Rediscovering the 1966 Ford Falcon: Beyond Mustang’s Glamour

Even though the Ford Falcon was equipped with brand new sheet metal for 1966, it was under shadowed by its more attractive sibling, the Mustang.

The Falcon was a profitable and significant automobile for the Ford Motor Company, and it was first introduced in the year 1960. On the other hand, the Falcon was pushed to the background after the introduction of the fantastic Mustang in the spring of 1964. In this commercial from 1966, we can see Ford attempting to bring back some of the excitement and glamour that it had previously associated with its economy-class leader.

A 170 cubic-inch six, a 200 cubic-inch six, and a 289 cubic-inch V8 with a two-barrel carburetor and 200 horsepower were the only three engines that were available for the 1966 Falcon. In contrast to the Mustang, the Falcon featured only three engines, none of which were particularly thrilling. A two-door post coupe, a sedan, and a station wagon were the only body designs that were acceptable at this point; there was no hardtop or convertible. Without a doubt, the priority was placed on cost-effectiveness and value rather than on performance and fashion.

While the 1966 Ford Falcon underwent a facelift with fresh sheet metal, its appeal remained in the shadows of the Mustang’s glamour. Limited engine options and a focus on cost-effectiveness defined the Falcon’s trajectory. The video below provides a nostalgic glimpse into Ford’s attempt to revive excitement for its economy-class leader, showcasing an era where practicality often overshadowed performance and style in the automotive landscape.

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