Cupra Dark Rebel Car | World’s First Virtually Designed Car

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Recently, Cupra has released some truly striking concepts. The new DarkRebel is an essential part of its lineup. Following record-breaking deliveries in the first half of 2023, CUPRA unveiled the DarkRebel show car at the IAA 2023 in Munich. This was the first car entirely built in the brand’s virtual space.

When it comes to design, performance, and even the future of automobile manufacturing, the CUPRA DarkRebel is at the forefront of innovation. This latest Cupra may hint at a future sports vehicle from the company, but what more do we know? Let’s find out.

A Combined Design Process with the CUPRA Tribe

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The CUPRA DarkRebel was designed with input from over 270,000 CUPRA configurations from the CUPRA Tribe, which included brand ambassadors like FC Barcelona players like Alexia Putellas, Marc ter Stegen, Ansu Fati, and actor Daniel Brühl.

The final design of the CUPRA DarkRebel was influenced by data gathered from the virtual Hyper Configurator. With the unveiling of the physical version at the IAA in Munich, the project has transitioned from virtual to physical reality.

The end product is a two-seat sports vehicle that is entirely electric and has a shooting brake architecture that captures the spirit of disruption and excitement of the CUPRA brand. Features an enigmatic external liquid body color reminiscent of mercury, light as a material, and a heightened focus on sustainability.

Will the Cupra DarkRebel Go Into Production?

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If Cupra’s CEO, Wayne Griffiths, has his way, certainly. He said, ‘If you know us at Cupra, normally when we do concept cars and show cars, we normally end up doing them [for real]. The Tavascan was a dream car come true, and it was very close to the concept car. The Formentor was spot on against the concept car. The Raval is very close to the Urban Rebel. So, we normally deliver.’

According to Griffiths, the DarkRebel is the proper halo vehicle for the Cupra. It’s a hot project that will cap off the lineup and, with any luck, make his cars more appealing to potential buyers. His pursuit of desirability is paramount, and he is prepared to forgo some financial gains to get it.

DarkRebels Power Factor


Although Cupra hasn’t disclosed anything yet, the company is renowned for pushing the capabilities of Volkswagen’s MEB platform. Compare the Tavascan to ID.5 or the Born to ID.3. Despite sharing the same basic design, the Cupra models are often more aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

Based on what we know about MEB, we can expect to see the 295-hp dual-motor GTX powertrain from Volkswagen. But if Cupra wants to make the driving experience more like a classic sports car with quick steering and rear-wheel drive, it could use the 282 bhp single-motor setup that is going to be used in the Volkswagen ID.7.

Alternatively, Cupra might acquire the PPE platform intended for the next Audi A6 e-tron. The new electric saloon will have an RS6 e-Tron model with over 600 bhp and a 100 kWh battery pack. You can call us extravagant, but if we wanted to design a fancy electric sports car, that would be our starting point.

DarkRebel’s Design

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The DarkRebel is a hybrid of a sports car, a shooting brake, and, dare we say it, a Toyota Supra. See the front and rear photos again, then let us know if you don’t agree. Cupra wanted to push the boundaries of automotive design, and we believe it has succeeded in doing so.

There is nothing traditional about the Dark Rebel. Even though the company didn’t need to make room for a stout V12 under that long bonnet, the cab was moved to the back of the vehicle like an old-school GT car. The entire car is adorned with the same aggressive aerodynamics often found on 800-hp supercars, and the front and rear overhangs are tiny.

Despite its insanity, the DarkRebel pays homage to Cupra’s practical, road-ready style. It has triple-triangle headlights like the Tavascan (and soon the rest of the Cupra range), but these lights go through the metal body of the car. That lengthy bonnet also has a central spine, which is reminiscent of the feature that runs throughout the production-spec Tavascan’s cabin.

DarkRebel’s Interior

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As wild as the exterior. The cabin was Cupra’s primary concern. It features an array of ambient lighting and a distinctively asymmetrical design. It has LED door cards, a luminous crystal gear selector, and a light-up steering wheel. The driving mode determines which colors appear, and each option has a unique sound signature to break the silence.

And there’s a ton of tech. The climate controls are really intelligent. Cupra installed a thermal camera in the headliner of the vehicle and focused it on the occupants. It checks the temperature inside and adjusts the air conditioning automatically to match. The lights around the air vents under the windshield glow red or blue based on whether the blower is bringing in hot or cold air.

The DarkRebel’s wheel is a mashup of racing and video game graphics. The shape is an upside-down yoke, which kind of looks like the wheel on the Batmobile turned upside down. The buttons are set up like those on a PlayStation joystick.

Cupra keeps a watchful eye on its environmental obligations. Therefore, 90% of the bamboo used to make the Dark Rebel’s trims is biodegradable, which the company claims enhances “the emotions and experiences of the users.”

Cupra also tried some other odd ways to make the concept car, like 3D printing metal for the thin center console and 3D knitting fabric for the headrests. According to Jorge Diez, the head of design at the company, Cupra plans to use these 3D printing techniques in its next customer cars.

DarkRebel’s Technological Advancements

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When it comes to UX and UI design, the CUPRA DarkRebel leads the pack. The CUPRA DarkRebel reinvents the driving experience by fusing the real and virtual worlds together with a unique philosophy and digital DNA. By adding a game-like element, users aren’t just moving; they’re also connecting with the CUPRA Tribe in an intimate and ongoing way.

The CUPRA DarkRebel UX/UI journey provides three distinct experiences: Exponential Square, Exponential Cube, and Exponential Infinite.

  • Exponential Square: This enhances the experience with a state-of-the-art digital cockpit, futuristic graphics, and a 3D character that can be customized to add a personal touch.
  • Exponential Cube: The car embraces its racing heritage and provides an exhilarating experience with real-time racetrack placement, lap timing, and performance data, drawing influence from high-performance racing vehicles and the gaming industry.
  • Exponential Infinite: This explores the uncharted field of networked mobility. Users can access CUPRA’s metaverse space, Metahype, while the automobile is parked and charging. Users can communicate with the CUPRA tribe through the automobile.

The entire vehicle, including the exterior, interior, lighting, and music systems, is customized for each of the three experiences, all of which can be operated from the steering wheel.

DarkRebel’s Size Dimensions

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The CUPRA DarkRebel has a sleek, modern appearance that is made even better by its size: 4.5 m (177 in) long, 2.2 m (86 in) wide, and 1.3 m (51 in) high. The DarkRebel really comes to life when its doors open up to 2.2 m (86 in) high. These helped make the 1/3 cabin stand out against the 2/3 body proportions and strong shoulders that give it a sports feel.

“The CUPRA DarkRebel represents all of the brand’s DNA and values”. Jorge Diez, Director of Design at CUPRA, said. “The CUPRA Dark Rebel is designed to enter a new dimension where desire, emotion, and pushing without limits are our obsession.”

DarkRebel’s Seating Capacity

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While the majority of Cupra’s current lineup of vehicles is designed with space and functionality in mind, the Dark Rebel is a car that prioritizes enjoyment above all else. For this reason, it’s a specialized two-seater sports car that promises a more engaging driving experience than some of Cupra’s more “everyday” versions.


The CUPRA DarkRebel’s coverings are off. It reflects the brand’s obsession to the fullest. It’s the first car entirely designed in virtual space translated into physical form for a new generation of drivers. It pushes the boundaries of design and performance, challenging how the car will be envisaged and built in the future.

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