Cars Similar To Nissan Versa | Top 20 Alternatives

The Nissan Versa is a 4-door sedan that has been one of the company’s top luxury models for a long time, but it has only been available in a small number of countries. Nissan Versa models initially appeared in 2006. When it was first released, it was marketed as a subcompact vehicle with a play on the phrase “versatile space” to advertise the four-door sedan.

It’s one of the last vehicles of its kind, as more and more automakers are discontinuing compact cars in favor of crossover SUV models. Despite this, there are at least twenty Nissan Versa rivals that are worth discussing. Let’s have a detailed look at those 20 alternatives.

Top 20 cars that look similar to Nissan Versa

1. Kia Rio:

Source: usnews

Rio has won the subcompact category for Kia since 1999. Similar to the Nissan Versa, it has undergone several upgrades but maintains the same basic structure as a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. The Kia Rio is now in its third generation and has a starting price of $17,875.

The Rio and the Versa are remarkably close in all relevant measurements and performance levels. Inside and out, the car is about the same size. It has a fuel economy rating of thirty-three miles per gallon in the city and forty-one miles per gallon on the highway. The rating for horsepower is 120.

2. Hyundai Accent:

Source: bing

Longtime rivals Nissan of Japan and Hyundai of South Korea are still in direct competition with one another over vehicles with comparable designs. Like the Nissan Versa, the Hyundai Accent is a subcompact car.

It has a 120 horsepower performance level and achieves a thirty-three mile per gallon in-city fuel economy rating and 41 miles per gallon on the highway. It’s a little bit smaller than the Versa in terms of trunk space.

Just like the Nissan Versa, the Hyundai Accent has a front-wheel drivetrain. Inside and out, the dimensions of the car body are extremely similar to one another. The Accent is 177.2 inches in length compared to 177 inches for the Versa, which is the biggest difference between both vehicles.

3. Toyota Corolla:

Source: caranddriver

The starting price for the Toyota Corolla 2023 is $22,795. It has fuel economy ratings of thirty-one miles per gallon in the city and forty miles per gallon on the highway. The Nissan Versa has a 177-inch body length, compared to the Corolla’s 182.3-inch body length.

Compared to the Versa, it has somewhat more room in the seats, but the Versa has a smaller trunk (13.1 cubic feet). However, like the Versa, the Corolla is a compact car with four doors and front-wheel drive. One of Toyota’s older models has a horsepower rating of 139 at 6,100 revolutions per minute. But the Corolla has more power than the Versa.

4. Mitsubishi Mirage:

Source: mitsubishicars

The Mitsubishi Mirage first appeared as a hatchback from 1978 until 2003. In 2012, it was added back to the lineup. It was categorized as a subcompact automobile in both cases. However, it wasn’t a four-door car until 2013. The similarities between the Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan Versa have increased since becoming a sedan and five-door hatchback.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is the car that most closely resembles the Versa in terms of size, performance, and aesthetic. The Mirage G4 has a starting price of $18,500 and has a combined fuel economy rating of 37 mpg. This is comparable to the 35 mpg rating of the Nissan Versa.

5. Suzuki Ciaz:

Source: carmudi

The Nissan Versa was the primary target market for Suzuki’s Ciaz. Similar to the Versa, the Suzuki Ciaz has four doors. Additionally, it is made to be front-wheel drive. The horsepower performance is rated at 103.25 at 6,000 revolutions per minute.

Suzuki Ciaz has been sold since 2014. Similar to the Versa, it was created as a subcompact sedan. For some Middle Eastern countries, it was renamed the Toyota Belta in 2021. The letters CIAZ stand for consolation, intellect, attitude, and zeal. Moreover, the Nissan Versa and this vehicle have very similar dimensions.

6. Nissan Sentra:

Source: carbuzz

Like a big brother to the Nissan Versa, the Nissan Sentra is categorized as a subcompact four-door sedan. The Sentra is now in its eighth generation since its launch in 1982. It has a starting price of $21,295.

Although longer (182.7 inches), the Sentra has 14.3 inches less trunk space. The five-passenger car has a little bit extra space in the back but otherwise has a front that is identical to the Versa. The only significant difference is the front shoulder space, where the Sentra gives roughly three inches more.

7. Honda Civic:

Source: cnet

The 2022 Honda Civic was named the automobile of the year in North America. This is nothing new for Honda. Civic is not the first to do it. It is more expensive than the Nissan Versa, starting at $24,845. But if you want a Versa-style vehicle worth noticing, this is it.

With 1585 horsepower at 6,500 revolutions per minute, it performs better. The fuel mileage ratings are 31 miles per gallon for city driving and 40 miles per gallon for interstate driving. The Honda Civic is a small four-door sedan that is larger than the Nissan Sentra. Furthermore, the front-wheel drive system is shared.

8. Volkswagen Golf:

Source: rad-ab

The Nissan Versa and the Volkswagen Golf are comparable enough to one another as a five-door hatchback to warrant inclusion on our list. The 2023 Golf, which costs $31,625, has been a reliable staple with Volkswagen since 1974. It continues to share the subcompact spotlight with Versa in its eighth generation.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that powers the 2023 Golf produces 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. The automatic transmission version of the Golf is the most economical, with ratings of 25 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the interstate.

9. Volkswagen Jetta:

Source: slashgear

The Volkswagen Jetta, the company’s response to the compact sedan market, has been around since 1979. It is one of the most well-known vehicles for the brand and is currently in its seventh generation. It is very similar to Nissan’s Versa in terms of appearance, dimensions, and performance. It has a starting price of $21,750.

A turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine in every Jetta generates 158 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. Although the EPA estimates for the six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic transmissions on new Jettas are nearly identical, the standard automatic is the most efficient, with an estimated 31 mpg city and 41 mpg highway.

10. Acura ILX:

Source: bing

The tiny four-door Acura ILX has 201 horsepower at 6,800 revolutions per minute. Acura’s ILX subcompact vehicle serves as a high-end alternative to the Versa. Similar to the Versa, it has a starting price of $28,395 and is available as a front-wheel drive.

This car is 182.2 inches long—just over five inches—and weighs a little over a thousand pounds. With 14.7 cubic inches of cargo space to the ILX’s 12.4 cubic feet, the Versa is the undisputed champion. It has an EPA-estimated fuel efficiency of 24mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway.

11. Acura Integra:


Acura Integra would be another high-end option for the Nissan Versa. This four-door subcompact sedan is 186.4 inches long and has a starting price of $32,495. Although longer than Versa’s measurement of 177 inches, this falls under the same classification. Additionally, they both have front-wheel drives.

The new Integra is powered by a 1.5-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower that has been borrowed from the Honda Civic Si. The base Integra with the CVT, which has an EPA-rated 30 mpg city and 37 mpg highway rating, is the most economical model available.

12. Chevrolet Sonic:

Source: wroom

The Sonic was a subcompact sedan that doubled as a compact five-door hatchback, much like the Nissan Versa, which is no longer in production. Once it was revealed in 2020 that the brand would be discontinued, it symbolized how far the once-proud domestic automakers had fallen.

The 2020 Chevrolet Sonic has a starting price of $17,595. A 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 138 horsepower is the only engine offered on the 2020 Sonic, and it is more than sufficient for casual, everyday driving. Even though the EPA predicts the Sonic will get 34 mpg on the interstate, it only got 31 mpg during the 200-mile highway fuel economy test.

13. Ford Fiesta:

Source: cararac

Ford decided to stop making sedans for the general market in 2019, so 2019 was the last year the Fiesta was made. However, the dimensions and performance of the 2019 model are comparable to those of the Nissan Versa. It has a starting price of $15,235.

The base five-speed manual and 120-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine are exciting to drive, and the optional six-speed automatic is almost as good. Despite no longer being produced, there are still plenty of them available because drivers who haven’t yet given in to crossover SUVs still want them.

14. Honda Fit:

Source: carscoops

The fourth version of the Honda Fit has been in production since 2001. Fits were available worldwide, including in North America, until 2020. However, Honda stopped delivering new Fit models to America and Canada as demand for tiny cars declined. It has starting price of $17,185. This is still offered in a few markets, primarily Europe.

It is very similar to the five-door hatchback versions of the Nissan Versa in terms of size, features, and performance. The only powertrain option available to Fit customers is between a six-speed manual transmission and a CVT; however, horsepower is reduced to 128 for vehicles with a CVT. The EPA rates the LX model with the CVT at a remarkable 40 mpg on the highway; all other Fits receive a 36 mpg highway estimate.

15. Hyundai Elantra:


With the introduction of its 2023 lineup, the Hyundai Elentra’s length increased to 184.1 inches, but it is still categorized as a subcompact four-door sedan. It has a starting price of $22,065. Elentra is a five-door hatchback with front-wheel drive, much like the Versa.

The base SE and SEL Elantras are powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is naturally aspirated and produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. The EPA predicts the 2.0-liter four-cylinder Elantra to achieve up to 33 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway by 2023.

16. Kia Forte:

Source: edmunds

The Kia Forte is extremely comparable to the Nissan Versa in terms of size and performance, starting at $20,815. It has a front-wheel drive, just like the Versa. Even though the Forte is a little bit longer (182.7 inches), it is still considered a subcompact car. Like the Versa, the Kia Forte is available as a five-door hatchback or a four-door sedan.

The Forte compact car comes with two different engines: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 147 horsepower and a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 201 horsepower. Additionally, it has a comparable fuel economy rating to Versa. Forte’s city fuel efficiency rating is 31 mpg, and 41 mpg on the highway.

17. Mazda2:

Source: autoc-one

Before being rebuilt and renamed Mazda2, it was called Toyota Yaris. It was and continues to be a four-door sedan with many similarities to the Nissan Versa. Cars are still in demand in Europe, despite the fact that Toyota and other automakers have decided to stop making them in favor of SUVs.

The Mazda 2 has a 1.5-liter, naturally aspirated, four-cylinder engine that generates 81kW and 142Nm of torque (82kW and 144Nm in the Pure manual). This vehicle is currently in its fourth generation and targets the European market, which has different rules than those in North America. It has a starting price of $22410.

18. Mazda3:

Source: caranddriver

The Mazda3 is a front-wheel-drive, subcompact sedan with similar features to the Nissan Versa. It measures 183.5 inches in length and 70.7 inches in width, vs 68.5 inches for the Versa. The two are very similar to one another in terms of inside measures. The Mazda3 is available with a choice of two engines, the first of which is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 191 horsepower.

A 250-hp turbocharged 2.5-liter engine is offered, but only on the most expensive Turbo trims. The fuel economy figure is 28 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway. The Mazda3 is the closest alternative to the Nissan Versa from the Japanese-based rival, with prices starting at $25,335 for the 2024 model.

19. Subaru Impreza:

Source: edmunds

The Subaru Impreza has similar measurements and appearance inside and out. The Impreza has a four-cylinder engine that produces 152 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque, making it a tortoise in a class of hares. The all-wheel-drive system is a standard feature. In the case of fuel efficiency, it gets 28 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. It has a starting price of $20,815.

20. Chevrolet Malibu:

Source: motortrend

Malibu is Chevrolet’s response to the need for a family car that’s also practical for getting everyone to and from work daily. The base price of $26,095 places this vehicle in the same price range as several other luxury sedans.

The vehicle’s efficiency and power are very variable due to the availability of two engine options: a 1.5-liter turbo and a 2.0-liter turbo. While the 2.0-liter engine only manages 22 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway, the smaller engine achieves 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.


There is a great variety of vehicles that are similar to the Nissan Versa in terms of size and appearance. Some vehicles have fewer features overall but cost much less, whereas others could be considered luxury versions of the vehicle.

Since you will be the one driving the car, you should always select the one that makes you feel the most at ease. We have compiled a list of the top 20 alternatives to the Nissan Versa. All 20 of these cars compete closely with the Nissan Versa in price, performance, and comfort. You can choose the one that meets your requirements perfectly.

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