White vs Black Cars – Who’s the Winner? (Pros & Cons)

Black and white are two of the most common colors for cars, but sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between them. Some car owners like black cars for more than just how they look. So, do you like cars that are bright white, or do you like how sleek and elegant black cars are?

This article will look at some of the most important differences between black and white cars, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Which One Is Better, White Or Black Car?

The sleek, compact look of a black car will never get old, but they are harder to clean than a white car. White cars, surprisingly, need less cleaning than black cars, but they also show small paint flaws and rust more than black cars do. However, they get less hot in the summer.

Pros and Cons (White vs Black)

On most American streets, black and white cars are the most common. Most people who want to buy a new car don’t know whether to buy a black or a white car because these are the most common colors on the road. Car paint is about a lot more than how it looks.

When you choose a car color, you’re basically choosing how to take care of it for the next few years or more. So, it makes sense that people try to find out which colors are the best and which ones will turn out to be a headache. To make sure you choose the right next car, you should weigh the pros and cons of each.

Pros of White Cars

Source: carfromjapan.com

It’s very cool to drive a white car. Whether it’s snowy, pearl, linen, or ivory, it’s beautiful! But drivers know that white cars are not only pretty but also useful. Let’s find out why.

1. Easy to keep clean

Putting aside how it looks, white is easier to clean. When you buy a car, especially if it’s used, you need to think about how to keep it in good shape. How much care you have to give your car depends on what color it is. Cleaning white cars is easy. There won’t be any water spots or smudges, and dust usually isn’t that noticeable.

Overall, it’s not that hard to wash and shine a white car. Also, white paint is less expensive than black paint, even though it might take a minute or two to find the right color.

2. Resists high temperatures

If you’ve ever been to a country where it’s really hot, you may have noticed that most of the cars there are white. White colors reflect sunlight, which makes the car’s interior cooler than other choices. White paint is also better in hot places because it doesn’t get as hot as easily.

If you live in the north, it might not matter as much. People know that black cars get very hot in the summer. So, if you live in a place where the heat can get very high, the color of your car becomes an even more important factor.

3. Visibility

People can see white cars better than black ones. People who drive at night often know that being able to see can save lives. A white car is easier to spot than a black one. If you drive a lot when there isn’t much light, you will want this extra protection.

That doesn’t mean that cars that are black or other dark colors aren’t safe. Still, there is some evidence to back up the idea that white cars are slightly more reliable. But with the right outside lighting, cars of any color can be seen clearly. 

4. Sold easily

People want white cars, so you will have a long list of people who might be interested. It won’t be hard to find a dealership that will take it off your hands. As I’ve already said, one of the most important things to think about when buying a car is how much money you could make from it.

Selling the ride won’t be hard at all when the time comes. Since white cars are so popular, it won’t be hard for you to sell them either. People buy white cars all the time. That means that white cars keep a certain amount of their value.

Cons of White Cars

While there are plenty of benefits to having a white car, there are also some cons. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of white cars.

1. Dirt becomes prominent

Even though it hides dust well, white makes it easy to see all the dirt. People who drive white cars probably complain a lot about how often they have to get their cars detailed and cleaned.

Also, white car owners will be the first to tell you that cleaning and waxing don’t have the same dazzling effect on white cars as it does on black cars. Whereas, when you wash and wax a black car, you feel like you have a brand-new car. The dazzling effect isn’t as strong and exciting with a white car.

2. Rust is too visible

White paint doesn’t hide rust as well. If it starts to rust, you should fix it, especially before trying to sell it. Rust shows up on cars as they get older. When rust shows up on a white car, it stands out more than on most other colors.

If your car is getting old, you might be able to see a little bit of rust here and there. Cars that are white show rust more than cars that are a darker color.

Pros of Black Cars

Source: carfromjapan.com

Black cars are popular, so their resale value doesn’t go down. Here are some good things about black cars that you should know.

1. Rust is almost invisible

Even though a black car doesn’t hide much, rust can’t be seen. When rust starts to form on a black car, it’s hard to tell.  Also, if you need to touch up damaged spots, you should be able to find black paint that looks the same. Black paint gives you a lot more freedom than most other colors.

In the same way, black cars can handle muddy roads just fine. They’ll come out pretty much the same way they went in because the dark color makes the stains less noticeable.

2. High Resale Value

Black is a common color for used cars. This shade of black is the second most desired for automobiles around the globe. Black cars have an exceptionally high resale value in the used vehicles market. The ultimate goal of any car owner is to be able to recoup a sum of money equivalent to what they paid for their vehicle.

Cons of Black Cars

Black cars are luxurious, stylish, and classic, just like white ones, at least when it comes to pigment. In the same way, there are some negative points about it that you need to know.

1. Hard to keep clean

Black cars have the disadvantage of showing even water spots after a wash, so proper drying is essential. Scratches and swirl marks left by car washes are easily noticeable, so you’ll need to use high-quality polish and wax to remove them. As unfortunate as it may be, dents stand out even more on a black car. Similarly, dust is extra visible on black cars.

2. Too hot for the summers

In contrast to the white car, the black car stays warm. This means that a few minutes in direct sunlight could make the inside hot, steamy, and humid. You will have to make the air conditioner work harder by pushing it. Also, the car can be very uncomfortable until it cools down. In hot places, the sun can also damage the black paint because of the heat. People who are used to our long, hot summers know that black cars don’t do well in our weather.

Who’s the winner?

Source: mechanicbase.com

White cars will probably be the winner as it is best for the long-term because it doesn’t fade quickly when exposed to sunlight, as is the case with black color. Additionally, the white color can conceal dust, minor scratches, and dents without calling for maintenance. If we compare the pros and cons of both, we’ll find out that white cars have more pros than black cars, whereas both have the same number of cons.

Final Words

Choosing between a black or white car might not be the first thing you think about when buying a new car, but it is something you should think about if you want to get the best car for your lifestyle. If you only care about how the color looks, you might want to rethink what color would help you stand out and stay safe on the roads at all times in your climate.

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