1933 Lagonda 16/80 T5 Tourer

Introduced in 1933, the six-cylinder 16/80 marked a departure from its predecessor, the short-lived 2-litre Continental four-cylinder model, while retaining its appealing overall style. Constructed on the chassis of the earlier model, the 16/80 featured a 1,991cc overhead-valve Crossley engine that had been meticulously reworked by Lagonda to meet its unique specifications.

The 16/80 offered versatility with a choice between a conventional four-speed manual transmission or a pre-selector option, allowing for swift and effortless gear changes. Autocar praised Lagonda’s new medium-sized model, named after its 16hp RAC rating and impressive 80mph top speed, highlighting its quiet operation, smooth performance, brisk acceleration, and ease of high-speed cruising.

This stylish vehicle came in three distinct body styles: a Weymann paneled saloon, a sleek three-door tourer with a cutdown panel reminiscent of racing cars of the era, and a two-seater sport designed by Vanden Plas but built by Lagonda. Approximately 260 units of the 16/80 were produced across all variations, and it is estimated that around half of them still exist today.

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