The BMW car that changes its color is revealed!

As soon as you decide on the color of your new car, you’ve made a commitment to stick with it throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. Even if you can afford to have it repainted, it’s a headache and not something you’re likely to do often.

This is where the BMW iX Flow comes in. You may change the color of the E Ink-covered SUV at the press of a button. This material is similar to that found in Kindle screens.

Source: BMW

Why is it useful?

It is not April’s Fool; this is a genuine BMW function that has been developed for the company. The color-changing function is now only available in white and black.

Source: BMW
Source: BMWS

If you live in a hot region where black cars can become so hot that pancakes can be baked on the seat, having the ability to change the color of your vehicle will be a great bonus. Take a look at this feature in action in the video below:

The iX Flow can be flashing if you lose track of it in a parking lot, or the color may be used to send some type of information—like the battery level, cleanliness, and so on.

It needs more development

The painting isn’t flawless. It’s still in development progress, and the triangle patterns on the panels are plainly visible when the color changes or if you approach near enough. Even yet, it’s still a fascinating concept, especially in light of the several more applications that BMW has outlined.

Source: BMW

The Flow can’t change its color to something like blue or green since white and black are the most fundamental colors. While the possibility of color E Ink does exist, you’re stuck with monochrome for the time being.

Source: BMW

But even though this technology has been applied to a future BMW electric vehicle, the iX flow is still just “A concept.” As a result, you won’t be able to purchase a color-changing SUV soon.

Other features

Source: Supercar Blondie / YouTube

In addition to the Flow’s E Ink paint, BMW will have several other concept vehicles on display at CES. As part of its in-car entertainment offerings, the company is displaying a 31-inch 8K TV screen with access to Amazon’s Fire TV software. High-definition video streaming should also be a breeze, thanks to its 5G connectivity.

This superb screen sits behind the driver’s seat for the passenger’s entertainment and ensures no driver’s distraction. BMW is looking into the possibilities to prepare for the future in which vehicles are more autonomous and powered by electricity.

As far as I can tell, the iX Flow is a color changer with a movie theater on wheels.

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