What Are Forward Controls On A Motorcycle? A Complete Guide

There are a lot of different kinds of motorcycles. Some of them are stronger than others. Some are better than others in terms of comfort. But it’s always fun to be on a motorcycle, no matter what kind you ride.

To ride safely, one must have road cred and a deep understanding of motorcycles. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of forward controls for bike safety and offer some pointers for improving your motorcycle riding skills.

After you finish reading this article, you’ll know more about a motorcycle’s forward controls. Even better, you’ll know what the main benefits of forward controls on a motorcycle are.

What is Forward Controls?

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Forward Controls is an installation that moves the bike’s stock controls forward. This lets the rider stretch his legs while still being able to reach the controls. This makes the ride more comfortable and relaxing. The foot pegs or floorboards, brake, and shifter controls are all on the forward controls.

Most of the shifting and rear braking are controlled by the rider’s foot. Most motorcycles have these controls right under the seat of the rider. Even though the rider is standing straight up in this position, his knees are bent. This is fine for short rides around town, but on long rides, this position is very uncomfortable and tiring.

Installation of Forward Control

It’s not that hard to add forward controls to a motorcycle. But it will depend on the bike you own and the kit. To add forward controls, you will either need to buy a kit made for your model of motorcycle or pay a professional to do the work. If you ask me, I would strongly suggest the bolt-on kits because they are very simple to install.

This kit just makes the pedals and levers longer, and they just bolt onto the original mounts. Then, the stock parts are moved to the front, which is the other end of the extension. This makes the stock parts the “forward control.”

But let’s say there are no kits for your brand and model of bike. If that’s the case, you’ll need a professional mechanic to help you put the forward controls in place.

Benefits of Forward Controls

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There are a number of advantages to installing forward controls that contribute to a more pleasant riding experience.

1. Super Comfortable Ride

After riding for a long time in a standard position, you may feel uncomfortable and squished. Moving the controls forward makes the ride more comfortable and less stiff. It almost feels like you’re sitting in an armchair.

2. More Space for Big Feet

If the rider doesn’t quite fit his bike, forward controls can help by making it more comfortable. Since there is more space on the forward controls, it is clear where the lower gear peg, the upper gear peg, and the floorboard are.

3. No More Stiff Knees

Forward controls let the leg move out, making the ride more comfortable and less stiff. With this neat feature, you’ll be better prepared to deal with potential road hazards.

Drawbacks of Forward Controls

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, you can choose between comfort and control. When you install forward controls, keep in mind that there will be a learning curve as you get used to the new position. At first, it can be scary to turn, stop, and start, but you’ll get used to it over time. 

Some bikers say that using forward controls completely changes how it feels to ride and how it feels to turn. After putting in the forward control mechanism, it’s best not to go on a long ride on your bike until you get used to the new way of riding.

When there’s harm coming your way at the speed of light, forward controls might not be able to save you. They just aren’t good at avoiding danger. If you want better control, choose middle motorcycle controls, also known as “mids.” They will give you better control of your bike and keep it looking sporty.

Sport bikes don’t have forward controls for a good reason. It’s because you’re lying flat on the gas tank. Cornering can feel like it takes forever, but when you get the hang of forward controls, it’s much easier to dive into a turn.


Forward controls are the best option for riders of any height because they allow for easier access to the brakes, footpegs, and shifter controls. They make it possible for you to ride in a position that is comfortable and can be adjusted according to your preferences. Therefore, having forward controls will make the overall riding experience more enjoyable for you.


How do you use forward controls on a motorcycle?

On the vast majority of motorcycles, the shifter as well as the controls for the rear brake are located where the rider’s foot would normally be. These controls are typically positioned directly beneath the seat of the rider, which maintains the rider in an upright, vertically oriented position. Knees must be bent for the rider to be able to use the controls of the vehicle.

Are forward controls worth it?

Forward controls let the rider move his or her feet forward, making a more reclined position that is much more comfortable on long rides. The forward control position lets you ride with your knees less bent, giving you more space to stretch your legs while you’re on the road.

What is the most comfortable riding position on a motorcycle?

Because it is neutral, most people agree that the “standard” or “upright” riding position is the most comfortable one for riders of all shapes and sizes on average. It puts the least amount of stress on the joints and lets the spine rest in its natural position.

How do you shift forward controls?

There are a lot of videos and books that show you how to shift your bike’s controls forward. Sometimes the process is easy, and other times you need to use aftermarket kits to make do.

People think of Harley when they hear “forward controls”. So there are a lot of videos showing how to shift or add forward controls to a Harley.

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