350z vs. 370z: Which Is the Best? | Pros and Cons

One of the car manufacturers with a long history of making cars is Nissan. Although they have their ups and downs, Nissan has a good track of making strong and fun sports cars. Right from the manufacture of Datsun in the1950s down to the new Nissan Z, Nissan has won a name for producing affordable cars for car enthusiasts.

In the 2000s, Nissan gave us two of the best Nissan Z products, 350z and 370z. Though one came first, they both found a place in our hearts. The 350z came after the success of the 240z and 280z had gone away, waking the Z badge and bringing Nissan back into the game.

Until 2009, Nissan 350z had a good run, and as it was bidding us farewell, the stronger 370z came into the market to take over. As its name implies, Nissan 370z had a bigger engine of 3.7L which lasted until the 370z was retired in 2020. The engine went through some changes in design through the years, and it gave power levels ranging from 331-350 hp and 269-276 lb-ft torque.

However, in recent years, the price value for a used 350z has been super low, and that of 370z is also getting lower every year due to the appearance of EVs. Since the two Z cars are identical, especially in appearance, customers are unsure of which model to purchase.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a very close look at the two cars and compare them in various ways and see how they differ from each other. But before we do that, let us look at each of the cars briefly. We will look at the 350z first.

Nissan 350z

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350z was produced in 2002 and released in 2003. It is a two-seater sports car and the fifth generation in the Z-car line of Nissan. Its popular name in Japan is Fairlady Z Z223. It is a rear-wheel drive sports car with a front engine.

The 350z is designed with a short deck and long hood and built with a steel monocoque. The Nissan 350z engine is all aluminum and features a 24-valve 3498cc V6, dual-overhead-cam, and variable valve timing. It was named after its 3.5L V6 VQ35DE engine.

Also, the engine of the Nissan 350z is equipped with an in-sequence multi-point electronic fuel injection. It comes with either a five-speed or six-speed manual transmission. Its suspension is independent all around, and it features an anti-roll bar, coil springs, and multi-link.

If you are a car enthusiast looking for a high-performance sports car at an affordable price, the 350z is for you. But before you decide to go for this, let us also take a look at the 370z.

Nissan 370z

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The Nissan 370z is the sixth generation in the Z-car line of Nissan. It gives you a great performance with uncompromising daily use. This Z car is the most recent of the Nissan Z series. Its production started in 2008 and entered the market in 2009.

Nissan 370z was also named after its 3.7L V6 engine, which has 324bhp brake horsepower. The engine hooks up to an optional six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission. Also, the 370z features a comfortable cockpit and supportive seats, AM/FM radio, a CD player, an auxiliary input jack, and a USB port.

Now that we have briefly looked at the two Z-cars let’s take a closer look at some features and compare them, looking at how they differ from each other.

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350z vs 370z


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Both 350z and 370z have a similar exterior look. However, they differ in their interior in some ways. The 370z has better features that are absent in the 350z. Its interior is more redesigned, giving you a more modern and expensive feeling.

370z has a six-speaker audio system, a USB port, an automatic climate control, Bluetooth, proximity keyless entry, a push-button start, and a rearview camera. Nissan 370z also features voice recognition, satellite radio, navigation, and a 7-inch touch screen. Finally, the 370z has a 6.9 cubic feet trunk, while the Nissan 350z has a 4.1 cubic feet cargo room.

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If you do not take a deep look at the two Z-cars, you will not know the differences in their exterior designs. However, there is little difference between them.

The 350z has a straight-edged and simple design, whereas the 370z comes with a more modern and aggressive look due to its curvier design. Nissan 370z also has a smaller dimension when compared with the 350z.


Source: nissanzclub.com

When you compare the two Z-cars with their competitors, they are both reliable. However, since we want to know how they both differ in reliability, we have to make a choice.

Although the reliability of a car is dependent on how well you maintain it, the 370z model is more reliable compared with the 350z because of its stronger engine. However, this does not mean that 350z is not reliable. If you do not maintain the 370z well, it will not be reliable, even with its VQ37HR engine.

Daily Driving

A daily driver looks out for various things in a car. When you drive the 350z and 370z daily, you will discover that the 370z is better for daily driving, even though the 350z gives a more raw driving feeling. Also, the 370z is more convenient and a better place to be on a daily basis with its modern interior compared with the 350z, which has an outdated interior.

If you are looking for first-gear ratio changes along with driving performance in braking and acceleration, 370z is the right choice for you. However, if you desire one with better cabin insulation, then opt for 350z.


The Nissan 350z is designed to have a smoother ride, while the 370z has less body roll. Therefore 370z gives more drifting power due to its more detailed array of gear options. It is ideal for going through corners using more power but is slower than 350z. 350z, on the other hand, is more suitable for beer runs and cruising at high speed.

Straight Line Speed

Source: torque.com

When it comes to the straight-line speed, we give it to the 370z. This is because it is lighter in weight, sleeker, and it has more power. Therefore, it is going to be faster in a straight line.


As expected, 370z is more expensive than 350z. 350z costs less and hence is more economical. It costs around $13,000, depending on the year model. 370z, on the other hand, costs around $40,000 to $50,000, also depending on the year of production. The high price of 370z is probably due to its additional and more luxurious features.

Tuning and Modification

When it comes to tuning and modification, we give it to the 350z. The Nissan 350z can easily be tuned, modified, and customized according to your needs. This is because at the point when the JDM tuning culture blew up, 350z was there, and Nissan cars had a great part of it.

Performance Data

Source: torque.com

Another way that 350z differs from 370z is in their performance. Although both of them are fast, 370z is faster. The versions of 350z produced within the years 2003 to 2006 have a VQ35DE V6 engine, while those produced after that have a VQ35HR engine.

The 350z series has a curb weight of 3200 lbs and a 300 horsepower @6400 rpm engine with a torque of 260 lb-ft @4800 rpm. Also, Nissan 350z with a VQ engine moves with a top speed of 155 mph/h or 249 km/h.

When you talk about the real Japanese sports car, you talk about the 370z series. Even when it outweighs the 350z with 100 lbs, it is still faster. It has a bigger and more powerful engine featuring more torque and power. It has a horsepower of 332 @7000rpm, a curb weight of 3300 lbs, and a torque of 270 lb-ft @5200rpm.


One of the reasons you see the 370z in abundance is that it is easy for you to get a mechanic for it if anything goes wrong with it. Moreover, its parts are readily available when compared with the 350z. In addition, you can still get the 370z which is still under the company’s warranty period. This is a big plus for the 370z, as buying a car is a one-time payment, whereas maintaining it will cost you regularly.


When you look at the numbers of the 370z available on the road and compare it with that of the 350z, you will agree with me that the 370z is readily more available than its older cousin. This is probably because the 2020 370z just got sold out.

Common Problems

Even with the impressive reliability of the 350z and 370z Japanese sports cars, they are not totally free of problems. They have minor problems that are common to them. The 350z, particularly the rev-up model, is known to have a fuel starvation problem even when its fuel tank is nearly full. So if you want to get a 350z, you should consider going for the 2007+ models, which have a better engine and more power under the hood.

Also, the 370z has some electrical and steering problems, particularly the models produced at the earliest. Although this problem may have been solved by now, you should consider this and check it out when purchasing the Nissan 370z.

Now that we have examined the differences between the two cars let us also look at their pros and cons to help you decide which one is better.

Pros and Cons of 350z

Here is a table showing the pros and cons of the 350z:

– Budget Friendly
– Relatively good performance
– Good value for your money
– Close resemblance to the latest model at a fraction of its cost
– Lower performance when compared with 370z
– Not-so-comfortable interior
– There may be a need for some major repairs as it is an older model
– Higher cost of maintenance

Pros and Cons of 370z

Here is a table showing the pros and cons of the 370z:

– Better Performance
– A newer design
– More comfortable
– Better suspension
– More spacious trunk
– More expensive

350z vs. 370z: Which is better?

Looking at all the features we have discussed and as a fun daily driver, I believe that the 370z is a better sports car than the 350z. This is because it is an improved version of 350z. Moreover, the only way 350z outweighs the 370z is in its cost, which will eventually go down to a more affordable rate as time goes on.

Also, getting the latest version will keep your mind at rest, knowing that your car is not getting outdated soon and you will get great value for your money. However, if you decide to go for the 350z, you would still get the value for your money as it is also a great car and only differ from the 370z in a few ways.


In conclusion, both the 350z and 370z models of the Nissan Z series are great cars. Your choice of which one is better should depend on your intention to purchase. If you want a car for a project, you should opt for 350z. You can get it at a cheaper rate and then make some modifications to it to make it a competitive track car. Both cars have a reliable engine and chassis and can therefore handle numerous modifications.

However, if you have no plan on going to track ever or every weekend, but need a fun-to-drive car for road trips and daily transportation, then the 370z will be a better option for you. You will be able to enjoy all the modern safety and driving features that come with it. You can even get one with the company warranty, which will give you rest of mind and save you a lot of hassle.

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