration, and determine what to do with the license plates.

You must cancel the registration with your DMV if it was still in effect when your car was purchased. Depending on the state you live in, you can either do this online or over the phone. You might also need to go to a DMV office in person.

Make sure you call the insurance provider and cancel the policy if it was still in effect when your automobile was purchased. Most auto insurance companies allow free cancellations, and if you paid in advance for the month or term, they might repay you in part.

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What Should I Expect To Get For My Scrap Car?

Depending on the condition, completeness, and kind of the vehicle, each automobile will vary, but you can anticipate receiving $200 to $500 for it from the scrap yard.

Learn About Deductions

The scrap yard will deduct money from the value of your car if specific components or the title are absent. For instance, Victory Auto Wreckers in Illinois deducts $10, $20, and $100, respectively, for missing radios, batteries, and catalytic converters. You must ascertain the worth of the various pieces before entering into an agreement.

Conclusion: Is Scrapping Your Car The Best Option?

You might not have imagined how much work it would take to disassemble your car when you made the decision to trash it. By the time you finish disassembling your car, you’re not even sure of its scrap worth.

The cost of scrap metal today won’t likely be the same as tomorrow. In the end, you would have probably been better off selling your automobile to a business that buys it from you for cash without any hassle and provides free junk car removal!


Is it better to sell or scrap my car?

You should likely sell your car if it’s still in good driving condition. It is generally best to fix it and sell it if it only requires a minor fix to be roadworthy. It’s time to call the scrappers if the car needs repairs that will cost more than it is worth or if it cannot be fixed.

What should I take off of my car before I junk it?

You can remove components like the wheels, tires, audio systems, head units, exhaust components, battery, and a range of other components if you want to try to wring a few additional dollars out of your vehicle. You’ll earn more money over time the more work you put in.

Do Junkyards Accept Cars Without Titles?

Some will, but it will cost you money deducted from the car’s trade-in value.

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