This Light Bulb will Never Turn OFF!

LED light bulbs are very common in every house. They provide enough lighting for your rooms and at the same time reduce electricity bills. Compared to old light bulbs, LEDs are the better futuristic alternative.

But what would you say about an LED that won’t turn off even after switching it off?!

This cheap Chinese bulb presented by Steve Mould on YouTube would turn on normally as any regular LED bulb. However, it doesn’t turn off!

After turning the switch off, the bulb will dim but will still be ON.

Source: Steve Mould / YouTube

It seems like the bulb has some battery or capacitor in it, but the truth, it doesn’t!

When this bulb is connected directly to the electricity and without a switch, it will turn ON, and when it is disconnected, it will turn off normally.

But when it is connected with a switch, and the switch is turned off (i.e., Neutral is connected but Live is disconnected), the bulb will dim, but it will stay turned ON!

Source: Steve Mould / YouTube

Why does this happen?

The fact that it doesn’t have any capacitor was not that much true! Because the connecting wires were actually acting as a capacitor! But not a normal capacitor that charges a small amount of power and then discharges. No!

The wires are actually drawing power from the mains and costing money! This bulb is actually tricking the connections you made, and it is “sucking” out electricity without your “permission” and causing an increase in the electricity bill!

How is this done?

This bulb takes advantage of the fact that electrons repel each other. When the circuit is connected to the mains, voltage “pushes” electrons through the “live” wire, which will cause electrons to build up in it.

And as we know, “live” and “neutral” wires usually pass next to each other. This will cause the electrons in the “neutral” wire to be repelled by the electrons in the “live” wire, making them flow back to the bulb and turn it ON!

Still confused? Watch the full video below to have more in-depth information about this light bulb:

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