The Secret Behind BMW and Inline 6 Engines Partnership!

The I-6 has been an integral part of BMW’s history for over a century, making it nearly impossible to describe the brand without mentioning the beautiful engine.

Until the end of the war, these engines propelled German fighter aircraft, and shortly afterward, a bigger I-6 sent a plane to a record altitude of almost 32,000 feet (9,754 m). After World War I, German aircraft manufacture was banned, so BMW shifted its focus to motorcycles and cars.

Source: airandspace

BMW’s first car was the Dixi, which was bought from Automobilwerk Eisenach company in 1928 and was their first car after World War I. The Dixi used a straight four-cylinder engine, and it had to be imported from England because there were no German engines powerful enough for the vehicle. This is why they decided to go with straight-six engines to use their existing production lines and reduce costs.

Source: By Vauxford

In 1931, BMW’s first real car was unveiled. However, it wasn’t until BMW’s 303 model in 1933 that the I-6 was first put to use in a vehicle.

In the late 1960s, BMW had a choice of two engines for its new 3-series vehicle. The first option was a straight 4 engine, which boosted fuel efficiency and high torque, but poor acceleration on hills and heavy vehicles. The second option was a straight 6 engine, which provided superior acceleration on hills and in mountainous regions of Europe, so straight-six was again a better solution.

Source: bmwblog

Another iteration of the I-6 was launched in 1968 by BMW, which began to look more like a modern engine. The smoothness of the 12-counterweight forged crankshaft, backed by seven main bearings, was further increased by the MO6 family’s overhead camshaft.

BMW used and will continue to use the inline 6 engine for many reasons. Performance and stability are the clear, obvious reasons, but we think there is another important reason.

BMW is connected to the straight-six engine. It is a long relationship between them, and the fans actually like it! BMW is making a brand integration between its name and the straight-six engines. This long hood of the BMW is unique and creates the identity of the BMW.

Why do you think BMW is using straight-six engines? Tell us your opinion!

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