11 Reasons Why Range Rovers Are So Expensive

For more than 50 years, Range Rover has been typical of luxury quality and performance. But despite having a well-known and established brand, Range Rovers are infamously costly, and many people are confused as to why they cost so much.

Why are Range Rovers so expensive, and are they the most expensive cars in the world? It is because Range Rovers are high-end SUVs that can go off-road and have the luxury features you need to enjoy your time in your SUV. Let’s look at what makes the Range Rover price so high and decide if buying one is worth that much.

What does a Range Rover cost?

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The cost of a new Land Rover varies according to the Range Rover model and trim level that you choose. The starting price of a new Range Rover Evoque is $52,600 MSRP, while the most expensive new Range Rover trim level costs $226,500 MSRP. A more expensive Range Rover model will come with cutting-edge features and opulent extras to make your trips to Newark enjoyable.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of the 2023 Range Rover trims:

Standard Trim:
New Range Rover SE – From $106,500 MSRP
New Range Rover Autobiography – From $166,000 MSRP
New Range Rover SV – From $201,500 MSRP
Long Wheelbase:
New Range Rover Autobiography – From $170,000 MSRP
New Range Rover SV – From $226,500 MSRP
Long Wheelbase With Seven Seats:
New Range Rover SE – From $112,500 MSRP
New Range Rover Autobiography – From $168,000 MSRP

What makes Range Rovers so expensive?

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The appearance of Range Rovers is a big factor in its high price. They’re both rough and fancy at the same time. You can drive your 2022 Range Rover to Whole Foods for organic bananas and then off-road through a mud pit and sandy cliff. Due to Land Rover’s great marketing, the Range Rover is the top high-end off-road vehicle.

Land Rover uses really lovely, high-quality products in their Range Rover vehicles. They have all the best tools and comforts. If you buy a Range Rover, you’ll feel like you’re treating yourself every time you get in your SUV.

Is it expensive to keep a Range Rover?

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Maintaining a Range Rover is definitely expensive. According to Repair Pal, the average cost of repairs is $1,174 each year. In addition, they give the Range Rover a meager 2.5 out of 5 for reliability, placing Range Rover at 31st position out of 32 automobile brands. Land Rovers also tend to need to go to the shop more often than the average car, and 16% of all fixes tend to be major.

If you look at the Range Rover price, you might not think it’s a good deal. But suppose you know everything that comes with a Range Rover model, like its quality, durability, and image of luxury and off-roading. In that case, you might not wonder why Range Rovers are so expensive and instead buy one gladly.

11 Reasons Why Range Rovers are so Expensive:

1. Design and engineering:

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The design and building of Range Rovers is a big reason why they cost so much. Range Rover has long been known for its great engineering and attention to detail. Every component of a Range Rover has undergone engineering, including the engine, suspension, and interior design. The best materials are used to build the car, and the design is always new and cutting-edge.

2. Superior Performance:

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Range Rovers work well on the road, off the road, and everywhere in between. The vehicles’ powerful engines allow for rapid acceleration and top speeds. They have modern suspension systems that make the ride relaxing and make them easy to drive. Range Rovers can operate on any surface, including sand, mud, and snow.

3. Luxury Features:

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Range Rovers are really a luxury car name. They offer the best in comfort, finishings, and technology. Based on what we’ve just said, the Range Rover will do a great job of supporting its price. But, unfortunately, there are other cars on the market that are either as good as or better than the Range Rover. Currently, the Range Rover has less market appeal than other SUVs.

4. Brand Image:

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Since it came out in 1970, the Range Rover has become fancier and became the luxury car it is today. But it wasn’t always like this. When it first came out, it was nothing like it. Maybe smart marketing and high-end functions helped it get to where it is now.

No matter what the mix of things was, it is now known as a premium name. Range Rover has a lot of loyal customers, and the brand’s image and name are a big reason why its cars are so expensive.

5. Limited Manufacturing:

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Range Rovers are expensive because they aren’t made in a lot of numbers. As part of the company’s highly specialized production process, each car is carefully made by hand. Due to a huge gap between supply and demand, the price of Range Rovers is on the rise.

6. Research and Development:

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Range Rover invests a significant amount of time and money into research and development in order to maintain its vehicles on the cutting edge of innovation. The company is always trying to make its cars better by adding the latest technologies and features. Because of this dedication to innovation, Range Rovers are expensive.

7. Exclusivity:

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Lastly, Range Rovers are expensive because only a few people can buy them. Customers who are ready to pay more for luxury, quality, and performance are the ones the company serves. Range Rover cars are not made in large numbers and are not cheap or easy for everyone to buy. Instead, they are only available to a small group of people who care most about luxury and efficiency.

8. Prestige and Status Symbol:


It’s important to think about the things that can’t be seen, like Range Rover’s reputation and prestige as a status symbol. For a long time, these cars have been owned by a small group of wealthy, powerful, and smart people.

This makes them more than just a way to get around; they become a sign of personal progress and success. Imagine driving your shiny Range Rover Evoque to an important event and turning heads with your grand entry.

9. High Resale Value:


In addition to investing in a luxury car, you are also securing a valuable asset that may be sold later on when the time comes. These highly-desired SUVs are renowned for their durability, immutable design, and unwavering desirability, ensuring that they maintain impressive market positions even after years of ownership.

Let’s say it’s time to sell your beloved Range Rover. If that’s the case, you can take comfort in knowing that its long-lasting appeal and solid construction will likely get you a good return on your initial investment.

10. Customization Option:


Range Rover has a lot of ways to customize it, which adds to its luxury appeal and total price. The company has a wide range of options that may be customized to suit individual tastes, allowing you to design a car that is genuinely one-of-a-kind and reflects your particular preferences.

Imagine choosing the ideal upholstery material for enhancing your inside or choosing the unique color scheme for your Range Rover Autobiography from a variety of special paints.

11. Comfort and Spaciousness:


One of the best things about Range Rover cars is how comfortable and roomy they are for both the driver and the passengers. The fact that the brand puts a lot of effort into making the cabins calm and peaceful is a big reason why these luxury SUVs are so expensive.

Imagine relaxing in your Range Rover’s luxurious seats as you travel a long distance. The seats seem to embrace you from all sides. Such amounts of comfort and room demand painstaking engineering and expensive materials, which certainly play a part in the high pricing of the Range Rover.

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In the end, there are several reasons why Range Rovers cost so much. The high price of these cars is due to their high-quality design and engineering, excellent speed, high-end features, and exclusive image. The low production and significant R&D spending are other factors in the high cost.

The prestige, power, and exclusivity that come with owning one of these famous SUVs make many customers consider the cost of a Range Rover to be a small price to pay.


Why do celebrities typically drive Range Rovers?

Range Rovers are popular with famous people because they are luxurious, comfortable, flexible, safe, and private. They are also linked to status, exclusivity, and respect. Famous people like these SUVs because of the brand’s reputation, how well they work, and how they look.

Is a Range Rover a high-end car?

Absolutely, people think of Range Rover as a luxury brand and high-end SUV. Customers who drive these cars enjoy a luxurious and comfortable ride. Due to the brand’s focus on style and quality, Range Rovers are often more expensive than other SUVs on the market.

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