White Trucks With Black Rims: Choose The Best Look 2023

Most people who drive pickup trucks don’t care much about their appearance. Or perhaps they do? We looked at Google’s search statistics and discovered that thousands of individuals each month inquire about the prudent decision of purchasing black rims for a white truck. And now we can say with certainty that truck drivers do give some thought to the appearance of their vehicles.


In today’s article, we would like to take a look at white pickup trucks with black wheels and see how beautiful they are. There may have been dozens of these cars outside, but the problem is that they all seem to have an odd appearance.

They may resemble workhorses rather than the vehicles that their owners cherish. The reason is not only the color of the wheels but also certain design flaws that we frequently neglect when purchasing aftermarket rims.

Is It A Good Idea To Put Black Wheels On A White Truck?

First, let’s see if it’s cool to think about those black rims.

Source: f150online/sleekstar

This picture shows that the truck looks great! It will definitely catch some eyes while you’re driving! This Ford truck has several advantages that make it stand out from other pickups with black wheels. But, when a car has black rims, it can sometimes look rather strange, as seen in the below image:

Source: f150forum/amick218

Those rims and wheels look like they’ve been jacked from some other ride. Why’s that? If you’re thinking of getting black rims for your white pickup truck, there are a lot of things to think about. Here are some of them:

Source: fueloffroad
  • The rims may appear strange and like they were stolen from another vehicle.
  • The rims may make the pickup truck look cheaper than its original rims.
  • Black rims might not be very practical; they might stand out too much against the truck’s white body.

The image below displays stylish black rims on a white pickup. It is all how you choose to determine the overall look.

Source: f150online/sleekstar

Tips To Choose the Right Rims for Your Vehicle

Modern vehicles have a monstrous appearance. Manufacturers make an effort to showcase all the strengths and positive attributes these cars have. As a result, the design is stunning, cutting-edge, ruthless, and forceful.

Producers frequently make significant design investments in pickup vehicles since they are still quite popular among American consumers. By the way, white trucks are the most famous, so the problem of rims for these vehicles is very urgent. The upcoming checklist can help you make a wise decision to find what sort of rims you should buy.

Source: efuehrin/f150online

Make sure you follow this checklist while picking the black rims for a white pickup truck:

  • The tires’ rims shouldn’t be too plain.
  • It’s a fantastic idea to go with the sporty style.
  • Having the ability to adjust the suspension is good if you have large rims.
  • Rims with multiple colors are preferable (such as steel plus black or silver plus black)
  • Rims with rounded edges are not ideal for modern pickup trucks.
  • The sharp, sporty shape looks much better.
Source: f150online/lambeano

Observe the sleek black rims as well. With matte black rims, your gorgeous white truck will appear unattractive.

Source: ranger-forums

When you can’t tell where the rim ends and the tire begins, these matte colors create an unsettling sense that perfectly complements the color of the tire. This gives the idea that your wheels are plain black barrels.


Tires – it makes all the difference. We found that the best option for your white truck would be glossy black rims with a sporty design and distinct lines.

Source: carid

The wheels won’t look good if you simply use your stock tires with those gorgeous rims. When thinking about black rims, the tire design is also crucial.

Source: Gmfullsize

The key is to purchase tires with thick, grippy treads. With a sporty rim, it will look fantastic. Additionally, as a reward for your decision, your pickup truck will gain additional off-roading abilities.

Source: customoffsets

Which Trucks Don’t Look Well With Those Black Rims?

Black rims don’t suit all-white pickups. We’ve seen plenty of vintage white pickup vehicles with plain black wheels, and they’re bad. Make sure the new wheels you purchase are appropriate for your car. If not, you will say goodbye to a significant amount of money without gaining anything beneficial.


Hunting for some old wheels is preferable if you have an older truck with a classic style. Silver ones will suffice in this situation.


You could even use the stock wheels and just get wider tires for them. You will spend much less money doing this and still have great pleasure.

Source: ranger-forums

How Should You Modify Your White Truck with Black Rims?

If your car is completely white, it would be odd to equip it with black wheels. There needs to be a link between the wheels and the body. You may give your pickup truck a more customized look with the help of aftermarket parts.


White and black are a good color combination, but you’ll need to do more to the vehicle than buy matching wheels. Adding fender flares to your car can give it a more aggressive and rugged look, especially if you have larger wheels and tires. You can make them match your rims to make your car stand out from the crowd.

You can consider adding custom mirror covers if you want to add a pop of color or style to your car’s side mirrors. These come in a variety of colors and designs and can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your car’s appearance.

You can choose a design that complements your new wheels and rims, such as adding racing stripes or other accents. Putting some effort into your truck’s appearance will pay off in the long run.

Top Color Choices for Rims to Pair with a White Truck

Here are two more carefully considered colors (other than black) for your white truck:


Matte Grey/ Graphite

Graphite wheels quickly became popular in the wheel industry. They provide a unique touch to every car they are utilized without sacrificing charm. Graphite rims on white cars can look gorgeous and create a wealthy and regal appearance. They provide the car with a modern and sleek appearance and might draw attention from a distance.


Matte graphite rims are the way to go if you want your white car to look royal. This visual attractiveness, however, comes at a cost, as you must pay careful attention to the cleanliness and upkeep of a graphite rim.


Chrome is unquestionably the safest and most timeless rim color for a white automobile. It gives the car all of the splendor and charm it requires without appearing overdone. Here are some visual cues to assist you in making your decision.


Chrome wheels on a white car provide a basic yet appealing combination, with the added benefit of easier general upkeep because dents and scratches are less visible.


How Can I Paint My Wheel Rims Black Myself?

You don’t need to run to a garage or spend a lot of money to get black rims. Painting rims black is cheaper and more fun. Clean, sand, and prime. These preparation stages are crucial to a well-painted rim. After painting, a clear coat protects and shines.

Why Do Black Rims Cost So Much?

Black rims can cost more due to a variety of reasons, including materials, production costs, and popularity in the market. Additionally, some high-end brands may charge more simply because of their reputation and perceived exclusivity.

Do Black Rims Appear Dirty?

Those who have recently had a set of black rims fitted on their vehicle understand the importance of keeping them in clean condition. Sadly, compared to regular wheels, black wheels tend to show more mud and dust.

Are Black Rims Prone To Scratches?

Black rims are usually easier to refinish but also show small scratches and scrapes more easily.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Black Rims, If Any?

Gloss black rims are the worst for swirl marks, which can make the wheel look quite dull over time. Due to the abrasive nature of brake dust, swirls are difficult to eliminate on wheels totally, but there are several measures you may take to lessen their likelihood.


Pairing black rims with a white truck is a timeless and stylish combination that can give your vehicle an eye-catching look. With proper maintenance and care, your black rims can be a great investment that will enhance your white truck’s appearance for years to come.

Complementing the look with other modifications can make your white truck stand out of the crowd.

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