15 Longest Cantilever Bridges In The World 2023

Have you ever experienced the thrill of crossing a cantilever bridge? These unique structures are a marvel to behold and can be found worldwide. Cantilever bridges are impressive feats of engineering, capable of spanning large distances and connecting communities. The fifteen longest cantilever bridges in the World have a special kind of grandeur that draws awestruck viewers from near and far.

Whether you’re admiring them from afar or crossing them on your journey, these bridges’ impressive structures will leave an unforgettable impression. We have compiled the top “15 longest cantilever bridges” for you and explain why you should visit them at least once in your lifetime! 

15 Longest Cantilever Bridges around the World

The cantilever bridge is a remarkable testament to human engineering, stretching far and wide to cross great distances. From the World’s longest cantilever bridge in the US to record-breaking bridges in Europe, these impressive structures are a marvel of modern engineering. 

Here are 15 of the longest cantilever bridges across the globe:

15. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, United States (360m)

Source: nycgo

Ed Koch’s Queensboro Bridge connects Midtown Manhattan and Long Island City in Queens by spanning the East River’s east channel and Roosevelt Island. The double-decked Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is the longest cantilever road bridge in the World, with a main span length of 360m.

14. Lewis and Clark Longview Bridge, United States (366m)

Source: flickr

The Lewis and Clark Bridge, also known as the Longview Bridge, spans the Columbia River and connects Longview, Washington, and Rainier, Oregon. It is the World’s longest cantilever road bridge, with a main span of 366m meters.

The bridge, which opened in 1930, carries State Route 433 and includes pedestrian walkways. The bridge cost $5.8 million to build and is maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

13. Tappan Zee Bridge, United States (369m)

Source: mageba-group

The Tappan Zee Bridge spans the Hudson River, about 21 kilometers north of New York City, and connects Rockland and Westchester Counties. Its main cantilever span of 369m is the World’s longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge’s total length, including its approaches, is 4,881m.

12. Horace Wilkinson Bridge, United States (376m)

Source: YouTube/ JimLiElevators

The Horace Wilkinson Bridge spans the Mississippi River in Louisiana, connecting Port Allen in West Baton Rouge Parish and Baton Rouge in East Baton Rouge Parish. With a main span of 376.43m and an overall length of 1,386.8m, it is the longest cantilever road bridge in the World. It is also the Mississippi River’s highest bridge.

11. Astoria-Melger Bridge, United States (376m)

Source: myoregon

The Astoria-Megler Bridge is a steel cantilever through truss bridge in the northwest United States that connects Astoria, Oregon, and Point Ellice near Megler, Washington, across the lower Columbia River. It is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America, having opened 57 years ago in 1966.

The bridge is 14 miles (23 kilometers) from the river’s mouth in the Pacific Ocean. The main span of this bridge is 376m and is 4.067 miles (6.55 kilometers) long and served as the final segment of US Route 101 between Olympia, Washington, and Los Angeles, California.

10. J. C. Van Horne Bridge, Canada (380m)

Source: tpsgc

The J.C. Van Horne Bridge, located in Canada, is an iconic structure that stands tall and proud over the stunning landscape of British Columbia. The length of this cantilever bridge is 380m. Its dramatic arching steel spans give it a unique presence, while its solid yet graceful form makes it a sight to behold. 

The bridge was named after Canadian railway pioneer Joseph Charles Van Horne and served as an essential transport connection between North Vancouver and West Vancouver. It’s hard not to be awestruck by this majestic bridge and how it brings two sides together!

9. San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, United States (427m)

Source: mtc.ca

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is an iconic structure that connects the two cities with an east span that towers above the bay. It has one of the longest spans of 427m in the United States. It’s breathtaking to look at and a wonder of engineering. The bridge has six lanes for cars and trucks and separate bike and pedestrian paths that offer stunning views of the bay and skyline. 

The span connects many people, providing access to jobs, entertainment, and recreation. Whether commuting or driving around the area, crossing over this bridge is always a memorable experience!

8. Tokyo-Gate Bridge, Japan (440m)

Source: commons.wikimedia

Tokyo-Gate Bridge in Japan is an incredible feat of engineering! This impressive structure connects the city of Tokyo to the artificial island of Odaiba. Its main span of 440m is the World’s eighth-longest cantilever road bridge. 

The bridge stands almost 1,000 feet tall, and its two main towers are 330 meters high – more than a football field long! Its bright white color against the blue waters of Tokyo Bay makes it an iconic landmark for anyone visiting or living in this great country. It’s no wonder why the Tokyo-Gate Bridge has become one of Japan’s most recognizable symbols!

7. Veterans Memorial Bridge, United States (445m)

Source: walshgroup

The Gramercy Bridge (officially known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) spans the Mississippi River between Gramercy and Wallace, Louisiana. Its main span of 445.01m is the World’s seventh-longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge’s total length is 918m.

6. Howrah Bridge, India (457m)

Source: curlytales

The Howrah Bridge, which spans the Hooghly River, connects the West Bengal twin cities of Howrah and Calcutta. With a main span of 457.20m, it is the World’s sixth-longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge, which spans 705 meters, opened to traffic in February 1943.

5. Crescent City Connection, United States (480m)

Source: peapix

The Crescent City Connection, formerly known as the Greater New Orleans Bridge (GNO), is a pair of cantilever bridges spanning the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana. Crescent City Connection is the World’s fifth-longest road cantilever bridge with a main span length of 480m.

4. Commodore Barry Bridge, United States (501m)

Source: drpa

The Commodore Barry Bridge is a cantilever bridge that connects Chester, Pennsylvania, and Bridgeport, New Jersey, across the Delaware River. With a main span of 501.09m, it is the World’s fourth-longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge’s total length, including approaches, is 4,240.4m.

3. Minato Bridge, Japan (502m)

Source: lika

The Hanshin Expressway Route 16 Osakako Line and Route 5 Bayshore Line pass over Minato Bridge at Osaka Port, a double-deck cantilever truss bridge. The World’s third-longest cantilever road bridge spans 502m.

The 1973 Minato Bridge is 22.5m wide and has four lanes on each deck. Its 980m length includes two 235m side spans. It used 70mm2 and 80mm2 high-strength steel. A 4,572t block was erected at the truss’s center.

2. Forth Bridge, Scotland (521m)

Source: theforthbridges

The Forth Bridge is an iconic structure in Scotland, connecting the north and south of the country. The main span of this bridge is 521m. It’s a stunning example of Victorian engineering: made with heavy iron girders, it towers above the landscape, appearing to reach out into the sky. 

Its graceful curves contrast beautifully with the harshness of its material. People have been marveling at this impressive sight since 1890! 

1. Pont de Québec Bridge, Canada (549m)

Source: quebec

With a main span length of 549m, the Quebec Bridge is the World’s longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge connects Quebec City and Lévis, Quebec, by crossing the lower Saint Lawrence River. The 987-meter-long bridge was completed in 1917 and opened to traffic in 1919.

The Canadian National Railway owns the bridge, which cost $25 million to build. Currently, the 67-foot-wide cantilever bridge carries three highway lanes, one rail line, and a pedestrian walkway. Two main pillars laid on the river bed support the bridge structure. The bridge collapsed twice during construction, in 1907 and 1916, killing 88 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the longest cantilever bridges:

Where is the longest cantilever bridge in the world?

With a main span length of 549m, the Quebec Bridge is the world’s longest cantilever road bridge. The bridge connects Quebec City and Lévis, Quebec, by crossing the lower Saint Lawrence River.

What is the oldest cantilever bridge?

Heinrich Gerber built the first cantilever bridge in 1867. He built two bridges: one across the Regnitz river in Bamberg and the Main Bridge across the Main river in Haßfurt. The cantilever bridge was also known as the Gerber Beam because Gerber invented it.


With its remarkable ability to span vast distances, the cantilever bridge has been an impressive feat of engineering for centuries. Whether it’s the World’s longest cantilever bridge spanning the entire length of the Grand Canyon or the 15 longest cantilever bridges highlighted in this blog post, these structures are something to be admired and appreciated. Cantilever bridges are a testament to the incredible ingenuity of human beings and the power of science and technology.

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