Volvo P1800 – The highest mileage car in the world (3.3 Million Miles)

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Sailing enthusiast and boat designer Pelle Helmer Petterson is famous in Sweden for his work. Additionally, while studying under the direction of Pietro Frua, he created Volvo’s highly successful P1800 sports car design.

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In spite of the P1800 notch-back 2+2 coupe’s name, the two seats in the back were only big enough for post-toddler/preteen youngsters.

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Each and every one of the 39,407 P1800 coupes and 8,773 three-door sports estates was powered by an in-line four-cylinder engine producing 100-115 horsepower. Borg-Warner automatics and 4-speed manual transmissions were used for shifting.

The 3.3 Million Miles!

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Meet Irvin Gordon’s Volvo P1800S from 1966. Over 3.3 million miles have been put on this old vehicle. A small analysis of that incredible statistic is here.

Drive the equator more than 120 times, clock up 50,000 hours of highway driving, and travel to the moon 13 times in 3.3 million miles.

Source: drivetribe

The mileage on this Volvo is the greatest ever recorded for a vehicle of its type.

He says he takes it everywhere, and you know what? I believe him. On June 30, 1966, he paid $4,150 for his beloved Volvo new, when he was 25 years old.

In other words, it’s the equivalent of a year’s salary. A convertible Volvo with air-conditioning was out of Gordon’s budget. The AM/FM radio, on the other hand, cost him a little more money. “At the time, $10 was a lot of money. However, having an AM/FM radio was a big deal, “he commented.

Just enough room for Gordon and his needs is found in his car’s cargo area. On his front bumper, he has pins honoring his various mileage milestones. “MILNMILER” even appears on his registration plate. There are so many vehicle components in his trunk that he doesn’t know what to do with them all.

Source: drivetribe
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More than nine times the national average, Gordon travels an annual mileage of 95,000 miles. Gordon refuses to let anybody except himself to work on the car. His careful attention to detail has undoubtedly contributed to the vehicle reaching 3 million miles in usage. Despite the fact that the engine had been replaced twice in its career, the car nevertheless kept its original engine until 2009.

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