The Dodge SRT Tomahawk | A Virtual Supercar Classic

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Step into the extraordinary realm of automotive innovation with the Dodge SRT Tomahawk, a timeless icon that defies the conventions of traditional high-performance cars. Unveiled in 2015 as a digital marvel within the virtual landscapes of Gran Turismo 6, this visionary creation by Dodge and Gran Turismo goes beyond the constraints of physical roads, leaving a lasting impact on enthusiasts.

Renowned for its strength, inventiveness, and dedication to pushing automotive perfection, the Tomahawk stands as a beacon in virtual supercars. Join us as we explore, delving into the intricate details that define the Dodge SRT Tomahawk as a classic in its own right.

What is the Dodge SRT Tomahawk?

The Dodge SRT Tomahawk, a fictional concept car developed by Street & Racing Technology (SRT), a division of Stellantis North America, was created as part of the Vision Gran Turismo project for the Gran Turismo driving simulation series.

Introduced in 2015, it exists solely in the virtual realm of Gran Turismo 6 and showcases futuristic automotive design and technology. The Tomahawk’s three variants—the Tomahawk S, Tomahawk GTS-R, and Tomahawk X—differ in power and accessibility, representing an imaginative preview of supercar possibilities for the future.

While designed beyond the technological constraints of 2015, discussions about its real-world development have been entertained for a future era when technology aligns with its avant-garde design.

Innovative Features

It offers some exciting features that collectively contribute to the exceptional performance and exhilarating driving experiences the Tomahawk series offers.

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Unprecedented Power

The incredible powertrain of the Dodge SRT Tomahawk was its core component. With a jaw-dropping 1,000+ horsepower from a 6.98-liter V10 engine turned 144 degrees (2.51 Radian), it testified to the unwavering quest for performance. A unique pneumatic energy system was combined with this engine to improve the car’s performance by delivering all-wheel-drive traction when needed.


Active Camber System

It has a cutting-edge active camber system that allows the car to “lean” into bends by adjusting the wheel knuckles. This guarantees every wheel keeps the best possible tire contact patch, improving cornering traction.

Innovations in Aerodynamics and Materials

The Tomahawk was about more than just strength. It served as a demonstration of cutting-edge materials, such as graphene micro-lattice structures and hollow carbon nanofibers. These components made the automobile more balanced and agile, making it more than just a speed demon in a straight line.

In addition, the Tomahawk had an active aerodynamic system that was unmatched. Its front splitter and rear wing, which are pneumatically propelled, are dynamically adjusted to the racetrack’s circumstances and the driver’s inputs. Utilizing a forward-scanning laser system for guidance, the vehicle could maximize downforce and drag by anticipating and reacting to ride height, pitch, and yaw changes.

Pneumatic Front Wheels

The Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo’s front wheels are powered separately by pneumatics. Coupled with the V-10 engine, they can generate a maximum system output of 2,590 horsepower. This particular configuration improves acceleration and traction.

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Graphene Components

The car’s transparent sections, such as the engine cover and cockpit, are composed of incredibly light graphene skins. Because of its remarkable strength and low weight, graphene is a popular material for high-performance automobiles.

Variants of Dodge SRT Tomahawk

1. Tomahawk S

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The Tomahawk S. provides a more approachable and legal version of the Tomahawk Concept. For those who want to experience the Tomahawk’s exhilarating potential without dealing with the severe demands of the GTS-R and X models, it’s a great place to start. Due to its remarkable power-to-weight ratio, you won’t need a G-suit to fully utilize the Tomahawk S’s remarkable performance.

With a 6.98-liter V10 engine producing over 1,000 horsepower, the Tomahawk S’s integrated rear spoiler and active front splitter improve its aerodynamics and overall performance. It weighs 2,206 pounds (1000.62 kg) and has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.19 pounds per horsepower. Its air suspension system, rear wing, and dynamic front splitter provide outstanding handling and control, making it a more approachable street-legal model in the Tomahawk range.

2. Tomahawk GTS-R

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The Tomahawk GTS-R is a racing version of the normal model, the Tomahawk concept’s lightest and most competitive form. Driving the Tomahawk GTS-R requires a unique pressurized racing suit to overcome the strong lateral g-forces experienced on the track despite its increased power output, decreased weight, and improved handling. This quick-reacting G-suit is pressurized using a little bleed-off from the car’s high-capacity pneumatic system.

The Tomahawk GTS-R features a dual-element active rear wing that improves aerodynamics. When not in use or when performing high-speed maneuvers to reduce drag, the upper element is kept under the bottom element for storage. All four fenders are vented to keep high pressure from building inside the wheel wells, ensuring safety and maximum performance.

The Tomahawk GTS-R’s V10 engine and pneumatic system give it a powerful 1,450 horsepower under the hood despite its light weight of 1,459 lb (661.79 kg). With a horsepower-to-weight ratio of one to one due to this combination, the GTS-R is a strong competitor in racing.

3. Tomahawk X

The pinnacle of extreme performance is the SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo. A rigorous seven-month training program is needed to prepare drivers for the enormous levels of lateral acceleration this amazing car can attain to drive it to its limits.

Nine separately actuated panels make up the advanced aerodynamic system of the Tomahawk X. Together, these panels—which include rudder panels, corner wings, and a dual-element rear wing—produce a significant amount of vertical downforce as well as a novel lateral force called yaw force, which gives the car outstanding cornering agility.

Source: gran-turismo.fandom

When the vehicle is in high-drag braking mode, the panels spread like a parachute to enhance frontal area and facilitate deceleration. All panels retract in low-drag mode, which lowers aerodynamic drag as the vehicle approaches its maximum speed.

An improved V10 engine with over 2,000 horsepower powers the Tomahawk X. The all-wheel-drive (AWD) system produces over 2,500 horsepower when paired with fully charged pneumatic cylinders, enabling the Tomahawk X to achieve incredible speeds.


What distinguishes the Tomahawk series from other supercars?

The remarkable power-to-weight ratios, state-of-the-art aerodynamics, and sophisticated pneumatic systems distinguish the Tomahawk series. From the street-legal Tomahawk S to the intensely track-focused Tomahawk X, it provides a variety of versions.

How does the driving education program for the Tomahawk X operate?

The seven-month-long, rigorous Tomahawk X training program prepares drivers for the high performance of the supercar. It involves reflex training and physical conditioning to manage the enormous lateral acceleration and speed.

Are any Tomahawk series models available for purchase on the street?

The Tomahawk S, intended to be street-legal and provide a more friendly driving experience while still delivering incredible horsepower and performance, is part of the Tomahawk series.


In conclusion, the Dodge SRT Tomahawk represents the ultimate in high-performance car engineering. It is a virtual marvel demonstrating state-of-the-art technology and ingenuity, unveiled in 2015. It offers models like the Tomahawk S, GTS-R, and X that appeal to diverse fans.

Its remarkable powerplant, active camber system, and cutting-edge materials make it a true supercar icon. The Tomahawk series has something to offer whether you’re looking for tremendous track capabilities or approachable street-legal performance. In the realm of virtual supercars, it is a classic and a symbol of unrelenting innovation.

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