Honda Cars Insurance | Comparison & Prices By Model

Honda is one of the major automakers in the world. Therefore, their vehicles are one of the most largely insured. This is because they are not generally expensive to insure.

This blog post will explore how much it costs to insure your Honda car. We will also review different Honda Cars Insurance.

Cost of Insuring a Honda Car

Each insurance company has varying insurance costs based on its unique algorithm along with factors like your driving record and location. In addition, your Honda car model could make your premium much lower or much higher depending on the price of its parts and safety measures.

Honda cars are of different models. Therefore, their insurance cost varies. This is because some cars are expensive to repair, and some have a manufacturer’s high retail price. Also, a car that has high safety measures will mostly have a better insurance rate since the insurance company may pay less in damages if there are.

Insuring a Honda car, however, is affordable and even costs less than the average national cost of car insurance. It costs $138 per month or $1,661 against the annual national average of $2,014.

Car Insurance for Honda: By Model

Although the average cost of fully insuring a new model of Honda is $225 monthly, the price can differ by almost $100 based on the model and insurance company you use. For instance, it costs about $203 to insure Honda Fit monthly, while you need about $301 to insure Honda Civic Type R monthly. I have provided you with a table showing the average cost of insuring specific models of Honda cars.

Honda Car20182019202020212022
Honda Civic$1,853$1,876$1,923$2,181$1,950
Honda Cr-V$1,527$1,577$1,703$1,766$1,808
Honda Odyssey$1,603$1,685$1,723$1,772$1,827
Honda Pilot$1,677$1,734$1,819$1,791$1,870
Honda Accord$1,813$1,896$1,956$2,008$2,078
Honda HR-V$1,549$1,586$1,612$1,650$1,680

Comparison of Honda Car Insurance Companies

Before you decide to insure your Honda Car, it is best to compare various insurance companies to choose the one that suits you best. I have made the job easier for you. Here is a table that compares the average cost of Honda Car Insurance at different insurance companies.

Honda Car Insurance Company2022 Average Annual Rate2022 Average Monthly Rate
National General Insurance$1,880$157
State Farm$1,698$142
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,493$124

From the table, you will discover that the USAA offers the cheapest rate for Honda car insurance. However, it is available only for members of the military and their family members. So the company with the cheapest rate for Honda cars for everyone is Nationwide.

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Having compared the average insurance rate across various companies, let us now look at the cheapest rate for some specific Honda car models.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Honda Civic


For Honda Civic, USAA provides the cheapest average annual insurance rate. However, since USAA is not available for everyone, Progressive provides the cheapest insurance rate for Honda Civic for everyone. Here is a table showing the average annual rate for Honda Civic insurance at different insurance companies:

Honda Insurance Company2018 Civic Annual Estimate2019 Civic Annual Estimate2020 Civic Annual Estimate2021 Civic Annual Estimate2022 Civic Annual Estimate
National General Insurance$2,033$1,998$2,043$2,016$1,956
State Farm$1,626$1,549$1,609$1,775$1,738
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,416$1,457$1,534$1,652$1,532

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Honda CR-V

Source: Honda

USAA also provides the cheapest insurance rate for Honda CR-V as of 2022, with an average rate of $81 monthly and $980 annually.

Honda Insurance Company2018 CR-V Annual Estimate2019 CR-V Annual Estimate2020 CR-V Annual Estimate2021 CR-V Annual Estimate2022 CR-V Annual Estimate
National General Insurance$1,639$1,641$1,724$1,753$1,783
State Farm$1,426$1,391$1,440$1,514$1,549
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,159$1,230$1,390$1,476$1,503

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Honda Odyssey


The company with the cheapest annual estimate for Honda Odyssey is also the USAA. They have their average annual estimate to be $988 and $82 per month. However, the average estimate for insuring Honda Odyssey is about $1827 annually and $152 monthly for the premium package.

Honda Insurance Company2018 Odyssey Annual Estimate2019 Odyssey Annual Estimate2020 Odyssey Annual Estimate2021 Odyssey Annual Estimate2022 Odyssey Annual Estimate
Allstate$2,037 $2,143 $2,214 $2,318$2,504
Farmers$1,812 $1,875 $1,907 $1,966 $2,033
National General Insurance$1,784 $1,677 $1,711 $1,741 $1,766
State Farm$1,534 $1,579 $1,609 $1,646 $1,687
Travelers$1,425 $1,478 $1,514 $1,518 $1,568
Geico$1,250 $1,316 $1,314 $1,359 $1,405
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,200 $1,259 $1,307 $1,359 $1,410
Nationwide$1,200 $1,275 $1,263 $1,207 $1,183
Progressive$1,376 $1,402 $1,424 $1,486 $1,516
USAA$942 $1,068 $1,073 $989 $988

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Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Honda Pilot

Source: Radu

The USAA insurance company also gives the cheapest insurance for Honda Pilot up till 2022. Their average annual premium estimate is $1035, and $86 monthly among national providers.

Honda Insurance Company2018 Pilot Annual Estimate2019 Pilot Annual Estimate2020 Pilot Annual Estimate2021 Pilot Annual Estimate2022 Pilot Annual Estimate
Allstate$2,152$1,812 $2,302 $2,405 $2,855
Farmers$1,711 $1,736 $1,766 $1,819 $1,878
National General Insurance$1,739 $1,782 $1,771 $1,820 $1,854
State Farm$1,534$1,501$1,621$1,714$1,759
Geico$1,293 $1,276$1,342$1,381$1,425
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,232$1,277$1,318$1,362$1,441

Cheapest car insurance companies for Honda Accord


For Honda Accord, the cheapest insurance company for 2022 is also the USAA, with an average annual premium estimate of $1133 and $94 monthly.

Honda Insurance Company2018 Accord Annual Estimate2019 Accord Annual Estimate2020 Accord Annual Estimate2021 Accord Annual Estimate2022 Accord Annual Estimate
National General Insurance$1,991$1,928$1,993$1,969$2,012
State Farm$1,576$1,628$1,807$1,850$1,899
Auto-Owners Insurance$1,412$1,472$1,535$1,591$1,657

Features that Impact Insurance Costs in Honda Cars

When you compare Honda cars to other vehicles, they may have unique features that impact insurance costs. Although your new Honda may have a higher cost of repair as a result of added technology features, these same features will make it a lot safer on the road. Here are additional features that could improve the rate of your Honda car insurance:

  • Lane Departure Warning: One of the major causes of car accidents is sideswiping another car. Lane departure warning is a feature that is designed to notify drivers when they jump over the lane. Your insurance company can see this feature as what could prevent a payout claim in the future.
  • Side Air Bag: Side bags is another feature designed for safety in a Honda car. They help to protect passengers, especially during a side-impact crash. Insurance companies also look for features that could reduce injuries even if an accident occurs. They are not just after features that prevent accidents from occurring. Side bags are usually a common feature found in larger Honda with lots of passenger seats.
  • Break Assist and Anti-Lock Brakes: Another feature that could improve your insurance rate is Break Assist and Anti-Lock Brakes. This feature prevents severe accidents due to not breaking in time or over-correction of braking.

Other Insurance Coverage for Honda Car

Getting the least insurance coverage available to satisfy your state could be very tempting. However, getting the best insurance coverage which may not be the cheapest, is very important. It is also necessary for you to be wise in making your coverage choices as you never can tell what will happen when next you get on the road.

Most states mandate only liability limits. However, with higher liability limits, you are protecting your pocket with more robust coverage if you are involved in an accident causing injuries to others or properties. Here are some coverage types you can consider:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This type of insurance covers weather damage, broken glass, broken windows, vehicle theft, vandalism, or if you hit an animal.
  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage is usually bought with comprehensive coverage. It will pay the book value minus your deductible if you total your Honda car. This insurance coverage pays when damage occurs to your car due to an accident.
  • Gap Insurance: This coverage pays the difference between a car’s value and the amount you still owe on it in the event that it is totaled. This will prevent you from paying from your pocket.

To assist in covering other facets of owning and operating a car, several insurers provide policy add-ons. Some of the most typical include:

  • Roadside assistance: Covers towing, fuel delivery, and tire repair or replacement, as well as other urgent roadside services.
  • Mechanical breakdown: This covers repair costs identical to an extended vehicle warranty or a vehicle service contract.
  • Trip interruption: if your car breaks down while you’re away from home, it will pay for meals, hotel, and other travel costs.
  • Rental reimbursement: This pays for the cost of a rented vehicle while your Honda is getting fixed or replaced due to a covered loss.
  • New car replacement: This coverage replaces your vehicle with a new Honda at no additional cost if it is totaled within a predetermined time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is it to insure my Honda car?

When you compare the insurance cost of other car manufacturers, the cost to insure a Honda is about average.

What Honda model is the most expensive to insure?

The most expensive Honda model to insure is the Honda Passport. It costs an average of $1,339 annually.

What Honda model is the cheapest to insure?

The Honda Odyssey is the cheapest Honda model to insure. Its auto insurance premiums average about $1,068 annually.

What kind of coverage do I need for my Honda?

Drivers in most states are required to carry liability insurance. This covers damages and injuries that you may cause to others in accident cases. However, we recommend that you make full coverage insurance which includes the addition of collision and comprehensive insurance. You can also add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage along with personal injury protection.


Generally, Honda car insurance is close to the national average. So, you shouldn’t find it hard to get affordable coverage, especially for the Honda CR-V model. However, if you own an Accord or Civic model, you might spend a little more to insure it.

The costs in the aforementioned tables apply to full-coverage insurance. This phrase describes an insurance policy that combines collision and comprehensive coverage with bodily injury and property damage liability coverage.

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