Watch: Model Flathead V8 Rumbling Like the Real Thing

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Our readers are obsessed with operating scale model engines, and who are we to refuse? This quarter-scale flathead V8 was built by Ron Colonna, a skilled model builder.

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Source: craftsmanshipmuseum

Colonna says he used a set of Challenger blueprints and castings that his wife bought him for Christmas to make this engine, which was his first step into scale building. In spite of its Ford-like appearance, the Challenger’s flathead V8 is routed out the top like a vintage Cord or Cadillac L-head V8’s intake and exhaust ports.

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Harley Panhead

The quality of Colonna’s engines is as high as it has ever been. Colonna has also produced a Harley Panhead, a 270 Offy, Gnome, and Bentley rotary radial engines.

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Source: craftsmanshipmuseum
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Source: craftsmanshipmuseum
Bentley rotary radial

Colonna claims that this engine is the most popular with his audience. As far as we can tell, it’s because of its excellent sound quality. Due to the overwhelming number of requests to hear it run, he has already rebuilt the engine twice.

It’s time for you to hear it roar:

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