All 8 Best & Worst Honda HR-V Years | 2023 Data

The HR-V, Honda’s smallest SUV, is renowned for being exceptionally practical and well-equipped for its size. It is a more compact alternative to the CR-V aimed at college students and small families, and it offers more utility than a conventional small car.

It was first introduced to North America for the 2016 model year and has undergone several significant modifications. Although there are eight different models to choose from, some years are better to invest in than others. Let’s talk about them in depth.

The worst years to avoid Honda HR-V are 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2023. The best years to buy a Honda HR-V are 2017, 2020, 2021, 2022. This result was concluded from trustworthy sources such as NHTSA, Edmund, JD Power, Car Complaints, and Kelley Blue Book.

Worst Honda HR-V Years To Avoid

As was previously indicated, certain years require extra caution due to several reliability issues and widespread complaints. Here are the worst model years of the Honda HR-V that you should avoid.

  • 2016 Honda HR-V
  • 2018 Honda HR-V
  • 2019 Honda HR-V
  • 2023 Honda HR-V

4. Worst Year: 2018 Honda HR-V (3.91 Rating)

Source: IIHS

Since the 2018 Honda HR-V is generally a fairly reliable vehicle, we debated whether or not to include it on this list of worst years. However, Buyers should be aware that it does have some dependability issues worth mentioning.

The 2018 HR-V’s service brakes are the source of most customer complaints. According to the report, the vehicle also made loud noises when the brakes were applied. There may be a problem with the engines in this model year, but it is not yet common. Other complaints included banging noises, pedal problems, and excessive engine overheating.

Despite these drawbacks, Honda’s 2018 HR-V is a trustworthy compact SUV.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

3. Worst Year: 2023 Honda HR-V (3.79 Rating)

Source: caranddriver

Although the 2023 Honda HR-V is a reliable model year, 214 user complaints within a year doubt its reliability.

Many different issues have been reported to NHTSA concerning the 2023 Honda HR-V. Many of them may seem trivial or merely annoying to some. However, there are major annoyances and some safety hazards with the 2023 HR-V, which owners should be aware of.

Owners have complained about windscreens popping and back windows shattering from the get-go, highlighting the importance of visibility and wiper problems. Tire-related issues, as well as issues with the external lighting system, electrical system, steering, construction, and suspension, are also reported.

Another driver reported a gas odour from the vents, prompting him to visit two Honda stores.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

2. Worst Year: 2019 Honda HR-V (3.58 Rating)

Source: topspeed

The 2019 Honda HR-V is generally dependable, but there are a few issues that could compromise your experience as an owner. This SUV’s primary weak point is its fuel drivetrain. Some drivers have reported that after starting the vehicle, the fuel gauge goes blank and can only be restored by restarting the vehicle and pressing the oil life button.

Reports also said that the digital gauge, which included the odometer and gasoline gauge, would randomly go blank, making it impossible for the driver to determine the fuel level.

The 2019 Honda HR-V problems are annoying but thankfully not widespread enough to warrant serious alarm.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

1. Worst Year: 2016 Honda HR-V (3.57 Rating)

Source: performance drive

There’s good reason to look twice at the 2016 Honda HR-V before buying, as it’s the first model year. There is a high chance that debut models may be plagued with problems the maker wasn’t aware of. That description perfectly fits the 2016 Honda HR-V.

According to CarComplaint, the 2016 HR-V has the largest complaints, with 285 reports, and the vehicle has been recalled twice. Unfortunately, many of its problems are either really serious or, at best, extremely annoying.

The 2016 Honda HR-V was plagued with several electrical system troubles. These problems include problematic gauge control units, flickering displays, especially in cooler temperatures, key fob problems, defective push-to-start buttons, and many more.

There have been numerous reports of problems with the 2016 Honda HR-V’s transmission at lower mileage (between 5,000 and 8,000 miles), making this an important issue. Transmission noises, hard shifting, slipping gears, and stuck gears were just some of the complaints from owners.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

Best Honda HR-V Years To Buy

The Honda HR-V is a small crossover SUV that is ideal for the everyday driver. It’s cheap, but you must pick the correct year to get your money’s worth. Here, based on the information, are some of our favourite models for this compact Honda.

  • 2017 Honda HR-V
  • 2020 Honda HR-V
  • 2021 Honda HR-V
  • 2022 Honda HR-V

4. Best Year: 2022 Honda HR-V (4.17 Rating)


The Honda HR-V 2022 is one of the most dependable vehicles after extensive testing. Honda engineers have ironed out most of the kinks in the design of earlier versions.

It has a modern engine, is easy to manoeuvre, stops quickly, and has a sturdy construction. It is unusual to find an SUV that is so easy to manoeuvre. Compared to the Honda CR-V and other similarly priced small SUVs, this one comes out on top thanks to its 141 horsepower.

The 2022 Honda HR-V has no major modifications, but it’s still lauded for its adaptable cargo space and comfortable cabin. If you care about the longevity of your vehicle’s parts and the reliability of its mechanics, it’s still best to get a brand-new model year.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

3. Best Year: 2021 Honda HR-V (4.26 Rating)

Source: Edmunds

The Honda HR-V really shined in 2021. In this model, you may get added features like Android Auto and Apple Carplay and autonomous emergency braking. The back windows were already tinted, and a new sportier wheel design was added.

Refreshed wheels and standard window tint on the rear windows are just two examples of the subtle changes added to the 2021 HR-V’s Sport trim.

Car seats have received rave reviews for their ability to keep occupants’ backs and necks in place. Users who tested it in the snow praised its manageability. However, a few customers have mentioned that they miss having a sunroof.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

2. Best Year: 2017 Honda HR-V (4.29 Rating)

Source: caranddriver

Regarding dependability and safety, the 2017 Honda HR-V is highly regarded. This is the year when there were fewest reports of concerns and no recalls. The 2017 Honda HR-V is an excellent option for an affordable crossover.

Its revolutionary second-row seat provides a lot of space for cargo and helps it make the most of its compact proportions. While its slow acceleration is a major complaint, the HR-V is otherwise a competent crossover.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

1. Best Year: 2020 Honda HR-V (4.32 Rating)

Source: whichcar

After much deliberation, we have concluded that the Honda HR-V 2020 is the most trustworthy of all HR-V models. Despite the lack of significant advancements, the 2020 HR-V is more dependable than its forerunners, thanks to resolving many issues that plagued it in earlier models.

By including technologies previously only found in the more expensive Honda models, the manufacturer increased vehicle safety and reliability. The cabin is roomy, and the seat may be adjusted to suit the driver. It has excellent forward and side visibility because of its thin front pillars.

When you shop with frugality in mind, you save a lot of money and still obtain a quality car.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

Common Honda HR-V Problems

From various online websites, these are the most often reported problems with the Honda HR-V:

  • Poorly designed seats
  • Poor-grade automobile paint
  • Window gaskets are loose or have been dislodged.
  • Accelerator problems
  • Mice and rats damage soy wire


Are Honda HR-V Good, Reliable Car to Purchase?

The Honda HR-V has an excellent reliability score of 5 out of 5 on, making it the best reliable vehicle out of 7 in its class. There are a few issues with the Honda HR-V, but if you choose the right model year, it will be well worth your money.

Choose a Honda HR-V from a reputable model year if you’re considering buying one. They promise low prices and a risk-free journey each and every time.

What are the Most Dependable Honda Models?

According to Hotcars, other than the Honda HR-V, the most reliable Honda models are:

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Honda HR-V?

The Honda HR-V has slightly below-average maintenance expenses, at roughly $301 annually, as reported by Repairpal. However, The Honda HR-V will not give you a lot of trouble or require frequent trips to the service center.

Honda CR-V Vs. HR-V: Which One is Better?

Regarding size and cost, the HR-V falls just below the CR-V. HR-V was developed on the “sub-compact” platform, whereas the CR-V falls under the category of “compact.”

The HR-V’s cabin noise, tiny front seats, and slow acceleration indicate its low budget. The CR-V is more expensive but offers more power, more space inside, and more convenient amenities. The HR-V may be smaller than the larger sibling, but it has an advantage in the baggage department due to “Magic Seat” technology.

What Are The Alternatives Other Than the Honda HR-V?

The Honda HR-V is highly recommended as a top choice among vehicles in its category. According to carconnection, the best Honda HR-V alternatives are:

  • Subaru Crosstrek
  • Mazda CX-30
  • Nissan Kicks
  • Toyota Corolla Cross
  • Volkswagen Taos


If you’re in the market for a compact, reliable Honda, the HR-V is a great choice. To maximize your investment, we advise choosing one of the following: 2017, 2020, 2021, or 2022. These are the high-quality HR-V models to choose from. It is better to avoid the 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2023 models. 

We hope the information provided here will assist you in making the most informed decision possible regarding your Honda HR-V purchase.

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