9 Best Smallest BMWs: Size, Weight & Capacity

Not everyone wants a supersized BMW. The finest things sometimes come in little packaging, as seen by our list of the Best Smallest BMW vehicles.

Few manufacturers have a larger assortment of vehicles than BMW. In fact, BMW brand representatives like to point out that their vehicles stand out from the competition owing to their driver-centric and athletic style. They are easily recognized by their twin kidney grilles, with an average weight of 4,276 lbs. So, BMW automobiles tend to be heavier than the typical vehicle.

However, there are still some reasonably small BMW cars available. Therefore, if you are searching for one of the smaller variants of the BMWs, keep reading on as we go through their lists, along with the dimensions and performance specifications.

#1 BMW i3

Source: motorauthority.com
  • Weight: 2972 lbs
  • Length: 158.3 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 4 passengers
  • Payload: 970 lbs

The BMW i3 is one of the company’s most compact vehicles and the smallest electric vehicle it produces. It comes in four models (the 120 Ah, 120 Ah Range Extender, 120 Ah s, and 120 Ah s Range Extender model).

Although its recent sales in the US market have decreased, BMW enthusiasts still enjoy this useful and quick hatchback. The vehicle is fun to drive, has a distinctive interior made of premium cabin materials, and is great at swerving through traffic. It stands out from the crowd even though most BMW vehicles have a rather uniform appearance!

#2 BMW 1 Series

Source: bookreviewblog.tistory.com
  • Weight: 3075 lbs
  • Length: 170.03 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 5 passengers
  • Payload: 1212 lbs

A rear-wheel drive is no longer an option for the most recent BMW 1 Series; now, only front- or all-wheel drive is available. The fact that the newest versions are lighter, more capacious, and more fuel-efficient than their predecessors is one of its advantages. The most modern models come with a few more advantages, such as increased legroom, a larger boot, and simpler access.

The BMW 1 Series weighs 3075 lbs and is 170.03 inches long. It has a capacity of 5 passengers and a maximum payload of 1212 lbs. The engines in this series come in a huge variety. They range from sizable 3.0L petrol engines that can move the 1 Series forward more quickly than certain Porsches to sizable diesel engines that are effective and can get 50 mpg when driving in the real world.

#3 BMW X2 Series Coupe

Source: BMW

Weight: 3284 lbs
Length: 174.7 inches
Number of Passengers: 4 passengers
Payload: 1047 lbs

The BMW 2 Series Coupe is Similar in style to the 1 Series hatchback but with a bigger trunk and a considerably sharper exterior. It also takes first place as the smallest BMW coupe and is a popular option among American drivers.

It has greater interior space than competitors like the Toyota GT86 and Porsche 718 Cayman. The 390-liter boot is really 10 liters larger than that in the new 1 Series, despite the fact that there can only be two seats in the rear.

The 218d and 220d diesel models provide outstanding fuel efficiency and cheap operating expenses if you only care about appearances without sacrificing performance. Various petrol engines are also available, from the economical yet speedy 218i to the M2, which has a sports car-like performance.

With its smooth ride and cornering agility, this thrilling BMW is a no-fail vehicle to drive. This car is a joy to drive whether you’re caught in traffic, flying down the highway, cruising through the suburbs, or need to overtake quickly.

#4 BMW Z4 Roadster

Source: edmunds.com
  • Weight: 3314 lbs (sDrive 30i) & 3457 lbs (M40i)
  • Length: 170.7 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 2 passengers
  • Payload: 705 lbs (sDrive 30i) & 716 lbs (M40i)

The BMW Z4 Roadster is the ideal model if a compact convertible is what you’re looking for. The most compact convertible on the market right now, the current model is a little bit wider and longer than earlier models. It has two models available:

  • Roadster BMW Z4 sDrive30i (the most lightweight BMW)
  • Z4 M40i Roadster by BMW

The sDrive30i and M40i have different engines: the sDrive30i has a 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas engine, while the M40i has a 3.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas engine.

The M40i engine has everything you could want if you want to feel more powerful while driving. The less potent model, which is also the less expensive of the two, maintains the Z4’s laid-back vibe. Rear-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox are standard on both models.

This model’s soft-top roof, which takes up less space than a hard-top roof, is one of its top advantages. Like most BMWs, it has a roomy interior that is furnished with the best materials.

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#5 BMW M2 CS

Source: motor1.com
  • Weight: 3583 – 3638 lbs
  • Length: 175.6 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 4 passengers
  • Payload: 848.3 lbs

The BMW M2 CS plays true to its name by being lighter, smaller in size, equipped with adaptive suspension, and having more power lines than previous M2 models. It boasts a strong, quick engine, rear-wheel drive, and a surprisingly pleasant ride.

Both a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed automatic transmission are available for the BMW M2 CS. This agile small automobile maneuvers through suburban and back roads with ease. The tires, suspension, and chassis cooperate to keep the vehicle on the road.

#6 BMW X2

Source: caricos.com
  • Weight: 3600 lbs
  • Length: 172.7 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 5 passengers
  • Payload: 1289 lbs

The smallest SUV currently available from BMW is the X2. Its updated appearance gives BMW owners a sportier perspective on their SUVs, giving the impression that it is more like a sporty hatchback than an SUV. The BMW X2 is available in the sDrive28i and xDrive28i models, both of which have front-wheel drive.

This little SUV can fit through tight spaces, making it ideal for suburban commuting. Yet, don’t allow that emotion to deter you from taking backroads because the BMW X2 enjoys those winding roads and sharp turns. It can also navigate curves by staying level on the ground due to its taut suspension.

When purchasing this automobile, keep in mind that it does compromise size for style. Thus, there isn’t much capacity for cargo, and the passenger sitting isn’t that roomy. Yet, it wins in terms of aesthetics and its engaging chassis.

#7 BMW X1

Source: carscoops.com
  • Weight: 3750 lbs
  • Length: 177.2 inches
  • Number of Passengers:: 5 passengers
  • Payload: –

The BMW X1 is the second-smallest SUV BMW offers and is somewhat larger than its X2 sibling. This SUV is fantastic as it offers a luxurious SUV experience and appropriate luggage room. For families or those seeking a smaller SUV, this SUV delivers a quality interior and dynamic performance in a perfectly compact body.

Its potent four-cylinder engine, excellent driving characteristics, and stylish design offer a pleasurable drive. The xDrive28i, an 8-speed automatic with all-wheel drive, and the sDrive28i, an 8-speed automatic with front-wheel drive, are the two available models.

Therefore, if you need the extra room an SUV offers but don’t want anything large and bulky; the BMW X1 is a wonderful alternative.

#8 BMW 3 Series Touring

Source: carwow
  • Weight: 3494.3lbs – 5093.0 lbs
  • Length: 182.1 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 5 passengers

One of BMW’s most impressive vehicles is undoubtedly the company’s smallest estate vehicle. All of the advantages of the 3 Series saloon are there in the 3 Series Touring, but the boot is more functional and roomy.

In addition to being smaller than the contemporary 3 Series Touring, it is also less expensive to buy, and several used variants are available. Even if you don’t think you’re a good driver, you’ll like how responsive the steering is and how it feels on a rural road.

Several different engines are available, including the 320d Touring diesel, which provides the highest efficiency and performance ratio. Finding a vehicle with an easy-to-use eight-speed automatic transmission is advised since it makes driving less stressful and is fun to operate in traffic and when parking.

#9 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Source: BMW
  • Weight: 4442.3 lbs
  • Length: 172.7 inches
  • Number of Passengers: 5 passengers
  • Payload: – 165.3 lbs

The vehicle that specifically demonstrates the rule is the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. The 2 Series Active Tourer asserts that you may have a fair dosage of functionality and attractiveness, whereas most people prefer to choose functionality over attractiveness.

It’s the smallest BMW people car available. Also, the 2 Series Active Tourer is a front-wheel drive, which is rare for a BMW. Though that may not seem a significant distinction, it results in an extra inside room. Three adults will fit in the rear seat with plenty of head and legroom in each of the three seats. The boot can be made bigger by moving the back seats forward.

Furthermore, BMW Series Active Tourer’s elevated driving position and the big glass greatly improve its visibility. All versions come with rear parking sensors, as the view out the back isn’t as nice. If you fall in love with this series, you should seek models with a driver pack that adds front parking sensors.

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