15 Best Midsize Cruiser Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2023

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Lower-powered cruisers are usually better for riding on the street, while heavier-duty cruisers are built for long trips, which some people don’t like. This is where mid-sized cruisers save the day; they offer plenty of comfort with the best street performance, making the entire experience thrilling and relaxing.

Cruisers with 500–900cc engines are typically categorized as mid-sized; however, certain motorcycles with 1000cc engines also fit this description, particularly those produced by Harley-Davidson, Triumph Motorcycles, and Indian Motorcycles.

In any case, it’s a difficult effort to select the top motorcycles in any category. Therefore, we have put together this list of the top mid-size cruiser motorcycles for 2023 to make selecting the ideal model simple.

Top 15 Midsize Cruiser Motorcycles in 2023

15. Yamaha V Star 250

Source: yamaha-motor
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power21 hp
Torque15.2 lb-ft
Curb weight324 lb (146.9 kg)
Starting MSRP$4,699

Some motorbikes today look very old, but they actually have a lot of modern features that make the experience feel very different from what you’d expect from an old motorcycle. Only a few machines can replicate the sensation of riding a genuine vintage motorcycle.

Yamaha has one of these in its 2023 range. It’s called the V-Star 250. Though it is rather outdated, this reasonably priced entry-level Japanese cruiser continues to garner interest. It has a traditional, chrome-heavy look that appeals to many people. All things considered, the Yamaha V Star 250 continues to have a following because of its dependability and simplicity.

14. Benelli 502C

Source: benelli
Engine configurationIn-line Twin
Power47 hp
Torque34 lb-ft
Curb weight441 lb (200 kg)
Starting MSRP$9790

Benelli, which is among the few Italian brands that have endured into the 21st century, is flourishing with Qianjiang Motors’ investment and has successfully carved out a pleasant niche for itself, partly due to some ingenious badge engineering with its Chinese suppliers.

One of them is the Benelli 502C, a cruiser version of the company’s 502 S naked that is another diminutive Italian pony, a good-looking, unthreatening beast. It is nice-looking and good at many things, but it doesn’t have the charm of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and doesn’t feel as well put together as the Honda CMX 500 Rebel, which is more or less the same bike.

13. Honda Fury

Source: capitolcycle
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power53.7 hp
Torque79 lb-ft
Curb weight663 lb (300 kg)
Starting MSRP$11,499

This exquisite motorbike is the Honda Fury, not the one your dad had. Japanese motorbike designers intended to make a more chopper-like bike, but they retained the VT series’ powerful frame and engine. The cruiser style of this bike is sure to get you noticed. It features a 3.4-gallon (12.8-liter) tank (smaller than the VT series), a 26.9-inch (68 cm) seat height, and a V-Twin motor with 1312 cc, similar to the VTs.

It is shaft-driven, has a bobber seat, weighs 663 lb (300 kg), and has five speeds. This bike is well-known overseas and goes by the name VT13CX as well. Although it looks nice spinning, the front wheel’s shorter diameter makes handling tight turns more challenging.

12. Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 S Race Replica

Source: visordown
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power120 hp
Torque85 lb-ft
Curb weight482 lb (218 kg)
Starting MSRP$15,749

With its sporty riding position and mid-controls, the FTR 1200 S provides accurate and nimble handling. A 1203cc V-Twin engine producing 120 hp and 85 lb-ft of low-end torque provides race-inspired performance.

The American cruiser’s appearance and style are derived from the FTR750 race bike. The tank profile and rear swingarm arrangement show its American flat-track history. A highly visible 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) customizable Ride Command LCD touch panel keeps you connected, and Bluetooth makes it simple to pair your smartphone.

With features such as lean-angle sensitive stability control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control, and wheelie mitigation control, you can take command of your ride.

11. Honda Shadow Phantom

Source: motorcyclespecs
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power44.9 hp
Torque47.9 lb-ft
Curb weight549 lb (249 kg)
Starting MSRP$7,999

The Honda Shadow Phantom has two color options: all-black or black with pearl. There’s enough power in this 745-cc V-Twin bike to finish the task. Smaller riders can comfortably ride it due to its 25.8-inch (65.5 cm) seat height. With its low center of gravity, it feels comfortable yet has the strength to handle lengthy rides, hills, and carrying a passenger with all of their belongings.

It is shaft-driven and has disc brakes up front and a drum brake at the back. It is agile in tight turns and swift during takeoff. With a 3.7-gallon (14 liter) gasoline tank, the vehicle weighs 549 lb (249 kg) and achieves 56 mpg. Despite being a fast bike, this cruiser doesn’t seem heavy.

10. Honda Rebel 500

Source: apexcycle
Engine configurationParallel-twin
Displacement471 cc
Power45.9 hp
Torque29.9 lb-ft
Curb weight408 lb (185 kg)
Starting MSRP$6,449

The Honda Rebel 500 is one of the most well-liked middleweight cruiser motorcycles because it combines a sporty appearance with agile handling. The Rebel 500’s smooth and responsive ride and dependable 471cc parallel-twin engine make it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice riders.

The engine’s power distribution is quite linear and controlled, making it appropriate for both weekend rides and city commuters. The Rebel 500 boasts a low-profile, clean, contemporary design with straight lines. The engine and exhaust are among the blacked-out details that give it a sleek, intimidating appearance.

The bike’s comfortable seat and mid-frame footpegs make long rides more pleasurable. Because the motorcycle is so well-liked, there are a tonne of Rebel 500 modifications available that let you customize it in almost any way you choose.

9. Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

ManufacturerRoyal Enfield
Engine configurationParallel-twin
Power47 hp
Torque39 lb-ft
Curb weight531 lb (240 kg)
Starting MSRP$6,999

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is the latest and most reasonably priced cruiser on this list. This motorbike created a big splash when it debuted and captured the attention of riders all around the world. Even though the price is quite low, the construction is not shoddy.

Royal Enfield motorcycles have a reputation for being simple, dependable, affordable, and low-maintenance vehicles. Royal Enfield’s approach with the Super Meteor 650 is simple. By bolting the Continental GT 650 engine into a cruiser chassis, they managed to create a bike that is both powerful and subtle.

The 648cc Royal Enfield engines have been extensively tested and shown to be a popular choice among riders across the globe. For many enthusiasts looking to add a relaxed cruiser to their collection, the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is likely well within their budget.

8. Kawasaki Vulcan S

Source: contracostaps
Engine configurationParallel-twin
Power64 hp
Torque46.3 lb-ft
Curb weight496 lb (224 kg)
Starting MSRP$7,349

Kawasaki’s Vulcan S is the classic Japanese cruiser bike. There are many reasons to purchase the Vulcan S, including its distinctive appearance and excellent value. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is an excellent option for novices due to its lightweight and manageable power.

The Vulcan S is equipped with the same 649-cc engine as the Versys 650, Ninja 650, and Kawasaki Z650, so you can be sure that it has the power to handle whatever task you put at it. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is one of the rare cruisers that practically any rider can purchase without hesitation since it is quick, dependable, easy to control, and reasonably priced.

7. Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

Source: ridenowhurst
Engine configurationV-twin
Power65 hp
Torque59.3 lb-ft
Curb weight547 lb (248 kg)
Starting MSRP$8,899

The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is a fantastic cruiser motorbike that combines modern performance with vintage styling. There’s no denying the Bolt R-Spec’s unusual bobber-style look and air of coolness. It has a rugged and timeless appearance because of its low-slung frame, tidy bodywork, and matte black finishes.

When you combine this with the legendary reliability that Yamaha has established, you have a cruiser motorbike that many riders would trust. Be aware that the Yamaha Bolt C-Spec and the Bolt R-Spec are not the same thing; the Bolt C-Spec is more of a café racer.

With a strong 942cc V-twin engine, the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec delivers a smooth and torquey ride while making a big impression on the road. The lightweight and compact design of the Bolt R-Spec makes it incredibly nimble and ideal for both weekend getaways and city commuting.

6. Suzuki Boulevard C50

Source: lincolnpowersports
Engine configurationV-twin
Power53 hp
Torque52 lb-ft
Curb weight611 lb (277 kg)
Starting MSRP$8,909

With its perfect mix of style, comfort, and power, the Suzuki Boulevard C50 is the epitome of a middleweight cruiser. This motorcycle’s bold and intimidating style grabs attention when it’s riding. The powerful and dependable 805cc V-twin engine of the C50 is ideal for long highway journeys and local cruises.

Its low seat height and ergonomic riding position make it comfortable for consumers to travel long distances. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is distinguished from the other models in the Suzuki Boulevard series by its exact attention to detail.

Its classic spoke wheels, chrome-plated exhaust, and timeless body lines all enhance its visual appeal. The suspension system on the bike is tuned for a safe and comfortable ride, easily absorbing any obstacles in your path, such as potholes and other worn-out road conditions.

5. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

Source: topgear
ManufacturerMoto Guzzi
Engine configurationV-twin
Power65 hp
Torque53.8 lb-ft
Curb weight395 lb (179 kg)
Starting MSRP$9,190

The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is a brilliant illustration of the engineering ingenuity of Italian bikes, fusing traditional aesthetic cues with modern performance and durability. At the heart of the V7 Stone is an 853cc V-twin engine that is strong and known for its smooth power output and unique personality. The ample power of this engine makes the V7 Stone a pleasure to ride on winding country roads and in populated regions.

The V7 Stone’s simple, retro-inspired style is enticing. The blacked-out sections, matte finishes, and round headlamps all have a contemporary edge but are reminiscent of a bygone era. The motorcycle’s frame design showcases its heritage while offering a comfortable and upright stance.

4. Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Source: warhorseindianmotorcycle
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power78 hp
Torque65 lb-ft
Curb weight528 lb (239 kg)
Starting MSRP$10,749

There’s something dark and ominous about the Scout Bobber Sixty. The blacked-out handlebars, wheels, exhaust, and engine give the motorcycle a sleek, menacing look. With its chopped fenders, knobby tires, and single leather seat, the motorcycle has a timeless, custom vibe.

With the foot controls located in the middle of the bike and a low-slung stance, riders can comfortably handle the power and agility of the motorcycle. In addition to its stunning appearance, the Scout Bobber Sixty boasts many essential features, like ABS, a digital display, and a responsive throttle-by-wire system.

You will fall in love with the Indian Scout Bobber Sixty after only one ride. Additionally, Indian Motorcycles offers a wide range of accessories and customization options, so riders can customize their Scout Bobber Sixty to fit their preferences.

3. Harley-Davidson Nightster

Source: bikesales
Engine configurationV-Twin
Power90 hp
Torque70 lb-ft
Curb weight481 lb (218 kg)
Starting MSRP$13,499

The iconic Harley-Davidson Nightster is a must-have on any list of mid-size cruisers. Following the company’s 2012 discontinuation of the iconic Harley-Davidson Nightster series, enthusiasts were fervently hoping for a return. In response to customer requests, Harley-Davidson revived the Nightster with a brand-new look that clearly stated to the market that it was an amazing entry-level Harley-Davidson offering.

In contrast to the majority of other Harley-Davidsons, the Nightster is propelled by a sleek new Revolution Max 975cc V-twin engine that produces a great sound and provides ample power to tackle nearly any road. As far as aesthetics go, the Nightster is sleek and contemporary, sure to turn heads wherever you ride it in the city. Surprisingly, the Nightster is among the most reasonably priced new Harleys available, given how excellently it looks and performs.

2. Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Source: triumphmotorcycles
Engine configurationParallel-twin
Power76.9 hp
Torque78.2 lb-ft
Curb weight580 lb (263 kg)
Starting MSRP$13,795

The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a superb motorcycle that combines modern innovation with traditional charm. It honors the well-known history of Bonneville. The Speedmaster is powered by a potent 1,200-cc parallel-twin engine that produces lots of torque at all rpm. Mastering this power allows you to enjoy both relaxed city driving and exhilarating highway adventures.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber, which utilizes the same platform, is also favored by many riders. This motorcycle’s engine is renowned for giving off a large engine feel without the hassles of handling one. Visually, the Speedmaster is a work of art. Its vintage-style body is elevated with premium materials and painstaking craftsmanship, and it has the iconic “Bonneville” gasoline tank.

The classic twin-pod instrument cluster, exquisite fenders, and relaxed riding stance define its cruiser personality. The motorbike’s plush two-seat design ensures that passengers and riders can relax and enjoy the journey.

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster S

Source: harley-davidson
Engine configurationV-twin
Power121 hp
Torque94 lb-ft
Curb weight502 lb (227 kg)
Starting MSRP$16,399

Who said cruisers couldn’t have a sleek, thrilling appearance? Harleys were long thought to be slower vehicles designed for a relaxing ride. However, it is indisputable that with the Sportster S, Harley-Davidson shatters preconceived notions about what a Harley should be. The Sportster S evokes adjectives such as mean, aggressive, and exhilarating, as it is an enjoyable vehicle in every sense.

With an incredible 121 hp, the Sportster S can rival any mid-size naked bike on the road, providing you with more than enough power to give you a tremendous sense of adrenaline. Its single seat and side-swept dual exhausts make it a true head-turner in public. Its design is also unlike anything you would see on the road.


Any motorcycle is good, but if you’re into cruiser bikes, it’s easy to understand why. A cruiser is a great choice when you want a motorcycle that will let you loose and fulfill your craving to ride. Perhaps you have an empty garage space that you’d like to fill. Maybe you’re considering purchasing a cruiser motorbike because you’ve always wanted to experience the joy of riding one.

In any case, you should select one of the top cruiser motorcycles on the market. Although there are many excellent midsize cruiser motorcycles available, we have selected the top 15 that you can buy in 2023. We hope this will help you choose the best one for you. Good Luck!

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