17 Best & Worst Ford Edge Years | 2023 Data

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Since its debut in 2007, the Ford Edge has been a top seller among midsize crossover SUVs. Because of its spacious legroom and cargo space, it is an excellent option for families.

It is faster and smaller than many other SUVs, making it a practical choice everywhere you go. Some years of the model are more reliable than others after numerous years of manufacturing, which is why we rank them according to reliability.

The model years from 2007-2013, 2015, and 2017 are the worst Ford Edge years. The best model years of Ford Edge include 2014, 2016, 2018-2023. This result was concluded from trustworthy sources such as NHTSA, Edmund, JD Power, and Kelley Blue Book.

What Are The Worst Years Of Ford Edge?

Multiple complaints have been lodged against Ford Edge models throughout the years. If you wish to avoid potential problems, you should avoid the following car models:

#9 Worst Year: 2012 Ford Edge (3.84 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

CarComplaints.com reports that “electrical issues” are the #1 issue for 2012 Ford Edge owners. It confirms that the primary difficulties are the door ajar light remaining on, the vehicle failing to stop unless the brakes are applied forcefully, and the accelerator pedal being stuck in the floor.

Common Problems:

  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Won’t stop unless applying brakes hard
  • The pedal goes to the floor

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#8 Worst Year: 2015 Ford Edge (3.83 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

CarComplaints.com warns, “Beware of the clunker,” because this model year had so many engine problems that some owners had to have the oil pan repaired and resealed many times. This particular production year’s cars frequently experienced engine failure and limp mode.

Common Problems:

  • Vista roof glass cracked
  • Electrical failure
  • Loss of power

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#7 Worst Year: 2017 Ford Edge (3.75 Rating)

Source: scottpetersonmotors

There were a lot of engine issues (coolant seeping in the cylinders) that started showing up at around 66,000 miles. Due to the necessity of replacing the engine, fixing this issue is projected to cost $6,600. Consumer Reports ranked the 2017 Ford Edge’s reliability dead last, giving it a miserable 1.0 out of 5.0 rating.

Common Problems:

  • Coolant leaks into the cylinder
  • Cracked head gasket
  • Flywheel cracked
  • Engine block corroded

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#6 Worst Year: 2007 Ford Edge (3.71 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

The 2007 Ford Edge SUV was given the “Beware of the Clunker” label after receiving thousands of complaints and six recalls from CarComplaints.com. The 2007 Edge’s loud rear-wheel noise at roughly 49k miles is a common point of criticism.

Common Problems:

  • Loud roar from the rear wheel
  • PTU failure
  • Burned-up coil packs 

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#5 Worst Year: 2013 Ford Edge (3.69 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

With a “Beware of the Clunker” label and 2,000+ NHTSA complaints, CarComplaints has labeled the 2013 Ford Edge as the worst model year in the lineup.

It had a number of electrical problems, including the backup camera not working, the door ajar indications not working, and the body control module not working. While the constant false warning light is annoying, several drivers have reported dead batteries and doors remain unlocked.

Common Problems:

  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Engine stalls/shuts down while driving
  • Brakes unresponsive

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#4 Worst Year: 2009 Ford Edge (3.67 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

If you’re searching for the reliable Ford Edge model year, skip 2009. Unfortunately, the “door lock failure” has annoyed many 2009 Edge users. While many individuals complain about transmission problems, premature and uneven tire wear is also common.

Common Problems:

  • Premature and uneven tire wear
  • Transmission failure
  • Faulty door locks

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#3 Worst Year: 2010 Ford Edge (3.66 Rating)

Source: Ford

635 issues and defects have been recorded for the 2010 Ford Focus on NHTSA, making it one of the worst models to buy. The most common issues are with the faulty engine, the wheels/hubs, the evaporator, and the air conditioner/heater.

Common Problems:

  • The A/C system is not working.
  • Engine stalls/shuts down while driving.
  • Evaporator leakage

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#2 Worst Year: 2011 Ford Edge (3.60 Rating)

Source: Autoblog

The second-generation Ford Edge got off to a good start with its premiere model. However, the 2011 Ford Edge has serious electrical problems, including the always-on door-ajar warning light. Other major complaints are reports of frequent power loss and an illuminated wrench warning light.

Common Problems:

  • Door ajar light stays on
  • Loses power, wrench light on
  • Brake failure

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#1 Worst Year: 2008 Ford Edge (3.46 Rating)

Source: automotorpad

Unfortunately, the midsize SUV from Ford Edge had its worst year ever in 2008. Mechanical issues, transmission problems, and unexpected engine stalls were common complaints from 2008 Ford Edge owners. There were a lot of low-quality cabin materials, so the inside wasn’t much better.

With over a thousand NHTSA complaints and eight recalls, CarComplaints again labeled the 2008 Edge as a “Beware of the Clunker.” Transmission, which reportedly gave out at roughly 80,000 miles, was the primary source of complaints.

Common Problems:

  • Transmission failure
  • Engine stalls
  • Surging and hesitating
  • Airbag light ON

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

What Are The Best Years Of Ford Edge?

Besides the worst years, Ford has also manufactured a lot of fantastic Edges. Those deserving of being called “the best of the best” are included here.

#8 Best Year: 2016 Ford Edge (4.17 Rating)

Source: media.ford

Used compact vehicle shoppers won’t go wrong with the 2016 Ford Focus. This Focus has a lightweight, elegant feel in confined spaces. It has a wide variety of technological features, like blind spot monitoring and an 8-inch touch screen, and has a posh interior design.

The 2016 Ford Focus can go 60 miles per hour in 5.7 seconds and complete the quarter mile in seconds.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#7 Best Year: 2018 Ford Edge (4.22 Rating)

Source: Ford

The 2018 Ford Edge has not gotten nearly as many serious complaints as the first-generation Edge cars did, which is encouraging. Customers love the 2018 Edge for its sporty look, sleek design, and low maintenance requirements.

This vehicle’s many strengths include its all-wheel-drive build, powerful towing capability, and generous cargo space, as well as its panoramic sunroof and adaptive cruise control.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#6 Best Year: 2021 Ford Edge (4.32 Rating)

Source: The Car Connection

The 2021 Ford Edge has received rave reviews from customers. The vehicle’s roomy cabin, plush seats, and refined drive are major selling points. Wheels for the Edge family were given a makeover in 2021.

The Edge’s fuel economy and high-tech safety features have also been praised. The 2021 Edge has many helpful technological additions, including the Sync4 infotainment system, which is compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#5 Best Year: 2020 Ford Edge (4.35 Rating)

Source: elcarrocolombiano

The 2020 Ford Edge is a great choice for shoppers looking for a midsize SUV because of its adaptability, reliability, and comprehensive amenities and capabilities. There is plenty of room for passengers and goods, making this a great choice for families or anyone who needs a roomy automobile.

The 2020 Edge has been praised for its reliability and owner satisfaction. Consumer Reports found that 87% of current Edge owners would buy another one if offered the chance for the 2020 model year. The vehicle’s high customer satisfaction reflects its high-quality interior, dependability, and overall competence.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#4 Best Year: 2014 Ford Edge (4.47 Rating)

Source: The car connection

With the 2014 model year, the second generation of the Edge finished on a more positive note than its predecessors had. Ford Edge 2014 was rated “Pretty Good” by CarComplaints.com. It’s the most dependable Ford Edge model year.

However, remember that electrical problems, like the dreaded “door ajar light” flaw that plagued prior-generation Edge models, are still prevalent in this model year. Aside from that, 2014 is a good year to buy a used car.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#3 Best Year: 2019 Ford Edge (4.54 Rating)

Source: Michael / Car and drive

This 2019 Ford Edge model has received praise for its smooth ride and comforts numerous times; it has a performance-tuned suspension, making it a very firm car. The Ford Edge offers excellent handling thanks to its responsive steering and compact body. All-wheel drive is available as an option and significantly improves fuel economy.

Last but not least, this car is powered by a 335-horsepower and 380-pound-foot torque-producing 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 turbocharged engine. It is also linked to the eight-speed automatic gearbox optimized for performance. This allows the vehicle to reach 60 mph in about 5 seconds.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#2 Best Year: 2022 Ford Edge (4.61 Rating)

Source: Car and drive

For the 2022 model year, Ford has added several features and options to the Edge’s cabin, the most notable of which is a large 12.0-inch infotainment touchscreen.

Staying on the subject of the inside, it retains the previous models’ spacious trunk and supportive seats while also providing a roomy cabin that has proven to be a peaceful ride for both passengers and drivers.

Although The engine isn’t the best in this model, and it’s slow to accelerate, but the base turbocharged four-cylinder produces 250 horsepower, which should be more than enough for most customers.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

#1 Best Year: 2023 Ford Edge (4.75 Rating)

Source: Edmunds

The 2023 Ford Edge is a pleasure to drive with its roomy cabin and advanced features. The Edge ST offers solid performance, while its #5 ranking in the Midsize SUV category by J.D. Power underscores its reliability and customer satisfaction. Overall, it is a top choice in its segment.

The ST-Line version of the 2023 Ford Edge gives sporty looks and useful features, while the Titanium trim elevates the driving experience to a new level of luxury and refinement. In the 2023 Edge collection, you can pick between dramatic boldness and a luxurious look.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

What Are The Common Problems Of Ford Edge?

Source: 1A Auto: Repair Tips & Secrets

The Ford Edge has been a reliable vehicle. However, certain widespread issues have been observed by drivers and technicians. Some of the common problems are:

  • Transmission problems
  • The door-ajar light stays on.
  • Power loss
  • Faulty brake booster
  • Coolant leaks into the cylinder
  • Wrench light on
  • Electrical issues
  • Flexplate Issues


1. Is Ford Edge A Reliable Car?

The Ford Edge is a reliable SUV option but isn’t the best in its class. The Ford Edge receives mediocre reliability ratings from many websites compared to other manufacturers.

The Ford Edge has a somewhat lower cost of maintenance than its competitors. The cost to fix this car is far lower than that of the typical modern vehicle.

2. How Many Miles Will Ford Edge Last?

With regular servicing, your Ford Edge can easily surpass 200,000 miles. Even though there are some issues with the car, it was built well enough to last for a reasonable amount of time. The Edge can endure for over 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

3. What Are The Best Alternatives To Ford Edge?

Based on experts, the best Ford Edge Alternatives are:


With this knowledge about the best and worst years of the Ford Edge, you should have no trouble settling on the right one. With our extensive review, we conclude that the 2023 Ford Focus, especially in its base Titanium trim, stands out in a market where the 2008 model was heavily criticized for its lack of reliability and safety ratings.

Even though the car’s problems can sometimes be annoying, it’s still a decent vehicle overall.

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