20 Largest Electric SUVs (For Big Family & Long Trips) 2024

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Given the SUV craze in the American auto market, it’s not surprising that several manufacturers have introduced electric utility vehicles. There is a rapid increase in the variety of electric SUVs, and much like with gas-powered vehicles, some have superior interior rooms and amenities.

The elimination of bulky gas powertrain components allows manufacturers to provide electric SUVs with more interior room. However, with the increase in the number of options, picking the best SUV can be tough. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the largest electric SUVs on the market.

So let’s get started!

20 Largest Electric SUVs for Big Families

20. Ford Mustang Mach-E

Source: americancarsandracing

Even though it now faces far more competition than it did when it first came out, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is still a well-liked electric SUV. The California Route 1 model has the longest range, at 312 miles (502 km) on a full charge, and offers up to 480 horsepower in the GT grade.

You can get the 2023 Mustang Mach-E with either a standard-range 70.0-kWh battery pack or an extended-range 91.0-kWh pack. This SUV has 29.7 cubic feet (0.84 cubic meters) of cargo capacity behind the second-row seats and 59.7 cubic feet (1.69 cubic meters) behind the first-row seats. Ford also included a 4.7-cubic-foot (0.13 cubic meters) functional front trunk with the Mach-E, which is much easier to load due to the optional power liftgate.


Starting MSRP$42,995
Combined Power346 horsepower
Combined Torque428 pound-feet
Transmission2 direct-drives

19. Cadillac Lyriq

Source: autoblog

Based on GM’s Ultium platform, the Lyriq offers a spacious interior and strong performance. The Lyriq comes with a 340-horsepower electric motor on the back axle; it drives the rear wheels. It can produce up to 500 horsepower and travel up to 308 miles (495 km), depending on the layout. Moreover, it has a 10-minute fast charge capability that restores about 77 miles (123 km) of range.

This Cadillac has 60.8 cubic feet (1.72 cubic meters) of cargo space behind the first row. Although the area behind the second-row seats is 28 cubic feet (0.79 cubic meters), it is smaller than expected. Though a hands-free power liftgate is offered, the Lyriq regrettably lacks a front trunk.


Starting MSRP$57,195
Combined Power340 horsepower
Combined Torque325 pound-feet

18. Kia Niro EV

Source: autoexpress

In 2023, the Kia Niro EV undergoes a comprehensive redesign that gives this affordable SUV a more futuristic appearance, improved technology, and a spacious interior. All of the Niro EV’s power will come from a single electric motor that powers the front wheels. According to Kia, this arrangement produces 201 horsepower, making it more potent than the hybrid models’ 139 horsepower and the plug-in hybrids’ 180 horsepower.

The Niro EV has a maximum range of 253 miles (407 km). Kia offers an optional battery warmer and heat pump to extend the range in colder climates. When all five seats are upright, the Niro EV’s cargo volume is 22.8 cubic feet (0.64 cubic meters), but when the back bench is folded down, it measures 63.7 cubic feet (1.80 cubic meters). It also features a standard motorized liftgate and a short front trunk.


Starting MSRP$39,550
Combined Power201 horsepower
Combined Torque188 pound-feet

17. Tesla Model Y

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With its outstanding range, rapid acceleration, and sporty handling, the Tesla Model Y is one of the best-selling electric vehicles. All-wheel drive is standard on all models, and the long-range version of this Tesla can travel up to 330 miles (531 km). The Model Y can regain almost 200 miles (321 km) of range in 15 minutes with a Tesla Supercharger.

The Model Y features a large cargo compartment and roomy, comfy seats in its first two rows (a third row is available) despite its subpar interior quality. With its 72.1 cubic feet (2.04 cubic meters) of space behind the front row and its 4.1 cubic feet (0.11 cubic meters) of front trunk, it’s more than just a practical vehicle.


Starting MSRP$50,490
Combined Power384 horsepower
Combined Torque376 pound-feet
Transmission1-speed direct-drive

16. GMC Hummer EV SUV

Source: motortrend

The GMC Hummer EV SUV is large in every way, including cost, engine output, and load capacity. This SUV offers a comfortable ride and surprisingly quick handling for its size. The superscript in their model names indicates that the SUV version will be based on the Hummer EV pickup truck and will be powered by two or three electric motors.

According to GM, the dual-motor configuration that powers the EV2 and EV2X generates an estimated 625 horsepower and 7400 pound-feet of torque. The interior of this SUV is roomy and light, although there are a few more harsh plastics than you might anticipate, considering the Hummer’s high price. There is enough room for passengers in both rows and a substantial 81.8 cubic feet (2.31 cubic meters) of space in the rear.


Starting MSRP$96,550
Combined Power830 horsepower
Combined Torque1200 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

15. Citreon e-Space Tourer

Source: topgear

Even though the Citreon e-Space Tourer may seem more like a van than an SUV, many consider it to be a large SUV because it was made to transport people, not cargo. It has remained a people carrier since it was first released onto the market at the end of the 20th century. The 2023 model can carry nine people in three rows of comfortable, tech-filled seats.

With the e-Space Tourer, you can choose between three driving modes, two energy recovery modes, and a roughly 150-mile (241 km) range. Not much when compared to the other SUVs here, but the Citreon wasn’t made for cross-country odysseys. Instead, Citreon’s design prioritized moving multiple people over a fair distance. For instance, moving employees within the same city between units.


Starting MSRP$47,703
Combined Power134 horsepower
Combined Torque192 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainFront-wheel drive

14. Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Source: autocar

It’s been a long time since a VW bus was for sale on a new car lot. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz will not be a bus, but when it comes out in 2024, it will be big enough for up to seven grown adults and a bunch of bags full of clothes for a long trip. The new icon will take many visual cues from the classic VW but embrace modernity.

The base model will have one electric motor on the back axle, but you can add a second motor if you want to. By attaching it to the front axle, you’ll get an ID. Buzz with all-wheel drive, making it more capable of handling off-road terrain. The VW bus won’t be designed for heavy-duty off-roading, but you’ve seen what people can do with older classic bugs for sand buggies.


Starting MSRP$40,000
Combined Power282 horsepower
Combined Torque406 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive

13. Lucid Gravity

Source: lucidmotors

The Lucid Gravity is a seven-seat luxury SUV set to hit the market in early 2024. You will have to wait and see what the upstart company decides to charge for the base model; they haven’t disclosed any information about pricing or available trim levels. According to the company, only its Lucid Air, which can travel 516 miles (830 km), can match the range of the new SUV.

Yes, but only if the Gravity is driven slowly. Since it can go from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in less than 3 seconds, that probably won’t happen very often. The best part is that Lucid has hinted that the Lucid Gravity will resemble the Air while incorporating improvements that have been found since the Air’s initial production.


Starting MSRP$120,000
Combined Power480 horsepower
Combined Torque443 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainFront-wheel drive

12. Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

Source: mbmanhattan

It is one of the most spacious and luxurious full-sized electric SUVs. Released in fall 2022, Mercedes’ EQS SUV is a larger, more practical version of the all-electric luxury EQS sedan. The EQS has exceptionally spacious interiors. This seven-seater has 31 cubic feet (0.87 cubic meters) of cargo space with the third row down. If you push it down even further, it has a total of 74.2 cubic feet (2.10 cubic meters) of cargo space and can still comfortably fit five people.

Even when all the seats are used, there are still 6.88 cubic feet (0.19 cubic meters) of cargo space. Moreover, depending on the trim you choose, you can get between 335 and 536 horsepower. With a 107.8-kWh battery pack, the base model can go 305 miles between charges; however, more expensive trims can only achieve 285 miles (458 km) between charges.


Starting MSRP$105,550
Combined Power355 horsepower
Combined Torque419 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive

11. Tesla Model X

Source: motortrend

The Tesla Model X is not only a top-tier big electric SUV but also among the fastest on the market. The Model X Plaid performance trim can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in less than 2.5 seconds. With one electric motor on each axle, the base trim can generate an incredible 532 horsepower. On the other hand, the Plaid model boasts 1020 horsepower with its three electric motors.

This SUV has an amazing range of up to 348 miles (560 km) on a single charge! Additionally, with 91 cubic feet (2.57 cubic meters) of cargo space, this 5-seater electric SUV provides excellent cargo space.

The Model X’s “frunk” (front trunk) adds 6.6 cubic feet (0.18 cubic meters) of cargo space. If you use Tesla’s supercharger, the charging time is also very impressive. Without it, charging times vary by connection.


Starting MSRP$101,380
Combined Power532 horsepower
Combined Torque713 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

10. BMW iX

Source: bmw.ca

If you’re looking for an electric SUV, the iX is a top pick. With its stylish interior and exceptional ride quality, the all-electric BMW iX is worth the money. The iX’s battery pack is reasonably large at 105.2 kWh and comes with two motors. The performance trim of this dual-motor AWD increases horsepower to 610 from 516 in the standard trim.

The driving range of the standard trim is up to 307 miles on a full charge, while the performance trim only manages 293 miles (494 km) on a single charge. The starting price of the iX is $87,100, and it can go as high as $111,500! The interior is simple but has modern features like an electrochromic panoramic sunroof. Customers can also choose fabric, real leather, or faux leather for upholstery.


Starting MSRP$87,100
Combined Power516 horsepower
Combined Torque564 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

9. Volvo EX90

Source: cnet

The 2024 Volvo EX90 is a brand-new, all-electric flagship electric vehicle that is expected to blow up the EV market when it goes on sale. This huge electric SUV is now accepting reservations; delivery is scheduled to begin in 2024. Volvo claims that the base trim is well-equipped and starts at $80,000. With features like Lidar technology and over-the-air updates, this 7-seater is truly remarkable.

Additionally, the infotainment system’s user-friendly design improves the driving experience. This two-motor AWD has a maximum horsepower of 496 and a maximum driving distance of 300 miles (482 km) per charge. It just takes 30 minutes to fully charge this electric vehicle (EV) with a 111-kWh battery pack. This large EV SUV has 68.7 cubic feet (1.94 cubic meters) of cargo space.


Starting MSRP$80,000
Combined Power402 horsepower
Combined Torque671 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

8. Rivian R1S

Source: electrek

This large electric SUV debuted on the market in 2022. With unmatched features and incredible performance capabilities, the 2024 Rivian R1S is undoubtedly a beast. Currently, the only model that’s offered is the base trim “Adventure.” It will cost about $79,800, and deliveries will start in 2024. This EV SUV is available with one of three AWD drive options.

The quad-motor AWD provides 321 miles (516 km) on a single charge, while the dual-motor AWD and the upgraded dual-motor AWD provide 390 miles (627 km) per charge. Still, it can accelerate the EV SUV from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in less than 3.5 seconds and produce an incredible 835 horsepower.

The interiors have a sophisticated design, a 12-cubic-foot (0.33 cubic meters) frunk, two sizable display systems, and 104 cubic feet (2.94 cubic meters) of cargo capacity.


Starting MSRP$79,800
Combined Power600 horsepower
Combined Torque600 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

7. VinFast VF9

Source: edmunds

It’s still not here, but it needed to be on this list. Vinfast is a relatively new car manufacturer that will soon launch its first all-electric SUV. With the release of the VinFast VF9, the Vietnamese company VinFast will make its way to the United States. This big electric SUV has insanely high specs. With the Enhanced Range battery pack, this seven-seater can cover 369 miles (593 km) on a charge.

The standard battery pack only lets you drive 272 miles (437 km) on a single charge. This all-wheel-drive vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) in less than 6.3 seconds and produces a decent 402 horsepower. The 15.6-inch (39.6 cm) voice-activated display and interior design are reminiscent of Tesla’s Model Y. This full-sized EV SUV’s entertainment system includes many extra features, including onboard video games.


Starting MSRP$77,400
Combined Power402 horsepower
Combined Torque457 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

6. Kia EV9

Sources: albernivalleynews

This electric SUV’s production model debuted in March 2023, and it is expected to arrive in stores later this year as a 2024 model. There will be two versions of the Kia EV9: a six-seater and a seven-seater. The base trim will have a 76.7-kWh battery pack, while the AWD and Long Range trims will have a 99.8-kWh battery pack that can drive 280 miles (450 km) on a charge.

In contrast, the dual-motor RWD can produce 201 horsepower, while the AWD trims can generate 379 horsepower. A performance variant is also being developed; it is expected to produce an incredible 576 horsepower; however, this trim will not be available until 2025. This full-sized SUV has Kia’s 800-volt electrical design, which can recharge 149 miles (239 km) in 15 minutes.


Starting MSRP$56,000
Combined Power215 horsepower
Combined Torque258 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive

5. NIO ES8

Source: cnevpost

The NIO ES8 is an electric SUV that has been made by a small Chinese company since 2017. It came out for the 2018 model year in its home country and was also offered in Norway at the start of 2021. It is unclear at this time whether the ES8 will ever be imported for direct sale in American markets. This year, the NIO ES8 entered its second generation with a technological improvement.

Still, the company’s target remains out of reach. Executives primarily focus on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the ES8’s software, enabling the vehicle to reach level 3 autonomous driving or higher.

The world has seen Tesla’s self-driving mistakes, so it’s clear that this is no easy task. However, the idea will eventually come to pass. It depends on who perfects the technology first.


Starting MSRP$75,000
Combined Power644 horsepower
Combined Torque535 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

4. Audi Q8 e-Tron

Source: caranddriver

Since its 2019 launch, the Audi e-Tron has undergone many updates, including a name change. In 2022, the Audi e-Tron was renamed the Audi Q8 e-Tron. This AWD SUV harnesses 355 horsepower from an 86.5-kWh battery pack and two electric motors—one each on the front and back axles. When you activate the “Sports Mode,” this SUV can briefly make 402 horsepower, and the performance trim can produce up to 496 horsepower.

The standard load capacity of this five-seat electric SUV is 29 cubic feet, and when the seats are folded down, that capacity increases by 28 cubic feet (0.82 cubic meters). Inside, there’s an Audi “Virtual Cockpit” digital cluster with two flush-mounted display screens. It also has driver-centric tech like massage seats, making it a steal.


Starting MSRP$74,400
Combined Power355 horsepower
Combined Torque414 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

3. Jaguar I-Pace

Source: jaguar.rockar

The first all-electric SUV from Jaguar, this standard-size EV debuted on the market in 2019. There is only one trim available at this time, called “HSE,” and it will set you back approximately $72,575. This EV SUV has two electric motors that together provide a respectable 394 horsepower and slightly more than 500 pound-feet of torque.

The I-Pace has a 246-mile driving range per charge, but alternative options in the same price range can deliver over 300 miles (482 km). With a conventional DC fast-charging connector, it takes less than 40 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent of its 90.0-kWh battery pack. With 53.6 cubic feet (1.51 cubic meters) of overall cargo space, the interiors are exquisite and roomy.


Starting MSRP$72,575
Combined Power394 horsepower
Combined Torque512 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive

2. Hyundai Ioniq 7

Source: voi.id

The Ioniq 7 is expected to hit the market in 2024, but the concept SUV displayed to the public may not be the final version, at least not yet, since that one has some pretty cool tech. The concept car that was shown to the public was really more like a house on wheels, with an L-shaped couch that could be used as one of the middle-row seats.

The Ioniq 7 is predicted to have a range of more than 300 miles between charges. The coach doors designed into the SUV the rear doors are likely to remain to ensure ease of entry for rear passengers, and since the Ioniq 7’s entire concept is to offer you choices, the interior setups should be up to you to decide on seating arrangements and options.


Starting MSRP$54,000
Combined Power225 horsepower
Combined Torque258 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive

1. Mercedes-Benz EQB

Source: forbes

This seven-seater was first released in 2022 and has never disappointed. This large electric SUV ranges from $53,900 to $63,550 in price, depending on the trim level you select. The EQB 300 trim is the best of all of them. It has a maximum range of 242 miles (389 km) per charge. The EQB 300 has 225 horsepower, but the EQB 350, with 288 horsepower, is the fastest model.

On the other hand, the EBQ250+ boasts the most range at 250 miles (402 km) per charge. This SUV electric vehicle has a 66.5-kWh battery that takes 30 minutes to charge fully using a Level 2 DC-fast charger. When the seats are folded, the cargo capacity is a roomy 62 cubic feet (1.75 cubic meters), but it only becomes 22 cubic feet (0.62 cubic meters) when the seats are not folded.


Starting MSRP$53,900
Combined Power188 horsepower
Combined Torque284 pound-feet
TransmissionDirect drive
DrivetrainFront-wheel drive


There appears to be a growing market for electric SUVs, and the number of large electric SUVs is rising as well. As the number of options increases, selecting the most suitable one can become quite a task. We have put together a list of some of the best full-size electric SUVs on the market right now. If you are looking to get a large-size electric SUV for your family, this guide will definitely help you make the right decision.

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