Land Rover vs. Range Rover | Are They Different?

The names Range Rover and Land Rover immediately spring to mind when discussing luxurious off-road cars. Even though these names are frequently used interchangeably, knowing their differences is crucial.

British automaker Land Rover is recognized for building rugged, competent SUVs that excel at navigating difficult terrains. In contrast, Range Rover is a division of Land Rover that specializes in providing luxury and refinement at the highest levels.

This comparison examines the main distinctions between Range Rover and Land Rover, illuminating their distinctive traits, niche markets, and unique offerings. Understanding the differences between these two automotive behemoths is crucial for making an informed decision, whether you desire unmatched off-road capability or a combination of grandeur and adventure.

What is Land Rover?

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The company that produces Land Rovers is called Land Rover. They make Range Rovers as well. Utility, practicality, and off-road ability are the primary focuses of the Land Rover. The Discovery Sport and the Discovery are the two sport utility cars Land Rover sells. In contrast to most Range Rover vehicles, Land Rovers have an optional third row to seat additional passengers.

Land Rovers may cost as much as $80,000 depending on how equipped they are, starting at roughly $37,800. Like Range Rovers, Land Rover cars have upscale interiors with plenty of usefulness and comfort. The trucks’ sleek, assertive attitude gives the impression that they can easily navigate rough terrain and go long distances on the highway.

The cars made by Land Rover are especially suitable for off-road driving and adventure-seeking customers. The Terrain Response system, which incorporates hill start aid, hill-descent control, and gradient acceleration control, is a standard feature on all models. The driver may adjust the dynamics for driving on grass, sand, gravel, mud ruts, snow, or rocks by using the drive modes.

A self-adjusting Terrain Response system, two-speed transfer case, and adaptive air suspension are options for buyers. Although they perform well off-road, Land Rovers are still primarily luxury cars. A Land Rover Discovery costs $37,800 to purchase new. The Discovery Sport has a $53,000 starting price.

What is a Range Rover?

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Another car brand produced by Jaguar Land Rover is Range Rover. Affluent purchasers are the primary market for Range Rovers, which are often more costly than Land Rovers. Four SUVs of varying sizes are now produced under the Range Rover name.

Range Rover vehicles are renowned for having elegant interiors and strong off-road capabilities. The Evoque is the cheapest Range Rover, with pricing starting at about $40,000; depending on your options, your Range Rover may cost up to $200,000 or even more.

Additionally, a range of engines may be installed in Range Rovers, ranging from the 246-horsepower turbo-four in the Evoque to the supercharged V8 in the limited-edition Range Rover Autobiography. Although Range Rovers are regarded as “urban luxury vehicles,” the SUVs also include various off-road features that enable them to manage challenging off-road situations, much like their Land Rover brothers.

They possess systems that can traverse deserts, mountains, and rivers. Hill descent control, a Terrain Response system that adjusts the vehicle’s characteristics to the terrain, and a single-speed transfer case are all standard equipment on most Range Rovers.

With a wading depth of roughly two feet and an enormous towing capacity, these all-wheel-drive vehicles have plenty of ground clearance. Customers can add a rock crawl mode, an enhanced terrain response system, and an adaptable air suspension.

Five passengers may be accommodated in the four Range Rover models’ two rows. The Range Rover Sport can accommodate seven people with an optional third row. A longer wheelbase can also be added to some models.

The Range Rover’s Origin

Land Rover, one of the most recognizable British automakers in history, is renowned all over the globe for its excellent four-wheel-drive automobiles. The Land Rover brand, which originated in 1948 with the release of the Series I Land Rover, swiftly gained popularity, especially in the off-road sector.

The firm released the Range Rover in 1970 after recognizing an opening in the upscale market. This brand-new model swiftly gained popularity among customers and was the first to combine luxury with off-road capabilities.

The Range Rover, currently among the most well-liked luxury SUVs available, wasn’t formally launched in America until 1987, despite its success overseas. These original characteristics still hold today, making the Range Rover one of the most excellent SUVs available.

The company has consistently manufactured Land Rover vehicles alongside the Range Rover since the Range Rover’s debut, providing customers with more alternatives than ever before.

The Land Rover Family

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Certain Land Rover vehicles lack the Range Rover name, even though three models bear the term. These consist of:

  • Land Rover Discovery – The Discovery is designed for durability and cutting-edge safety, whether you go the beaten path or the main road. It’s a terrific option for a family that wants to spend more time traveling together because it can accommodate up to seven passengers.
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport –  Despite being lighter and less expensive than the Land Rover Discovery, the Land Rover Discovery Sport provides 5+2 seats and is equally as capable of accommodating carpools.
  • Land Rover Defender – The Land Rover Defender is equipped to handle any challenge the world may throw at you. You’ll be happy that the Discovery is available in two-door, four-door, and extended four-door variants if you’re searching for an off-road luxury SUV.

The Range Rover Models


There are four different Range Rover models in the current Land Rover lineup. These models include:

  • Range Rover – The first iteration of the Range Rover, this SUV marked the beginning of improvements in power and off-roading capabilities. In its present form, it may be purchased with four, five, or seven seats and even comes with a wheelbase extension that is not available on any other models in the range.
  • Range Rover Evoque – The new Evoque is one of our more approachable SUVs, yet it still has many of the comforts you’d expect from a vehicle named Range Rover. Although it seems most at home on the pavement, it can also venture off the main route and seat up to five people.
  • Range Rover Sport – The Range Rover Sport is a smaller model than the Range Rover, with seating up to five after a recent facelift. It is now available with an optional plug-in hybrid drivetrain, much like the flagship Range Rover.
  • Range Rover Velar – The Range Rover Velar is the company’s “avant-garde” SUV, and in the years since it was introduced, we can see how its design cues have influenced the alterations made to other vehicles in the range. If you want a luxurious, well-balanced SUV with distinctive finishing touches, go with the Velar.

Who Makes the SUVs Land Rover And Range Rover?

Given where you’ve come from, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the queries “Who makes Range Rover?” and “Who makes Land Rover?” may be answered similarly. Jaguar Land Rover, a Tata Motors affiliate, manufactures both Range Rover and Land Rover automobiles.

The Rover Company was the business’s original name, which would later change to Land Rover. 1947 the first Land Rover model—Series I—would appear. The first Range Rover was created in 1970 but wouldn’t reach the American market until 1987. While there are differences between Land Rover and Range Rover, it is essential to remember that they have always been associated with the same parent business.

Which model is better for you, a Range Rover or a Land Rover?

Despite being produced by the same company, the customers for Land Rovers and Range Rovers are distinct. A Land Rover might be a great choice if you’re adventurous and want a vehicle that can roar through the jungle. Buying a used Land Rover will save you hundreds of dollars because they are less expensive.

On the other hand, a Range Rover will be a better option for you if you want something more opulent (though still capable of going off-road) and have the necessary cash. They are significantly more expensive than their Land Rover siblings, but if you’re willing to buy a used older model, you can save a ton of money.

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Which is bigger, a Land Rover or a Range Rover?

Under the Land Rover and Range Rover brands, SUVs come in a range of sizes, including compact, mid-size, and full-size SUV classes. Generally speaking, Range Rover cars are more compact than Land Rover equivalents. For instance, the Discovery Sport, the smallest Land Rover model, is bigger than the Evoque Range Rover’s base model.

When compared to the Evoque, the Discovery Sport offers more room for passengers, luggage, and towing. Additionally, the Land Rover Discovery has a third row that is available, but the Range Rover Velar does not.

Which is More Expensive, a Range Rover or a Land Rover?

There are four vehicles in the Range Rover series, each with a distinct beginning price. The entry-level Evoque is priced at $42,650, while the full-size Range Rover SUV is priced at $89,500. In contrast, Land Rover currently has two variants available. Starting prices for the Discovery Sport are $37,990, while those for the Discovery are $52,950.

The Evoque is the cheapest model in the Land Rover portfolio, while the Range Rover SUV is the most costly. The Land Rover vehicles are generally less expensive than the Range Rover series.


Range Rover and Land Rover distinctions are significant when contemplating luxury off-road automobiles. Range Rover concentrates on elegance and refinement, whereas Land Rover makes tough SUVs that can handle rough terrain.

Land Rovers have superior off-road capabilities and customization possibilities for adventurers. Range Rover caters to rich consumers with luxurious interiors, strong engines, and off-road capability. Both Jaguar Land Rover brands serve different markets and have different pricing points. Understanding Range Rover and Land Rover distinctions can help you choose between off-road capabilities, grandeur, and adventure.

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