23 Tallest Statues In The World| Details Might Surprise You!

Statues have been constructed all over the world since ancient times. Kings and rulers erect statues to honor historical figures or significant events. Sometimes, it serves nothing more than as a simple reminder and source of royal pride. These statues attract attention from people and have become popular tourist destinations. 

Continue reading the article to explore the 23 tallest statues in the world.

Christ The Redeemer

Source: AirPano

Christ the Redeemer is the world’s fourth-largest statue of Jesus Christ and the world’s most giant Art Deco-style sculpture. It is 30 meters high and constructed of concrete and soapstone.

  • Located In: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Completed In: 1931
  • Dedicated To: Jesus Christ

African Renaissance Monument

Source: Matador Network

This 49-meter-tall statue is Africa’s tallest. The statue depicts a male figure holding a female figure and a baby. This bronze statue has been heavily criticized for its style, contract with a North Korean company, expense, and semi-naked figures.

  • Located In: Ouakam suburb, Senegal
  • Completed In: 2010
  • Dedicated To: The country’s independence from France

Tokyo Wan Kannon

Source: Japan Travel

This 56-meter-tall statue provides a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay. You must climb 324 stairs to reach the top of the statue. Visit on a clear day for a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Gardens, picnic areas, grasslands, and other facilities can be found around the statue.

  • Located In: Coast of Futtsu, Japan
  • Completed In: 1961
  • Dedicated To: Statue of Kannon, dedicated to world peace

Aizu Jibo Dai Kannon

Source: Pinterest

This white statue is 57 meters high and hollow in the center, with a spiral staircase leading to the woman’s shoulder. Many windows provide a spectacular view of the hill and neighboring areas. This statue is said to bring good luck to pregnant ladies, young people searching for love, and newborns.

  • Located In: Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan
  • Completed In: 1987
  • Dedicated To: Kannon

The Motherland Monument

Source: Flickr

This 62-meter-tall statue is made of stainless steel. This statue holds the Soviet Union’s state emblem on a shield. The statue is kept in Kyiv’s History Museum. It has a mosque near it that features a memorial with the names of all 11,600 troops who served in the war.

  • Located In: Pechersk, Ukraine
  • Completed In: 1981
  • Dedicated To: Ukraine’s contribution to Second World War

Guanyin of Mount Xiqiao

Source: visionsoftravel.org

This bronze statue is 77 meters tall, supported by a bronze pedestal, and surrounded by a moat. This statue is located in Guanyin Cultural Park. This park has a strolling area, rock sites, caves, picnic spots, and tourist destinations.

  • Located In: Foshan, China
  • Completed In: 1990
  • Dedicated To: Guan Yin

The Motherland Calls

Source: Insightguides.com

This 85-meter-tall statue commemorates the Battle of Stalingrad, which lasted 200 days. There are 200 steps leading up to the statue. During the Battle of Stalingrad, 225 German soldiers and allies died because of Marshal Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov. The statue stands guard over his grave. The woman in the statue is the Russian Motherland, urging her sons and daughters to pick up a sword and fight for the country.

  • Located In: Mamayev Kurgan, Russia
  • Completed In: 1967
  • Dedicated To: Battle of Stalingrad

Dai Kannon of Kita No Miyako Park

Source: Tomroyal.com

This 88-meter-tall statue has 20 floors and an elevator. These floors house several temples and places of worship for various Buddhist deities. There is also a platform where you can get a good view of Ashibetsu and its surrounding area.

  • Located In: Ashibetsu, Japan
  • Completed In: 1989
  • Dedicated To: Goddess Avalokitesvara

Grand Buddha At Ling Shan

Source: China Discovery

This is one of the largest statues of Buddha in standing posture. The statue weighs 700 tons and is supported by a bronze lotus pedestal. A palace was later built near the statue. To approach the figure, visitors have to climb a flight of stairs. A beautiful and well-maintained garden may be seen around the statue. The height of this statue is 88 meters.

  • Located In: Longshan, China
  • Completed In: 1996
  • Dedicated To: Buddha

Great Buddha of Thailand

Thailand’s tallest statue is 92 meters tall, made of concrete, and painted with gold. This sculpture shows Buddha with a meditative attitude. This statue has been made to honor Thailand’s King, Bhumibol.

  • Located In: Wat Muang, Thailand
  • Completed In: 2008
  • Dedicated To: Buddha

Statue Of Liberty

Source: Trip Savvy

This colossal statue stands 93 meters tall. As the American Civil War ended in 1865, the French historian Edouard de Laboulaye proposed that France erect a statue to honor the United States’ success in establishing a viable democracy.

  • Located In: New York, United States
  • Completed In: 1876
  • Dedicated To: The universal symbol of freedom.

Mother of All Asia–Tower of Peace

Source: memolands

Mother of Asia, also known as the Tower of Peace, is the tallest statue in the Philippines and the world’s tallest Virgin Mary statue. It is 98 meters tall and made of concrete and steel.

  • Located In: Batangas, Philippines
  • Completed In: 2021
  • Dedicated To: The Virgin Mary

Peter the Great Statue

Source: Travel Trivia

This 98-meter-tall statue was erected to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Navy. T e statue weighs 1000 tons—600 tons of stainless steel; the rest is copper and bronze.

  • Located In: Moscow, Russia
  • Completed In: 1997
  • Dedicated To: Peter (founder of the Russian Navy)

Guishan Guanyin

Source: Trip.com

This statue honors the goddess with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes. This 99-meter-tall Guishan Guanyin statue was constructed entirely of gilded bronze. Gardens, picnic areas, and strolling paths surround the statue. It is not feasible to climb the figure, but you can spend time admiring it.

  • Located In: Weishan, China
  • Completed In: 2009
  • Dedicated To: Goddess Avalokitesvara

Sendai Daikannon

Source: Vegetarian’s Japan Guide

This is the world’s second-tallest goddess statue and the world’s tallest statue of the Japanese goddess Nyoirin Kannon. This statue has an elevator that takes you to the top. The goddess statue has a gem in her hand. This gem is known as a ‘wishing gem’ or a ‘wish-fulfilling Kannon.’ The height of the Nyoirin Kannon statue is 100 meters.

  • Located In: Sendai, Japan
  • Completed In: 1991
  • Dedicated To: Nyoirin Kannon

Usami Dai – Kannon

Source: m.megaconstrucciones.net

This 100-meter-high statue is one of the country’s tallest sitting statues. This statue is located in a temple that contains numerous Buddhist mandalas and is a significant religious attraction in the country. 

  • Located In: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Completed In: 1986
  • Dedicated To: world peace

Yan and Huang Statue

Source: Ctrip

This 106-meter-tall statue is carved on the peak of a Yellow River mountain. This statue is built to honor Yan Di, the country’s first ruler, and Huang Di, a national hero and the country’s most famous emperor. It took 20 years to complete this statue.

  • Located In: Zhengzhou, China
  • Completed In: 2007
  • Dedicated To: Emperor Yan Di and Huang Di

Guanyin of Nanshan

Source: The Atlantic

Guanyin of Nanshan is a 108-meter-tall statue with three sides, one facing inland and the others facing the South China Sea. It is built to pay tribute to the goddess of mercy.

  • Located In:  Hainan, China
  • Completed In: 2005
  • Dedicated To: Guanyin

Statue Of Belief

Source: Travel and Leisure Asia

The Statue of Belief, also known as the Vishwas Swaroopam, is a statue of the Hindu god Shiva. The Statue of Belief is currently the tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world. It is 112 meters high and made of a three-layered concrete structure.

  • Located In: Rajasthan, India
  • Completed In: 2022
  • Dedicated To: Hindu God, Shiva

Laykyun Sekkya Buddha

Source: iStock

The Laykyun Sekkya Buddha statue stands 116 meters tall and is crafted to look like Buddha. This statue is bulit entirely with the donations of local people. A temple inside the figure and a special elevator go to the 27th floor.

  • Located In: Khatakan, Myanmar
  • Completed In: 2008
  • Dedicated To: Gautama Buddha

Ushiku Daibutsu

Source: Japan Travel

This Buddha statue stands 120 meters tall on a lotus platform. Bronze is used in the construction of this colossal statue. An elevator inside the statue brings you to the observation deck, where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the park and the city.

  • Located In: Ushiku, Japan
  • Completed In: 1993
  • Dedicated To: Gautama Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha

Source: Spartacus Brasil

This magnificent statue of Gautama Buddha is 153 meters tall and stands on a small hill with several small pedestals that make it even taller. One thousand one hundred pieces of copper, weighing 1,000 tons, were used to construct this statue. The statue gets its name from a Tianrui hot spring near the statue.

  • Located In: Henan, China
  • Completed In: 2008
  • Dedicated to: Gautama Buddha

Statue Of Unity

Source: India Fillings

The statue of unity is the tallest in the world, and it is more than just a collection of metal and minerals. It has a viewing space, a museum, a gallery for exhibits, a memorial garden, a maintenance facility, an audio-visual gallery, and much more. The statue’s height is 182 meters and is built to honor the country’s first home minister.

  • Completed In: 2018
  • Located In: Gujarat, India
  • Dedicated To: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

The Bottom Line

Statues serve as a reminder of the past and a glimpse into the future. They also play an essential role in promoting tourism and generating profits for the countries where these statues are located.
Let us know which statue you find the most captivating.

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