13 Bikes That Are Similar To Honda Grom

When the Honda Grom was first released in 2014, it was an instant hit with customers of all ages. The small but powerful Honda Grom was popular among parents looking to surprise their children with their first bike.

Some parents probably didn’t know at first that once they took the Grom home, they would want to keep it for themselves. There were probably a lot of young adults who didn’t know that the Honda Grom their parents bought for them was supposed to be their own bike. The Grom has had numerous upgrades in recent years.

Even now, the Honda Grom is a popular option for younger riders, adult commuters, and people who want to have a blast on bikes that exude class and style. When thinking of bikes that are similar to the Honda Grom, a number of alternatives come to mind. But first, have a look at the unique features of the Honda Grom that make it this popular.

Specifications of Honda Grom

Source: larern

The Honda Grom was released to the public by Honda in 2014. The company now refers to it as “one of the most well-liked motorcycles on the planet.” Given the Grom’s great features and the fact that it won Motorcycle USA’s Motorcycle of the Year Award in 2014, it’s not surprising.

The five-speed gearbox makes it competitive with other bikes on the market. The Honda Grom has recently undergone an update that includes bigger, flatter seats, the latest instruments, better fuel economy, and other improvements. Honda offers the following specifications and features:

  • Curb weight: 223 pounds
  • Miles per gallon: 166.5 MPG based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures
  • Engine Type: 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Compression ratio: 10:1
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: 220mm front and 190mm rear single disc brakes
  • Fuel capacity: 1.6-gallon fuel tank

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According to the manufacturer, users who want to customize their Honda Grom can easily remove plug-and-play body panels. Many attempts have been made to clone Grom. Here is a detailed list of bikes that are similar to Honda Grom.

13 Bikes that are Similar to Honda Grom

1. Honda Monkey:

Source: honda.cz

In 1961, the Monkey was initially introduced as a mode of transportation at a Japanese amusement park. The Z100 featured foldable handlebars. According to Cycle World, it got its famous nickname because “adults looked wildly out of proportion riding it.”

It arrived in the United States in 1968. The Monkey quickly gained popularity among its owners. Today, the modern Honda Monkey shares similarities with the Honda Grom, featuring the same engine, reputation for reliability, and performance. It boasts a five-speed transmission, a 10:1 compression ratio, an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension, and a fuel capacity of 1.5 gallons.

2. Kawasaki Z125:

Source: excell.jp

The smaller Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle is a scaled-down model of the larger Kawasaki bike. The firm marketed it as an entry-level sports bike. While some of its specifications and characteristics are very similar to those of the Grom, others are very distinct.

The Z125 has a 4-speed manual transmission, 125cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, and 80 mpg fuel efficiency. Riders of the Z125 will likely love its top speed of 72 miles per hour (MPH), which is higher than the Grom’s top speed of 56mph.

In 2022, Kawasaki released an improved version of the Z125 with upgraded specs and features. The newer models can reach a top speed of approximately 78 mph and offer a remarkable gas mileage capability of 110 mpg.

3. Benelli TNT 135:

Source: promotos

If you are looking for a more affordable motorcycle compared to the Honda Grom, the Benelli TNT 135 comes with a lower price tag. However, for many buyers, better features and specs often outweigh the cost. In terms of specifications, the Honda Grom outperforms the Benelli TNT 135 in various aspects.

The Benelli weighs 267 pounds, while the Grom is lighter at 227 pounds. Additionally, the TNT 135 has a fuel economy of around 120 mpg, which is lower than the Grom. The TNT 135 offers a higher top speed of approximately 70 mph compared to the Grom’s 60 mph.

It also houses a more potent engine with a 135cc, single-cylinder configuration. People who just want to get around choose the Benelli TNT 135 over the Grom because they don’t need the features of a trick bike.

4. Kymco K-Pipe:

Source: zigwheels

Kymco K-Pipe is another affordable bike option, much cheaper than the Honda Grom. The beautiful wheels are one aspect that K-Pipe enthusiasts are likely to choose this motorcycle for. The Grom’s 12-inch wheels are smaller than the K-Pipe’s 17-inch wheels. It reaches a speed that is comparable to the Grom’s.

For some people, the speed and the significantly bigger wheels will probably be selling points; for others, not so much. The Honda Grom outperforms the Kymco K-Pipe in terms of weight, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. The K-Pipe features a four-speed transmission, whereas the Grom has a five-speed one. While the Grom utilizes fuel injectors, the Kymco K-Pipe has a carburetor.

5. Honda Ruckus:

Source: 27won

Would you be interested in a bike like the Grom that Honda still manufactures? A number of Grom’s characteristics can be found on the Honda Ruckus. Customers who buy the Ruckus can take advantage of a scooter that has a lighter frame, bigger tires, and a lower seat.

According to Honda, the 49cc liquid-cooled engine is “highly efficient,” and the one-speed automatic transmission eliminates the need for shifting “not even into park or neutral.” Regarding its digital display dash and recent updates, the Grom outperforms the Ruckus.

The Ruckus hasn’t had any changes lately, while the Grom has had several. The Grom outperforms the Ruckus in fuel efficiency, sports bike use, and other aspects. The Ruckus has a weight limit of 220 pounds, while the Grom has a maximum weight of 340 pounds.

6. Kymco Spade 150i:

Source: modernvespa

For those looking for a retro-style bike with a powerful engine, the Kymco Spade 150i is a great choice. The bike features a manual-only transmission. There are some specs and features that are similar to those of the Grom.

The bike has a 1.6-gallon gasoline tank, 12-inch wheels, a low seat height for comfort, and an electronic fuel injection system. It has a stable structural design and can go at a fast speed. If you want a bike that is similar to the Grom but has the vintage appearance of the Honda Monkey, go with the Spade 150i.

7. SSR Razkull 125:

Source: eaglevillemotors

The Honda Grom is outperformed by the SSR Razkull 125 mostly due to its lighter weight and lower price, which is roughly half that of the Grom. Although it has a similar top speed to the Honda bike after that, the Grom excels in the majority of other areas.

The SSR Razkull 125 has less horsepower than the Honda Grom and a carburetor design in comparison to the Honda Grom’s fuel injection system. When compared to the Honda Grom’s fuel efficiency, the Razkull 125 uses less petrol. Those who choose it probably appreciate the lower price, low noise level, and appealing appearance of the SSR Razkull 125.

8. X-Pro 125cc Vader Adult Motorcycle:

Source: amazon

The X-Pro 125 is a compact motorcycle with an air-cooled 125cc engine, a design reminiscent of the Honda Grom, and a pricing that many people will probably like. This motorcycle comes with the same customization options as the Grom, so you may pick the one that suits your needs best.

The Honda Grom outperforms the 125cc X-Pro Vader Adult Motorcycle in a number of ways. The Grom has a fuel injection system, but the X-Pro 125 has a carburetor. Additionally, it includes a four-speed manual transmission. On recent models of the Honda Grom, enhanced digital features are available that are not present on the X-Pro 125.

9. TaoTao TBR7:

Source: youtube / TAO MOTOR INC

If you want a nice beginner bike that is an affordable option, choose the Taotao TBR7. A lower price tag is likely to appeal to many people who want a fun bike that won’t break the bank. Another feature that might appeal to some people is the electric start with a restart backup.

The 229cc on-road motorcycle has a 2.9-gallon fuel capacity and a 5-speed manual clutch. In contrast to the Honda Grom’s 1.6-gallon gasoline tank, the TaoTao TBR7 has a larger fuel capacity. The TBR7 weighs 362 pounds, whereas the Grom only weighs 223 pounds. Your TaoTao TBR7 has a low beam so that you can ride it at night in the moonlight.

10. Icebear Fuerza:

Source: gokartsusa

If you’re looking for a motorcycle with a stylish design and a lower price than the Honda Grom, enjoy riding the Icebear Fuerza. It only weighs 188 pounds, which is significantly less than the Grom’s 220 pounds. Power output is low at 6.3 hp.

When you compare the bike’s acceleration to the Honda Grom, it is simple to understand why it has weak acceleration when combined with the 4-speed transmission. Like the Grom, the Icebear Fuerza is an excellent alternative for stunts and tricks without a hefty price tag.

11. Lifan KPX 250:

Source: tigerpowersports

The company Lifan calls the Lifan KPX 250 “passion in the wild,” and it’s easy to see why. The single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, electronic fuel-injection (EFI) engine and 6-speed transmission provide riders with a fun and stylish riding experience. The top speed of the Lifan KPX 250 is 75 miles per hour (mph).

The Honda Grom’s official peak speed has been documented by Simply Motorcycle every year since 2014. With a stated high speed of 73 mph, the official top speed in 2022 was 59 mph. The company claims an 84mpg fuel economy for the KPX 250, while Honda claims 166.5mpg for the Honda Grom.

The KPX 250 has a 3-gallon fuel capacity compared to the Honda Grom’s 1.6-gallon fuel capacity. The Lifan KPX250 weighs 333 pounds net, whereas the Honda Grom weighs 223 pounds.

12. Ice Bear Vader 2:

Source: stlscooterking

The Ice Bear Vader 2 is yet another alternative to the Honda Grom. Both motorcycles are roughly the same size. The Honda Grom has a 124cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine, whereas the Ice Bear Vader 2 has a 125cc, four-stroke engine.

Each bike has 12-inch wheels. Price-wise, the Vader 2 is more affordable than the Honda Grom. The Ice Bear Vader 2 has a streamlined design similar to the Honda Grom. Due to its similar features, Ice Bear Vader 2 is the best-looking clone of the Honda Grom “hands down.”

13. Honda Navi:

Source: bikebros

According to Honda, the Navi is an effortless bike to ride “thanks to its one-speed, automatic CVT transmission.” Are you a novice rider? The Honda Navi is simple for new owners to learn to ride. The Honda Navi weighs 236 pounds, compared to the 223 pounds of the Grom.

The seat height is also similar to that of the Grom. When contrasting the Honda Navi with Honda Grom, you should take a look at a few specifications and features. The Grom has a 1.6-gallon fuel capacity, while the Navi has a 0.9-gallon fuel capacity.

Grom gets 166.5 mpg, while the Navi only gets 110 mpg. Honda’s dedication to producing environmentally friendly goods is one of the bike’s best features. Honda’s Eco-Tec (HET) is an example of eco-friendly engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you choose the best motorcycle comparable to the Honda Grom?

Think about your budget, riding experience, and the reasons behind your desire to buy a bike. Do you need a bike or scooter to move around town or to the market? Are you looking to ride a sports bike with friends?

What do you need to know about warranties?

Be sure to enquire about the warranty before buying a motorcycle. Depending on the model, Honda will provide “up to four years of complete protection on your new motorcycle, ATV, side-by-side, or scooter.” Make sure you understand the warranty and are aware of what it covers and what it does not.

Are all bikes similar to the Grom Street legal?

If you want to buy a bike like the Honda Grom, you must first check the local laws. You don’t want to buy a motorcycle to find out later that you can’t ride it because of local or state regulations. For instance, all states except California have legalized the Ice Bear Fuerza.


The Grom is the undisputed minibike king for a good reason. Still, as the features of competing models keep getting better, Grom is losing sales to them. Even while the Grom is unquestionably a fantastic bike, it is still important to take into account its top competitors, including the 13 mentioned above. We hope this guide will help you in doing that.

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