Tesla Bot is coming to replace human workers!

Elon Musk is saying it clearly that the future is for AI robots. Since we have electric cars that could drive themselves and are developing more and more to make our lives easier, why don’t we have our personal humanoid robot that could work for us any hard our tough physical tasks?

Source: Tesla

Anyone who watched Tesla’s AI day event would think that the “next few years” are extraordinary. Musk announced that the new Tesla Bot is still under development, but we could have a prototype “sometime next year.”

Source: Tesla

With a dancing model of the new concept, Musk started the unveiling of his new robot. He said that the robot would run on the same AI system that is used by Tesla’s cars.

Source: Tesla

With a slideshow presentation, Musk showed the audience some of the robot specifications. It is intended to be 5 foot 8 inches, weigh 125 lbs, and be made from “lightweight material.”

Source: Tesla

Musk jokingly said that the robot is made to be friendly, but at the same time, it will be overpowered to do hard physical jobs. The robot should be able to do dangerous, repetitive, or boring tasks for you.

Musk says that the robot should be able to listen and understand you saying: “please go to the store and get me the following groceries,” and the robot should easily do that.

But Elon also said another important sentence that could mean another thing. He said that the robot should understand you when saying: “please pick up that bolt and attach it to the car with that wrench,” and the robot should be able to do that.

Does this mean that he is willing to implement a fleet of humanoid robots in his factories to replace human workers? If this is the case and those robots were able to do the job, then we might have to rethink of a lot of jobs done by the human.

Source: Tesla

Musk is taking it seriously this time, and the specifications of the robot say that. Could it be possible that many people will lose their jobs in the coming few years and some new jobs will arise? This is a serious question that we need you to think of.

You could watch the full presentation of Tesla Bot in the following video:

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