10 Best Motorcycles for Short People | Low Seat Height

Finding the ideal motorcycle that fits your size and comfort might be difficult if you are a smaller-framed motorcycle lover. Fear not, though, as the motorcycle industry has developed to accommodate riders of various sizes and shapes. This post will examine the top motorcycles made especially for shorter riders.

These bikes will provide you with a safe and thrilling riding experience, whether you are an experienced rider or are just beginning your two-wheeled adventure. So let’s explore the world of motorbikes explicitly designed for short people and find the perfect rides to enable you to hit the open road quickly and excitedly.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Though ergonomics and seat height are crucial in determining whether a motorcycle suits shorter riders, there are a few other factors to consider before purchasing.

Motorcycle Type:

Some models are better for shorter riders than others. Low-slung cruiser motorcycles are great because of their low seat heights, low centers of gravity, and well-spaced ergonomics, but big-bore versions are hefty and challenging to manage at moderate speeds.

Due to their long-travel suspension and high ground clearance, adventure bikes and dual-sport arrangements are even worse than sport bikes. Since there are many two-wheeled outliers, it can be a good starting point, but it’s worth investigating each model’s characteristics.

Seat Height:

When shopping for a motorcycle, shorter riders should consider the seat height, which determines if the rider’s leg (or inseam) will be long enough to place a foot on the ground when stopped comfortably. Many contemporary motorcycles have adjustable seat heights or low-height seats that cut a few inches off the typical seat height.

Riding Position:

A motorcycle’s seat, foot-controls, and handlebar make up its riding position, or “rider’s triangle.” Shorter riders must consider this when buying a bike. Shorter riders will find higher, pulled/swept-back handlebars easier to reach, and foot controls will affect a motorcycle’s comfort and suitability for commuting or long-distance touring.


Motorcycle suspension, length, and travel determine ride height. Off-road machines have more extensive suspension settings, although some have adjustable suspension, ride heights, and factory lowering kits.

Aftermarket Options:

In addition to factory low-height seats and ride height lowering kits, there are several aftermarket improvements and offers for shorter riders. Examples include tuning shops that diminish suspension configurations and aftermarket seats for faster riders.

1. Ducati Scrambler

Source: d2powersports-greer
Seat height31.2 in
Dry Weight388.01 lbs

The popular Ducati Scrambler is a sleek, trendy bike that prioritizes comfort and convenience over performance. While the seat height on the standard construction is 78.9cm (31.2 in), a low-height adapter lowers it to 76.9cm (30.3 in).

People of all heights are attracted to its compact, comfortable seat, thin tank, and soft suspension. Along with everything else, it is lightweight and has a low center of gravity. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Scrambler motorcycle gets the most attention from short riders.

Scrambler comes in a wide range of variations. Nevertheless, anyone who wants the greatest Scrambler will choose the most recent Scrambler 1100 from the lineup. It may be used as a commuter, a cruiser, or an emergency off-road bike thanks to its three separate riding modes for maximizing power and traction. Regardless of height, it is comfortable for all torque addicts.

2. BMW F 900 XR 

Seat height32.4 in
Dry Weight482.8 lb

The stunning S1000XR four-cylinder “adventure sport” motorcycle is a “junior” version of the German manufacturer’s F900XR, which was introduced in 2020 and is, this time, developed from the F850 parallel twin.

It has a custom, road-oriented chassis and quality Brembo brakes, is comfortable, natural, and versatile, has an easily adjustable screen, comes with neat touches like a color TFT screen, and has upscale extras like heated grips and ESA available as extras. The enlarged engine is good for 105 bhp, right up there with Yamaha’s hugely popular Tracer 900.

Even better, it costs less than the GT version of the Tracer 9 at just over £10,000. The best part is that, like many BMWs, even though the seat height is a reasonably standard 825mm / 2.70 ft, a free 795mm 2.6 low seat version is available. If you want to go even lower, like with the F750GS and others, a lowered suspension version is also an option, taking the seat height down to just 775mm / 2.6ft.

3. Kawasaki Vulcan S

Source: Kawasaki
Seat height27.8 in.
Dry Weight518.08 lb.
Horsepower54 (claimed)

This bike was explicitly created with short riders in mind. Whether you love or detest its appearance, the balanced Vulcan S’s 649cc engine, also used in the fast Ninja 650, gives it a surprising amount of pep in its stride. The parallel-twin engine’s stated output of 42.3 Ib-ft of torque (5.849 kg-m) at 5,600 rpm and 54.0 peak horsepower at 7,100 rpm should be enough to keep things entertaining in the twisties.

With the Vulcan S, Kawasaki also hoped to address a recurring issue—the difficulty in finding motorcycles that can accommodate both tall and short riders in terms of height. The Ergo-match system, a set of entirely adjustable handlebar controls, footpegs, and seating choices, is the Vulcan’s answer. It enables pilots to modify those crucial contact points to match their measurements better and increase control while flying. The affordable pricing is also a plus.

4. Royal Enfield INT650

Source: Cycle World
Seat height31.6 in.
Dry Weight445 lb.

With a 648cc air-and-oil-cooled parallel-twin engine, this excellent midsize street bike is attractive, inexpensive, and powerful. Despite being on the taller side, it will suit practically everyone. The 42 under-stressed ponies, broad bars, and retro-styled seats may appeal to you if the vintage aesthetics don’t.

Although the Interceptor’s advertised seat height of 80.264 cm (31.6 in) is on the high side, it feels incredibly controllable. It can easily take most of the curves you throw it, though, due to its mid-mounted controls, lightweight, and outstanding balance. A six-speed transmission, fuel injection, and ABS are all standard, while a 3.6-gallon tank is mounted above.

5. Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark

Source: apexcycle.ca
Seat height31.4 in. (30.6 in. with short seat option)
Dry Weight417 lb.

The middleweights of the Scramblers series may appear to be a collection of stylistic exercises. Still, they pack a punch thanks to their 803cc V-twin engine, dual-injector 50mm throttle bodies, revised-grind camshafts with 11 degrees of overlap, and stainless 2-into-1 exhausts.

The result is a claimed 73 hp with more substantial low-end torque and throttle responsiveness than the previous version, allowing the relatively light Scrambler Icon to accelerate with considerable authority. However, the bike’s compact tank, mid-mount controls, and comfortable suspension make it approachable.

The new Icon Dark also gets an LED headlamp, taillight, turn signals, a new flatter seat, and revised styling. Even a tiny saddle option is available, allowing you to, if necessary, lower the seat height to 77.7 cm (30.6 in).

6. Honda CTX700

Source: ridermagazine
Seat height28.3 in.
Dry Weight471.7 lb.

Honda’s CTX700 should be an obvious choice among bikes for short riders, with a seat height of just 71.88 cm (28.3 in). It is an adaptable bike with exceptional comfort, excellent weather protection, and power. The footpegs and hand controls of the CTX700 are positioned front, and the riding posture is quite relaxed.

However, it is a matter of preference since some of us might like more conventional leg positions over put-forward footpegs. This bike’s automated Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) is one of its outstanding features. With the well-regarded DCT from Honda, you may pick wholly automatic or manual gears using controls on the handlebar.

These motorcycles are the ideal fusion of cruisers and sports bikes because they offer all the comfort of a cruiser, including spacious feet-forward ergonomics, plush comfort, and a shallow seat, without sacrificing adequate torque, a wide engine power band, a lightweight feel, or agile handling. The icing on the cake is that you can outfit it with virtually any travel or comfort-related feature, thanks to the wide selection of available Honda Genuine Accessories.

7. BMW G650 GS

Seat height30 in.
Dry Weight421.0 lb.
Price $7,000 to $8,500

One of BMW’s smallest bikes is the G650 GS. But don’t be fooled; the BMW G650’s superb model provides a comfortable ride, whether driving on the tarmac or traveling off-road and tearing up the dirt. With factory-low suspension choices and a seat height of 76.9 cm (30.3 in), BMW has respected people with shorter stature. One of your first options among adventure bikes for fast riders should be the BMW G650GS.

This motorcycle has one cylinder. Yes, it’s a little engine. But don’t take this at face value; when you need it, the torque is more than enough, and the more minor engine results in superior fuel efficiency. It has a 3.7-gallon gasoline tank and achieves 74 mpg. You could even refer to it as a commuter if you were inclined.

Another area in which it shines is the suspension. BMW has also made considerable effort to adjust the rest for everyday commuting, even though it was designed primarily for off-roading.

8. Trimph Tiger 900 GT LRH

Source: motorcycle specs
Seat height30.32 in.
Dry Weight423.3 lb.

The Tiger 900 GT is a touring-focused adventure bike designed with shorter riders in mind and has a seat height that drops to under 30 inches. With its rugged yet refined design, this two-wheeled beast is a testament to Triumph’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Even though the Tiger has some unmistakably high-end equipment, like top-tier Brembo Stylema brakes, a slipper clutch, and Marzocchi suspension, its around $16,000 retail price is still a lot to spend for a mid-sized vehicle.

Other standard features worth highlighting include a 7″ TFT display, a long-range 5.3-gallon tank, four riding modes, one of which is off-road, heated grips, cruise control, all LED lighting with daytime running lights, and an electronics suite with adjustable traction control and cornering ABS.


Source: Yamaha-motor.eu
Seat height32.9 in.
Dry Weight580 lb.

At first, Yamaha’s Niken GT may seem like an unusual option for a motorbike for shorter riders with a seat height of over 33 in. Still, the three-wheeled design of the leaning trike means its driver never needs to worry about putting their foot down while coming to a stop.

In addition, Yamaha’s “Leaning Multi-Wheel Chassis” and the inclusion of a second front wheel, according to the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, provide the Niken twice as much grip and, thus, twice as much confidence as a typical sport-tourer.

The Niken GT, powered by the incredibly well-liked CP3 inline-three engine also found in Yamaha’s MT-09 and XSR-900, also stands out significantly from virtually every other bike on the road regarding appearance. However, unlike conventional trikes like those from Can-Am, this one maintains the leaning characteristics of a single-track vehicle.

10. Indian Scout Bobber

Source: Indian Motorcycle
Seat height25.6 in.
Dry Weight535.7 lb.

It has always been the case that “chopped down,” relaxed cruisers and custom-styled vehicles are most likely to have shallow seats, which is still the case today. A low saddle with a narrow V-twin engine used to make bikes like the Yamaha XV535 Virago or, for those with the money, the Harley Hugger extremely appealing to shorter men, particularly women. Today, there are more options than ever, but that doesn’t mean you must ride a clunky, old-fashioned bike.

The options from Harley-Davidson are wide-ranging, as you might guess, and include the brand-new Nightster 705mm / 27.7in seat height, its “Big Twin” Street Bob 675mm / 26.5in, and the even lower, hot-rod-inspired Breakout 665mm / 26.2in. Honda’s new 1100 Rebel has a seat height of barely 700mm / 27.5in, is at the opposite extreme, and delivers comfort and civility.

The Scout Bobber from Indian, a Harley-Davidson rival, is our favorite of the bunch because it strikes the perfect balance between an entry-level and full-bore cruiser, has a distinctively US-inspired design, and has the lowest saddle of the group at only 649mm / 25.5in.


How can I tell whether the seat height of a motorbike is right for me?

Sit on the motorcycle while wearing your riding gear to see if the seat height suits you. You should be able to maintain a steady stance if you place both feet level on the ground. Your knees must be slightly bent when your feet are flat on the floor.

Can I lower the seat height of a motorcycle that I like but is too tall?

Sometimes, it is possible to decrease the seat height on a motorbike. It may be possible to purchase aftermarket alternatives like modified or lower-profile chairs. It’s essential to consult a trained mechanic to ensure the modification won’t compromise the bike’s performance or safety.

Is it necessary to sit on a motorcycle with both feet flat-footed?

Many riders want to be able to flat-foot both feet for more stability during stops, although it’s not necessary. Some riders feel at ease stopping with just one foot on the ground. Most importantly, you feel secure and in charge of the motorbike while stopping.

Do shorter riders require special riding techniques?

Shorter cyclists may need to modify their riding skills slightly. For instance, placing your feet’s balls on the ground instead of your heels helps increase control and stability. Furthermore, perfecting slow-speed maneuvers and good body alignment can improve your riding overall.


Many excellent alternatives are available for shorter riders looking for the ideal motorcycle. These bikes accommodate a range of tastes, from the chic Ducati Scrambler to the adaptable BMW F 900 XR and the accommodating Kawasaki Vulcan S.

In addition, motorcycles with shorter frames may be found with a blend of comfort, performance, and safety features like the Royal Enfield INT650, Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark, Honda CTX700, BMW G650 GS, Triumph Tiger 900 GT LRH, Yamaha Niken GT, and Indian Scout Bobber.

These motorcycles provide comfortable and safe riding thanks to adjustable seat heights and other modifications. Make an informed decision by evaluating the motorcycle’s handling and comfort to get the ideal ride. Safety is still top on the list.

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