10 Best Bobber Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

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Everyone loves bobbers. Not only are they fun to watch and simple to ride, but they have also been well-respected as reliable motorbikes for almost a century! The word “bobber” originated from the practice of non-mechanics or engineers doing do-it-yourself motorbike customizations. Bobber bikes emerged in the 1920s when Harley-Davidson J-series V-twin owners removed unneeded pieces as they aged.

After World War II, many troops learned to be skilled technicians and personalized their motorcycles, continuing the bobber tradition. After that, bob-jobs became popular as riders started customizing their bikes with bright paint jobs, higher handlebars, sporty gasoline tanks, and upward-facing exhaust pipes.

In the 1990s, large manufacturers began making factory-made bobbers for hippies, surfers, blue-collar workers, and non-conformists. Given that bobbers are still among the most well-liked motorcycles on the market today, let’s examine some of the top models for 2024 in more detail.

Top 10 Bobber Motorcycles For 2024

10. 2024 Harley Davidson Street Bob 114

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The Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 is a black-clad, nimble, nasty bobber with the ideal foundation for performance customization. The goal of the Harley-Davidson Street Bob is to provide the excitement of motorcycling in a basic package. This cruiser bike’s equipment and pace will make you want to ride it with both hands off.

Every twist of the throttle delivers loads of torque for on-demand power and that distinctive H-D sound. The frame maintains the iconic Softail looks, and its lightweight, rigid construction makes for an incredibly responsive ride. The aggressively styled six-spoke cast wheels draw attention to themselves and highlight this bob’s custom appearance.


EngineMilwaukee-Eight 114
Displacement1,868 cc
Power94 hp (70 kW)

9. 2024 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

Source: totalmotorcycle

The Scout Bobber Twenty pays homage to the original Scout with its timeless heritage and stripped-down, minimalist Bobber style, combining modern power and nostalgic flair in one ride. The 100 hp liquid-cooled V-Twin has strong acceleration and enough power to pass anyone, anyplace.

With your feet in front and fists in the air, the forward pegs and tiny ape handlebars give you a commanding sense, and the two-tone bobber-style seat completes the picture. The Scout Bobber Twenty has a retro appearance with wire wheels. Mini-ape handlebars offer a distinctive look and a more laid-back ride. It’s simple to charge your mobile gadgets on the road using the USB port.


EngineLiquid Cooled, V-Twin, 4 stroke DOHC
Displacement1,133 cc
Power100 hp (74 kW)

8. 2024 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Source: hypebeast

The series’ entry-level bike returns with its 60ci engine, elemental vibe, and blacked-out style. The 2024 model features distinct color options, such as Black Smoke, Sunset Red Metallic, and Ghost White Metallic, although it still has the same MSRP as the previous year. A blacked-out, liquid-cooled 78 hp V-Twin engine ensures an exciting ride.

Electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling are a few of the cutting-edge technical innovations that give the Scout Bobber Sixty its distinct power each time the engine is started up. With its low seat and lightweight cast aluminum frame, this bike is expertly balanced and manageable at all speeds.


EngineLiquid Cooled, V-Twin, 4-stroke DOHC
Displacement999 cc
Power78 hp (58 kW)

7. 2024 Honda Rebel 1100T

Source: motorcyclistonline

Honda had a very successful year last year. The CMX1100 Rebel and the touring-focused CMX1100T Rebel are two more models the company is bringing back for 2024. Although the release is exclusive to the European market, it’s fair to expect these two well-liked models to return to the US line the following year.

Neither bike receives major technical tweaks or changes, simply new, stylish colors for the new year. Beneath the elegant exterior is a powerful engine optimized for low- and high-end torque. The largest Rebel still provides excellent value with mid-mount controls, throttle-by-wire, simple handling, adjustable engine power, traction control, and an optional DCT gearbox.


EngineLiquid-cooled, 22.5° parallel twin, 4 stroke, SOHC 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement1083 cc
Power94 hp (70 kW)

6. 2024 Honda Rebel CMX 500

Source: autox

Honda will release the Rebel 500 to the US market in 2024. The company stated that the base cruiser will come in regular and ABS variants and a special-edition ABS SE trim. The cruiser’s mechanical components remain unchanged for 2024; the two new paint options are the only changes.

The Rebel received a redesigned seat and suspension settings and a gear position indicator in 2020, which was the last significant modification for this model. The only notable modifications for the 2024 CMX500 Rebel are two new paint options for the basic model: Matte Laurel Green Metallic and Seal Silver Metallic.


EngineLiquid-cooled, parallel twin 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement471 cc
Power46 hp (34 kW)

5. 2024 Indian Sport Chief

Source: indianmotorcycle

Sport Chief was designed from the ground up with performance in mind. Sport Chief elevates American V-Twin performance cruisers to new heights in terms of aggressive styling and performance capabilities. With components from well-known brands like dual Brembo 4-piston calipers with semi-floating 320mm (12.5 in) rotors, 46mm (1.8 in) KYB inverted front forks, and extended Fox piggyback rear shocks, the Indian Motorcycle Sport Chief is the ultimate performance cruiser.

Riders may ride harder, more confidently, and comfortably on a gunfighter solo seat with a taller bolster, 29.5-degree lean angle, and mid controls. All of Sport Chief’s ride-enhancing components complement its performance style. The redesigned quarter fairing has a dynamic appearance and a 6.5 in (16.5 cm) windscreen for wind protection.


EngineAir-cooled Thunderstroke 116
Displacement1890 cc
Power89 hp (66.5 kW)

4. 2024 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber SE

Source: motoguzzi

The V9 Bobber Special Edition stands out because of its striking new black appearance. The exclusive color scheme called “Workshop twin tone” brings out the beauty of this one-of-a-kind bike. Its dynamic personality comes through in its aluminum parts and slip-on exhausts, which show a highly aggressive attitude.

The V9 Special Edition is sure to turn heads with its contrast of light and dark features. It stands out in terms of aesthetics because of the strong contrast between matte black with silver-colored features like the aluminum side panel and a fresh graphic style.


Engine90° transverse V-twin, two valves per cylinder
Displacement853 cc
Power65 hp (47.8 kW)

3. 2024 Benda Napoleon Bob

Source: moto.yugatech

Benda, a Chinese manufacturer, has launched the Napoleon Bobber, a sub-500cc motorcycle. This bobber comes with high-end features. But its V-twin engine is the star of the show. A 488cc liquid-cooled, V-twin, fuel-injected engine produces 45Nm (33 lb-ft) of peak torque at 7,000 rpm and a maximum output of 50 hp at 8,500 rpm in the Napoleon Bobber. A belt-drive system is used to transfer power to the back wheel.

It has forward-set footpegs and a flat handlebar, contributing to the classic bobber-style ergonomics. The visuals are further enhanced by gold highlights on the alloy wheels, engine head, cover, and body panels’ stripes. This motorbike also has a telescopic front fork, a mono-shock at the back, and brake discs for the front and back wheels.


EngineLiquid-cooled, fuel-injected, V-Twin cylinders, 8 valve
Power50 hp (37 kW)

2. 2024 CF Moto CL-C Low Ride

Source: motorcyclenews

The Chinese motorcycle maker CFMoto presented two new concept motorcycles, one of which is the CL-C Low Ride. It is propelled by a 270-degree crankshaft, 449cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine. The CL-C Low Ride is inspired by the CL-C lineup and has a cruiser style. The design features include a floating saddle, flat handlebars, a SC-Project twin exhaust system, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and a circular LED headlamp.

The bike has a front end designed like a cantilever for suspension. Then there’s the attention to detail. The tank is shiny chrome, and the clutch case, radiator fluid cap, fuel tank lid, and headlight are also chromed out. A closer inspection shows a grey suede seat cover for an added sense of luxury.


Engine2-cylinder water-cooled DOHC
Displacement449 cc
Power40.2 hp (30 kW)

1. 2024 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Purple Stealth Edition

Source: triumphmotorcycles

This amazing new-generation Bobber has all the award-winning custom styles that have been masterfully updated with improved performance, increased specs, and a blacked-out finish. The Purple Stealth Edition of the Bobber is hand-finished in a stunningly rich, deep color. It will only be available for one year, making it even more unique and impressive.

With its exciting torque-rich power delivery, distinctive Bobber tune, and captivating 270° firing interval, the 1200cc parallel twin accelerates easily. The distinctive floating aluminum seat of the Bobber offers comfort and an elegant design. Its low 27.1-inch (68.8 cm) height, small standover, and adjustable position allow everyone to enjoy the class-leading ride.


EngineLiquid-cooled 8 valve, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin.
Displacement1200 cc
Power76.9 hp (57.5 kW)


This article has narrowed down the top 10 bobber motorcycles you can buy in 2024. We have analyzed their specifications and discussed their unique features, updates, and capabilities. If you are thinking of getting a bobber motorcycle in 2024, you should go through the above details carefully so that you can choose the best one for you.

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