Top 15 Trike Motorcycles To Buy In 2023

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Many feel that riding a trike combines the worst aspects of riding a motorcycle and driving a car—you get wet and chilly, and you can’t navigate through traffic! However, many people choose to ride trikes for practical reasons, and a new generation of three-wheeled motorcycles has emerged, compelling us to rethink our previous opinions.

Three-wheel bikes come in a variety of configurations: the classic one-wheel-in-the-front, two-wheels-in-the-back shown by the Harley-Davidson Servicar, and, more recently, the Freewheeler from the same manufacturer. Then there’s Can-Am’s trike motorcycle, which has two wheels in front.

However, there is a new generation of three-wheelers that have two wheels set nearly side by side in the front, making the bike no bigger than a conventional two-wheeler but providing significantly enhanced grip and stability. Let’s find out what’s new in the trike motorbike market for us today.

Top 15 Trike Motorcycles of 2023

15. Boss Hoss Dragon

Source: bosshoss

Model Specifications

Engine383 STROKER or 454 SMALL BLOCK
Power430 hp
Torque450 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$55,124

If you need a new trike, check out custom shops that create series-production ones. And Boss Hoss is the best there is when it comes to such things. Widely known for their love of adding big engines to their creations, the customizers currently have at least six different models, with many of them being designed to operate like real cars.

That list doesn’t include the Dragon, which is probably the most customized trike that looks like a bike. It is constructed on a modified frame that gives it the appearance of a beefed-up Harley-Davidson V-Rod, and it boasts two incredibly potent engines—a 454ci (7439 cc) small block with 563 hp or a 430 hp Stroker—that are more than capable of taking on muscle cars.

Boss Hoss is “only” asking $55,124 for the Dragon, and many trike fans would probably make an effort to get it since factory trikes priced just $20,000 less aren’t nearly as capable.

14. Roadsmith Indian Challenger

Source: indianmotorcycle

Model Specifications

EngineLiquid-cooled PowerPlus
Power122 hp
Torque128 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$30,000

Despite being so large and potentially Harley-Davidson’s only direct competitor, the Indian never offered trikes. Don’t worry—Roadsmith has you covered. Like Honda, they offer trike conversion kits for a number of Indian models, such as the Roadmaster, Challenger, and Pursuit. We will discuss the Challenger as it is one of the most famous Indian models.

The package costs $13,000 and includes major improvements, upgraded steering, and an electric reverse. But this package is available for bikes made after 2020. It will be necessary to move the bike’s tour pack and install a trunk to convert the ride to a trike. The package also includes a swingarm and differential, although other items like a parking brake, air ride suspension, and performance swaybar are available as extras.

13. Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra

Source: highdeserthd

Model Specifications

EngineTwin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114
Power100.5 hp
Torque118 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$36,499

The trike was first shown to the public in 2009. It was a follow-up to the very popular Electra Glide. The first bike-to-trike conversions were done in partner Lehman Trikes’ shops rather than at Harley. As of now, the Tri Glide Ultra has been around for 14 years, making it the oldest trike made by a well-known bike company and probably the oldest trike ever made.

Like all other Harley trikes, this one is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine and has every amenity one could want, including entertainment and ample storage. Priced at $36,499, the Tri Glide Ultra is the most expensive Harley trike available but also the most noticeable at all bike events.

12. Harley-Davidson Road Glide 3

Source: womenridersnow

Model Specifications

EngineMilwaukee-Eight 114 engine
Power90 hp
Torque119 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$32,999

The Road Glide 3 is exclusively offered on the American market; it is not available in Europe. Introduced at the start of 2023, it is an entirely new addition to the lineup. As its name implies, the trike is based on a powerful Road Glide motorcycle powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. It has a 90 hp and 119 ft-lbs torque rating in this configuration.

Its low-profile windscreen, frame-mounted fairing, and dual Daymaker LED headlamps set it apart from the Road Glide on which it is based. One of the most important things people look for in a trike is the storage room. This one has a large two-cubic-foot (56-liter) trunk in the back. It also fits the bike maker’s BOOM! Box GTS with 5.25-inch (13 cm) speakers in the fairing.

11. Boss Hoss SS

Source: bosshoss

Model Specifications

EngineLS 445 V8 engine
Power445 hp
Torque445 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$64,535

When it comes to vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles are the two things that Americans adore the most. Thus, how better to appease the masses than to present them with a combination of the two in one package, topped off with an extra dash of tricycle charm?

At the front, the so-called SS looks like a motorbike, with a wheel, fork, and handlebars. At the back, it has two wheels and a trunk that is so big it will make touring bikes blush and full-size pickup trucks envious. The LS 445 V8 engine, often seen in high-end custom vehicles and trucks, is concealed within the chassis, producing an impressive 445 hp and 445 ft lbs of torque.

10. Harley-Davidson Freewheeler

Source: sycamoremotorcycles

Model Specifications

EngineMilwaukee-Eight 114
Power90 hp
Torque122 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$29,999

There’s a good reason why Harley-Davidson entered the three-wheel industry. Like all other manufacturers, they aim to have as many people ride their bikes as possible. According to Harley, this includes riders who are gradually growing out of the two-wheeled world, persons with disabilities that keep them from riding regular motorcycles, and people who are just not interested in two wheels in the first place.

A tricycle like the Harley-Davidson Freewheeler expands the brand’s reach and appeal. The Freewheeler is unquestionably the coolest of Harley’s three-wheel options, and it is also the least expensive. The classic V-twin engine, upright ergonomics, and minimalist design provide the non-traditional rider with the Harley they’ve always desired. It is well-balanced, powerful, and comfortable for long trips and everyday commuting.

9. Can-Am Spyder RT

Source: can-am.brp

Model Specifications

EngineRotax 1330 ACE in-line 3-cylinder engine
Power115 hp
Torque96 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$26,599

Having two wheels up front, the Can-Am Spyder RT is like a reverse Harley Freewheeler, yet it’s just as comfortable and practical for long tours. The Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3-cylinder engine makes 115 hp, but it has to pull the same weight as the Harley, and it does this with the help of a six-speed manual gearbox. Surprisingly, the Can-Am’s twin front wheels make it easier to steer than the Harley, and they also provide exceptional comfort at a price that is half that of the barn and shield trike.

8. Yamaha Niken GT

Source: motorcyclenews

Model Specifications

Engine4-stroke, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves, 3-cylinder, EURO5
Power113 hp
Torque64.6 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$19,920

In the world of motorcycles, the Yamaha Niken is regarded as a groundbreaking model. This was the first “sports three-wheeler,” not a fat touring trike or scooter. With a sophisticated (and heavy) twin-front-wheel setup that permits the bike to lean in turns, the Yamaha Niken is essentially an MT-09 naked sports bike. The Niken’s front suspension has two fork legs per wheel, like the Kymco CV3, giving it a heavy front end despite the wheels being no wider than the handlebars.

The front wheels grip well, especially when braking on loose or slick roads, and the smart suspension allows the rider to lean over in corners and kneel. This motorbike is fantastic, but it needs a market. Unfortunately, the model has been removed from Yamaha’s US website, so the market no longer exists in the United States. But you can still buy it in Europe.

7. Can-Am Spyder F3

Source: can-am.brp

Model Specifications

EngineRotax 1330 ACE in-line 3-cylinder engine
Power115 hp
Torque96 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$22,099

If the Can-Am Spyder RT is too large, the Can-Am Spyder F3-T offers a more sporty alternative. It’s not significantly lighter than the Spyder RT, but because it’s not the full touring variant, it appears much smaller. The 1330cc, three-cylinder engine of the F3-T generates 115 hp.

Can-Am added ABS, traction control, a semi-automatic six-speed transmission, adjustable rear air suspension, stability control, and panniers for practicality. Although it isn’t the most attractive trike available, it is undoubtedly unique and has a far more contemporary look than the Harley Freewheeler, not to mention superior performance. It also offers good wind protection from the small screen.

6. Polaris Slingshot Roush Edition

Source: skypowersportslakeland

Model Specifications

EngineProstar 2.0L 4 Cylinder
Power203 hp
Torque144 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$37,349

When it comes to trikes, the Polaris Slingshot is as near as you can get to the real Batmobile. That’s even more true when the paint is flat black. However, the Roush Edition is the most stunning model in the Slingshot collection. With 203 hp, this roadster boasts all the latest technology and amenities that Polaris offers. It features a unique style, Brembo brakes, a 305 mm (30.5 cm) rear tire, and the Excursion Top. It is also available in manual or automatic modes.

This beauty’s 1,997-cc Prostar 4-cylinder engine can accelerate the Slingshot from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in 4.9 seconds. It can reach a maximum speed of 125 mph (201 kph) and has a 144 ft-lbs torque. The Slingshot has LED lighting for the brakes, headlights, gauges, and accent lights inside. It also includes a standard 2-year, unlimited-mile warranty and infotainment on a big 7-inch display.

5. Kymco CV3

Source: Chris Koch / facebook

Model Specifications

EngineDOHC, 4-Stroke, 8V Inline Twin
Power51 hp
Torque40.6 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$11,999

The Kymco CV3 is a super-sleek and powerful motorcycle that uses a parallel-twin 550cc engine to deliver exceptional performance in and around the city. Although the CV3 can lean thanks to its front suspension, the bike looks heavy due to its four fork legs, two on each wheel.

However, with the extra security and stability provided by the dual front wheels, it turns out to be a really well-handling bike when driven. Kymco is a manufacturer based in Taiwan, and its vehicles have a stellar reputation for their superior engineering and craftsmanship.

4. Can-Am Ryker

Source: can-am.brp

Model Specifications (600cc version)

EngineRotax 600 ACE in-line 2 cylinders
Power50 hp
Torque36.7 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$9,599

The Can-Am Ryker is the smallest model in the Can-Am series but by no means the least interesting, with a firm focus on the younger end of the market. With an option of two 600cc or three 900cc engines paired with a stepless CVT gearbox, it is far lighter and more nimble than the Spyder variants while still being thrilling to drive.

The Ryker is ideal for younger or less experienced riders because it is incredibly easy to ride and has no extra features. Just hop on and go. Even the body panels can be changed to a different color, and doing back tire-screeching take-offs from the lights really makes you smile a lot.

3. Ural Gear Up

Source: imz-ural

Model Specifications

EngineOHV air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke “boxer” (flat twin)
Power41 hp
Torque42 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$21,999

The Ural Gear Up is not your average trike. It does not have two front or rear side-by-side wheels. It’s the only significant manufacturer in the world that offers a motorcycle with a sidecar right out of the factory. Also, this three-wheel bike might be the coolest thing for kids to get since they’re often seen at the global Distinguished Gentleman rides.

That’s part of what makes this bike so charming: underneath the stylish exterior lies a motorcycle that hasn’t changed much in decades. Like the BMWs that first inspired it, it features a boxer twin that generates 41 hp and 42 ft-lbs of torque. You won’t be setting any speed records on the Ural, but that’s not why you ride it.

2. Piaggio MP3 500

Source: oto

Model Specifications

Engine530 hpe ENGINE EURO 5
Power44.1 hp
Torque36.8 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$11,999

The Piaggio MP3 500 is produced by the same company that makes the Vespa. Powered by a 500cc single-cylinder engine making 40 hp, it features anti-lock brakes (ABS) and traction control (TC) and independently sprung front wheels (ISF) for leaning in the corners.

Like all Piaggio products, the MP3 500 is swiftly constructed, has great ergonomics, and is exquisitely designed, even though its price is slightly excessive for a motorcycle. However, it has fantastic features, such as a 7-inch (17.7 cm)TFT display, a USB port beneath the windscreen, and smartphone compatibility. Besides ABS and ASR, it has the BLIS system, which can identify hidden vehicles in MP3 blind areas.

1. Campagna Motors T-Rex RR

Source: cycletrader

Model Specifications

EngineKawasaki inline 4-cylinder, water-cooled, with two overhead cams, four valves per cylinder
Power208 hp
Torque116.5 ft-lbs
Starting MSRP$68,999

If the Slingshot wasn’t hot enough for you, behold the T-Rex RR. The T-Rex is a stunning example of three-wheel engineering produced by Campagna Motors. It offers a surprising degree of personalization in terms of wheels, seatbelts, chassis, and seats, and it comes in 10 different color variations (matte or gloss).

All of that comes in a 1098 lb (498 kg) frame that has traction control, ABS, and Kawasaki’s 1441-cc inline 4-cylinder engine, which makes 208 hp and 117 ft-lbs of power. As a beast of a trike, it has 3-point safety belts, an improved tubular chassis with roll cage, and ABS. This masterpiece will set you back a whopping $68,999, so you’d better be sure you want it.


Is it legal to ride the trikes?

In most cases, yes. No matter the configuration (two front wheels, two rear wheels, or sidecar), trikes built by factories or kits are often street-legal, which is why there are so many stores that offer them. However, modified custom trikes may not be authorized on public roadways.

What is the minimum age to ride a trike?

Age is irrelevant when it comes to pedal-powered trikes; you can go on one as soon as you can. However, motorized, street-legal ones do need a license, which you can only obtain once you reach legal age in your home country.

What kind of license is required for riding a trike?

All trikes, no matter what kind, are basically motorcycles, so you’ll need a motorbike license to ride one.

Can you convert a motorcycle into a trike?

Indeed, and it’s a really simple process. If you want the job done right, you should go to a store that specializes in such services.

Bottom Line

The primary drawback of trike bikes is their significantly higher price than two-wheelers. Whether talking about factory or kit trikes, they are typically twice as expensive. Furthermore, remember that trikes take up a lot more room than bikes.

On the other side, the extra wheel greatly aids in maintaining balance, so you don’t need to be an expert balance-keeper to ride a tricycle. However, if you are old enough to ride a tricycle, you probably already know how to keep your balance.

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