Tesla Model Y Years To Avoid | 4 Best & Worst Years 2023

The Model Y is a relatively new addition to Tesla’s lineup; it’s an all-electric SUV with optional seating for seven. Soon after its initial sale in early 2020, the Model Y became Tesla’s best-selling vehicle, but is it practical and reliable?

Before Tesla, electric cars had a poor reputation for being too slow and having an inadequate driving range. It may be challenging to find a used Model Y on the market. But don’t fret; we will help you maximize your investment. Here, we’ll tell you which years of a Tesla Model Y to avoid and which are the best to buy. So, let’s begin.

Tesla Model Y years to avoid include 2021 and 2022; they are considered the worst. The best years for Tesla Model Y are 2020 and 2023. This result was concluded from trustworthy sources such as NHTSA, Edmund, JD Power, and Kelley Blue Book.

Tesla Model Y Years To Avoid

While the Tesla Model Y has gained a lot of praise, its reliability has been questioned. For instance, this little electric SUV has been the subject of multiple recalls and criticism.

Based on extensive research, here are the worst years to avoid purchasing a Tesla Model Y:

  • 2021 Tesla Model Y
  • 2022 Tesla Model Y

2. Worst Year: 2021 Tesla Model Y (3.19 Rating)

Source: cars

If you want to buy a Tesla Model Y, you should definitely skip the 2021 model. The 2021 Model Y is the most complained-about year for the electric SUV, with 760 reported faults.

Consumer Reports gave the 2021 Tesla Model Y a below-average 2.0 out of 5.0 for reliability but a flawless 5.0 for owner happiness. However, this model has a dangerously defective Phantom braking system.

When driving an electric vehicle, the quality of the electrical system is especially important. Even yet, the Model Y still has problems with this key feature.

Eleven accidents involving Teslas have been reported to the NHTSA, all requiring emergency services due to electrical problems. This is completely unacceptable, especially for a corporation that markets itself based on producing safe vehicles.

The vehicle’s inability to stop has been a separate problem. Numerous people are unexpectedly vulnerable as a result of the flaws.

The Tesla Model Y doesn’t appear to have a significantly superior ride quality. Customers’ complaints regarding the vehicle’s handling and suspension remain common. They also have problems with  Tesla’s quality control and bad construction.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

1. Worst Year: 2022 Tesla Model Y (3.56 Rating)

Source: history-computer

The 2022 Tesla Model Y electric car is still a topic of discussion; as the day passes, the number of recalls and complaints increases. Although the manufacturer claims it was “designed for safety,” many customers disagree, which is why it is the worst Tesla Model Y year to avoid.

It is assumed that a high-end electric vehicle like a Tesla would have cutting-edge safety and control systems. However, there appear to be issues with the EV’s forward collision avoidance software.

Similar concerns have been voiced by drivers concerning the effectiveness of their vehicle’s speed control systems. Due to the possibility of a fracture in the suspension links, Tesla is recalling some Model Y vehicles. When this occurs, the vehicle loses its stability and control, making it more difficult to steer and increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

Tesla Model Y Years To Buy

Only four years have passed since Tesla first released the Model Y. Even if there aren’t many alternatives, selecting the best one is more challenging. Out of the four years, we’ve chosen the two best models.

Here are some of the best Tesla Model Y currently available:

  • 2020 Tesla Model Y
  • 2023 Tesla Model Y

2. Best Year: 2020 Tesla Model Y (3.73 Rating)

Source: guideautoweb

Every Model Y has its flaws, so don’t take this to mean they’re perfect. If you’re considering purchasing a Tesla Model Y, the year 2020 still presents less of a risk than the years 2021 or 2022. You can order the Model Y in two different all-wheel-drive trim levels: Long Range and Performance.

There is plenty of room in the Model Y’s cabin. The large swinging doors, high ceiling, and manageable threshold make entering and exiting a breeze. It can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds.

According to the EPA, the Model Y Performance can travel up to 291 miles on a single charge and consumes 30 kWh of electricity for 100 miles driven. Both are remarkable for a battery-powered SUV.

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Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

1. Best Year: 2023 Tesla Model Y (4.05 Rating)

Source: carscoops

There is now nothing better than the newest 2023 Tesla Model Y if you can afford one. As can be seen, it achieved a respectable ranking of #2 in Kelley Blue Book’s list of Longest Range Electric SUVs. Meanwhile, we can’t overlook J.D. Power’s ranking it #4 in the class of Compact Premium SUVs.

Tesla Model Y will perform better if it is relatively new. The year 2023 is the best one so far because it fixes all the problems from previous years. Like a video game system, the more recent the electric vehicle, the more up-to-date and secure it will be.

The Model Y is an attractive electric SUV due to its modern design and spacious interior. The Long Range model is a top pick. It doesn’t have the Performance’s insane acceleration, but it’s still very fast.

According to the EPA, the Model Y Long Range can travel up to 326 miles on a single charge and consumes 27 kWh of power per 100 miles driven, making it the second-most efficient luxury EV after the Tesla Model 3.

Reviews, Ratings, Recalls & Complaints:

Common Tesla Model Y Problems

The Tesla Model Y is no exception to the rule that there are recurring problems with every new model year. Here are the most common issues with the Tesla Model Y:

  • Issues with Suspension
  • Slipping brakes
  • Touchscreen went blank
  • Suddenly, the alarm went off
  • Constructional defects and panel gaps
  • Glass and Windshield Problems
  • Phantom Braking
  • Taillight Condensation


Is It Expensive To Maintain A Tesla Model Y?

According to CarEdge, during the first 10 years of ownership, a Tesla Model Y will incur maintenance and repair costs of around $4,732. This is $10,982 less than the average for luxury SUVs. During that time, a Model Y also had an 11.68 percent risk of breaking down severely and needing expensive repairs.

Is Tesla Model Y Reliable Car?

The Tesla Model Y is a stylish option for transportation. It’s not the worst electric option out there, but it’s not the best either. The predicted reliability for the Tesla Model Y is 73% on J.D. Power. This isn’t the worst number possible, but it’s also not the best. Consumer Reports ranked Tesla as the second least trustworthy automaker out of 28 brands in a recent study.

How Long Will Tesla Model Y Last?

Battery life in the Model Y ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 miles. It has a projected lifetime of between 20 and 33 years at 15,000 annual miles driven. In addition, Tesla ensured the drive units could travel a million miles without failing.


The Model Y is not a great choice compared to other Tesla models, but it also has some better options. If you want to use a tried and true system, it’s best to stick to 2020 and 2023 years. However, avoiding the 2021 and 2022 Tesla Model Y years saves you a lot of time and money.

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