10 Best First Car For Guys | Price, Specs & Safety

It’s fascinating to take the wheel for the first time, and first cars are frequently the most memorable vehicles you’ll ever own. You’ll be amazed by the entire experience, whether you ride a fancy street cruiser or a beat-up grocery-getter.

Nowadays, children grow up with cars. It will soon become their home in the same way a house does. Now, when it comes to purchasing your first car, what are the top priorities? It must be affordable, fun, and functional.

When selecting a vehicle for a car lover, inexpensive does not equate to low quality. The term fun does not equate to insanely fast or dangerous, nor does practical mean SUVs or pickup trucks. When you choose your first car with all these considerations in mind, you’ll be happy with your decision.

This article will look at some of the best first cars for guys, which should be more than just a cheap vehicle for getting around town. Instead, it should be a car that makes you proudly turn around in the parking lot. So without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Volkswagen Golf

Source: Motor1.com

The Volkswagen Golf is a common sight on our roads. Since its debut in 1974, car enthusiasts have flocked to this famous vehicle. The price range for Volkswagen Golf starts from $45,835. It is extremely fuel-efficient, rating 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway.

Depending on the model and engine, it may be greater or less than this amount. Diesel engines, gasoline engines, hybrid engines, and, more recently, electric motors are available.

In recent years, engines have produced anything from 108 to 315 horsepower, sufficient for a pocket rocket.
There are models you need to be more cautious about purchasing, but regardless of the generation, this automobile delivers far more than it looks.

The Golf’s popularity is the first and most crucial reason it would be a suitable starter automobile for car enthusiasts. Volkswagen Golf variants are widespread; thus, there is an abundance of information and spare parts related to them, making repairs incredibly economical.

In addition, the diversity of models available, the engine’s power, your budget, and several other factors might assist you in selecting the ideal automobile for you.

2. Honda Civic

Source: Car And Driver

Even though Type R variants have become highly recognized hot hatchbacks in recent years, the Honda Civic is the ideal first car. Honda Civics are simple, inexpensive, functional, and readily available.

The Honda Civic is the most basic car, but kids in earlier generations wanted to make it into a beast. Due to the simplicity of previous versions, the Honda Civic is a good vehicle for learning how to fix a car, making it an ideal vehicle for a beginner.

The cost of civics ranges from $25,050 – $30,050. The Honda Civic is a strong competitor to all other automobiles regarding dependability. The engines may produce between 158 and 315 horsepower. You might choose the Type R performance model if you like a powerful vehicle.

Honda Civic variants are dependable, less expensive than comparable alternatives, and there is no risk of breakdown. They’re like working boots. You wouldn’t mind if they became dirty or scratched!

3. Ford Mustang

Source: Motor Trend

The Mustang may be the best option for those who feel ready for a rear-wheel drive in their first vehicle. Yet, you’ll need to be cautious, as they carry a significant amount of power beneath the hood, and they won’t be inexpensive to insure or run, either!

Every model in the Ford lineup would be an excellent pick for any automobile enthusiast. When purchasing a Ford Mustang as a first vehicle, we often recommend the fourth and fifth generations for the best value.

The engine capacities of these Mustangs ranged from 2.0 to 5.0 liters. These engines produce up to 315 horsepower and 500 horsepower in dark horse performance models. One thing to consider is that these automobiles are highly strong, consume a lot of gasoline, and are not fuel-efficient.

But consider the positives. Because of their excessive fuel consumption, you may find some of these absolute monsters for a relatively low price. The starting price of the Ford Mustang is $27,770

Ford Mustang has its personality; it is one of those automobiles you will develop a certain affection for, making it difficult to prefer other automobiles. It is a great vehicle for cruising and daily travel.

It is not particularly spacious but functional and comes in several door configurations, colors, and trims. The Ford Mustang provides a platform for numerous modifications and varied engineering. You are free to do whatever you choose with them.

4. Mazda Miata

Source: Edmunds

The Miata is an icon and one of the most remarkable automobiles ever made. Its modest power-to-fun ratio could be the ideal combination for many novice drivers. These vehicles are fun to drive, and their small weight makes them quite maneuverable.

There are currently more than a million of them out there. This results in a vibrant aftermarket for spare parts and great, affordable upgrades and modifications. Its price starts from $28,050.

All variants include a 181-hp four-cylinder engine and a standard six-speed manual transmission. Miata has a modest cabin that can accommodate two people, but trust us – those two will have a blast!

In conclusion, the Miata is indeed a fun car. Perhaps ineffective in the rain with the top down, but distinctive and easy to operate.

5. Nissan 350Z

Source: Top Gear

From 2002 through 2009, Nissan produced the 350Z, often known as the Nissan Fairlady Z, a 2-door, 2-seat sports car. Nissan’s Z lineup’s fifth generation had a significant market influence and was immediately successful. Nissan demanded $26,809 in exchange for the 287 horsepower of the 350Z.

Many people will agree that this car is still the top choice for car enthusiasts today as it was in the early 2000s. Even by today’s standards, the exterior and interior styling of the car is intriguing.

Even while it isn’t the lightest, it is still a speedy automobile compared to most of the first car choices. It boasts a top speed of 156 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, though you won’t want to do that anytime soon.

You have plenty of room to experiment with modifications with your Nissan 350Z, a vehicle designed for enthusiasts and car guys. The inside space is not very large; it is adequate for shopping and daily use. The vehicle is fully equipped with advanced technologies to provide comfort and safety.

Although the Nissan 350Z is the model that came before the 370Z, you can choose a more performance-oriented car. You can also choose the 370Z for a more up-to-date and luxurious car.

6. Toyota GT86

Source: Top Gear

The most entertaining Toyota is the GT86. This aspect is crucial when selecting your first car, and a car has a light body, rear-wheel drive, and a reasonable engine.

The Toyota GT86 is one of the least costly and most widely available coupes on the planet, even though it looks like a very expensive luxury sports car when you see it on the street.

With a 197 HP engine, the GT86 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about 7.6 seconds. Although it isn’t the fastest, it is still worth the money at such a low cost. The Price for the Toyota GT86 is between $27,060 to $ 30,590

We can all agree that this car isn’t meant to be bought just for its practicality when it comes to practicality. There is ample room, nevertheless, to transport luggage or conduct daily shopping. Overall, you can drive this automobile to obtain the impression of being in a sports car without spending much money.

Since its release, modified variants of this chassis have dominated drifting podiums worldwide. Still, their basic configuration is far more reasonable regarding power, making it a great option for first-time buyers.

7. Acura RSX

Source: Honda Global

The successful sports coupe Acura RSX was added to the roster to replace the Honda Integra. The excellent build quality, performance, and elegance made the Acura RSX one of Honda’s best sport coupe vehicles.

With a vehicle of this kind, you may use it every day and take it racing. It’s a stylish car that can drift, burning the track. The 2.0-liter engine in the Acura RSX can produce 140 to 160 horsepower, depending on the model. Also, there is a lot of room for tuning these engines.

It comes with a six-speed manual transmission and a five-speed automatic transmission. You may pick the best transmission based on how you plan to use the vehicle. The price of the Acura RSX ranges from $23,000–$24,500.

The Acura RSX is regarded as a superior and worry-free automobile. It only requires occasional upkeep and keeping it fresh to fulfill its intended purpose.

8. Chevrolet Colorado

Source: Edmunds

Colorado is one of the most affordable options in its mid-size class, and with a name like Chevy backing it up, no one will doubt its toughness. Rivaling the Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger, Colorado is available with an extended or double cab.

Horsepower and torque change depending on trim level, starting with a 237-hp base engine and progressing to the high-output to 310-hp with a 430-pound-feet of torque.

Expect to make friends relatively fast with that open truck bed and go-anywhere body because the utility is popular, especially among guys. Its price ranges from $30,695 to $48,295

9. Ford Fiesta ST

Source: Top Gear

If being big and powerful isn’t your thing, consider the Fiesta ST. Agile handling, sharp angles, and turbocharged performance make hot hatchbacks the perfect first cars for guys. Fill your Fiesta ST with pals, find a curvy road, and show them why small is cool.

The Fiesta ST is an obvious choice for individuals looking for fun on a budget because it is more reasonably priced and efficient than almost every other car on this list.

The Fiesta ST’s 1.6-liter turbo 4-cylinder generates 197 horsepower and 202 lb-ft of torque, transmitted to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The Ford Fiesta ST has Ford’s Sync 3 6.5-inch infotainment system, push-button ignition, automated climate control, and spirited driving dynamics. Starting costs are $22,315.

10. Jeep Wrangler

Source: Cars.com

One of the best ways to make sure your first car isn’t too boring is to buy Jeep Wrangler. You can’t deny how much fun a Wrangler is to drive anyplace, even though it may not be fancy or quick. You can travel considerably further than you may anticipate on one, even if it is unmodified.

The starting price for the Jeep Wrangler is $32,990. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder produces 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The most fuel-efficient model’s diesel engine achieves a maximum of 22 city mpg and 29 highway mpg.

Antilock brakes, 16-inch steel wheels with stylish accents, traction control, Bluetooth, push-button ignition, keyless entry, power windows, and power locks are all standard features.

If you love the Jeep Wrangler but can’t buy it, here is an article covering cars that are similar to the wrangler.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many possibilities for first cars for guys. Cars with rear-wheel drive don’t have to be extremely expensive. For instance, you can get a used Mazda Miata or Nissan 350Z for a low cost.

For the money, they are sure to deliver outrageous amounts of fun. Conversely, if money is not a concern, a contemporary Nissan 370Z or the Toyota GT86 chassis can be ideal for long-term track weaponization.

We hope our selection is a good fit for your requirements. It’s time to obtain your license and drive on public roadways for the first time.

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