Watch a 37-year timelapse of Earth demonstrating the dramatic consequences of climate change and human behavior

Source: Google

A shocking video was published by @Earth twitter account. The video shows how the earth and nature is changing in multiple countries.

Due to human activities and building expanding over natural areas.

The video shows the human development over 37 years, but it also shows how we are loosing natural spaces all over the earth.

This is a feature provided by google earth called “Timelapse”. Any one have access to this new feature now. This video only shows some cities, including Dubai in the UAE, Greenland and this part is the most important that shows how ice is melting over time due to climate changes.

The last location was Mato Grosso in Brazil and it shows clearly human behavior in destructing and clearing out all green areas replacing it with new buildings.

The video is showing the changes that occurred between 1983 and 2020.

What do you think of this video?

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